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Fuji spun around and saw nothing but darkness. He tried to walk though it but it seemed endless.

"Hello? is anybody there?" he called out but he could only hear the echoing of his voice in return. "Please is anybody there?" With his heart racing, he started to run.

And run hid did but he's going nowhere.


He turned at the familiar voice. "Who are you?"

"Syusuke!" The voice started to grow louder.

Fuji winced at the sudden pain in his head. The voice kept on going and going, making his head want to burst in pain.

"Syusuke…Syusuke…Syusuke! Syusuke!!!"

He opened his bleary eyes; his stomach churning at the whirling world before him.



Blue orbs blinked twice. His vision started to came to focus and soon he realized that he was face to face with the golden-eyed boy.

His pulse sped up when he realized that their faces were only a few inches apart.

"Syusuke, are you ok?" Ryoma asked.

Fuji's breath got stuck in his throat. He immediately pulled back. he's too close to Ryoma…to close for comfort. 'He knows.'

Ryoma reached out, worry etched in his face and felt Fuji's sweaty forehead. "Is there something wrong? Should I call Dr. Yoshizawa now?"

Fuji reached up and took Ryoma's hand. He held it firmly for a few seconds, loving the way it felt warm to his touch, before he let go. "Ryoma, I'm sorry."

Ryoma sighed and gently clasped his hands together, as if wanting to preserve the warmth from Fuji's hands. "Just—just forget about it ok? How are you feeling? I got scared earlier."

Fuji bit his lip. 'I don't know how to start…' He tried to move his legs but it seemed like he's been robbed of his strength.

"What happened?" He asked, avoiding Ryoma's eyes. "All I can remember is seeing you in the violet field."

Ryoma gently groped for something on the table beside him. "You got bitten by a grass snake when I tried so hard telling you to stop." He produced a dilapidated black box and placed it beside the brunette.

Fuji's eyes were glued on its contents. Inside were a bunch of photos obviously ruined by nature. It might not be as clear as it looked before but Fuji knew those pictures. "Ryoma…your memories…it's all gone." He couldn't help the feeling of sadness and disappointed from rising into his voice.

Ryoma shook his head. "I don't need those memories anymore. All the memories that I need is right here." He pointed to his head then to his chest. "I kept telling everyone that my heart's been buried but you were the only one who tried looking for it. When you did, I just realized that my heart never died…it was merely sleeping. The moment that I knew it was you, it started beating again"

Fuji bit his lip. "H-how did you know it was me?" His voice croaked; his guard shattering under the presence of the boy.

Ryoma smiled wistfully. "How could I forget the way you say my name?"

And with that, emotions burst out of Fuji's chest as he started crying.

"I'm sorry…I-I'm sorry…" He muttered. He clutched the sheets as the final pieces of his cracked mask dissolved. "I'm really sorry…"

Ryoma sighed before climbing up the bed to take Fuji in his arms. He buried his head on the soft silk of Fuji's hair as he held the quivering boy. 'Feels like home.' Ryoma mused as he inhaled the scent that was Fuji's alone.

Love never fails.

"You don't know how long I've been waiting for you to say that." Ryoma muttered against Fuji's soft hair.

"Why?" the brunette choked out. "Why are you so kind to me after all what I did to you?" Ryoma responded by tightening his arms around him.

Silence passed like eternity. Fuji's sobs echoed inside the room while Ryoma caressed his back with soothing circles, patiently waiting for the brunette to calm down.

'He's holding me tight. He feels so warm.' Fuji mused when he brushed his tears away, finally relaxing in the boy's embrace. He felt Ryoma shifted behind him until he was sitting between the other boy's legs. Something square dropped on his thighs. He looked down and saw a big black book.

"What's this?" A shiver went down his spine when he felt Ryoma's breath on his neck.

Ryoma reach up to brush Fuji's hair off his nape and propped his chin on the juncture of his neck and shoulders. "Close your eyes Syusuke." He trailed his hands down Fuji's tensed arms until his fingers entwined with his. "I want to let you to experience my world for a moment."

Fuji swallowed hard as Ryoma's hands guided his to open the book. He closed his eyes, his breath evening out as he relaxed in the boy's embrace.

"This is a bible Syusuke," Ryoma muttered as he let Fuji's fingers feel the embossed dots for the first time. "Written in brail." He placed a small kiss on the brunette's neck, earning him a small whimper. Ryoma smirked as he focused his black and white sight on the book. "I have a favorite passage here which anchored me to my sanity for the past year."

Fuji felt his pulse racing once more. "Teach me how to read brail Ryoma. I-I want to know your world." He swallowed the lump in his throat.

Ryoma sighed. "Yes I will." A few more flipped pages and their hands stopped. Ryoma led Fuji's trembling fingers to feel the dots. "You just feel and take it in while I read them to you."


Fuji's fingers grazed the top most line.

"If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal." Ryoma whispered into his ear, making the brunette shudder in his arms. They move don to the second line. "If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing."

"Oh Ryoma, is this…" Fuji was cut off by Ryoma's finger slightly tightening in his. He struggled hard in keeping his eyes closed, riveting in the welcoming darkness.

"I told you to listen." Ryoma said. Fuji relaxed and mouthed another sorry into the air.

Ryoma smiled and started guiding Fuji over the text once more. "If I give all I possess to the poor and surrender my body to the flames, but have not love, I gain nothing."

Fuji bit his lip. 'If he's speaking in the tongue of the divinities Syusuke, then you do not have the right to hurt him anymore.'

"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud." Soon Ryoma's hand let go of his. It made Fuji panic a little. Panic that soon subsided when he felt Ryoma's arms gently wrapping around him.

Then a thought came to him. 'I know this verse!' Fuji bit his lip as he let his senses get accustomed to the fell of brail under his skin and the warm embracing him comfortably in the darkness.

"It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs." Ryoma couldn't hide the surprise in his voice when Fuji joined him. "Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth."

Ryoma took a deep breath. 'I'd give up everything just to stay in this moment forever.'

"It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres." It was Fuji who continued reading out the passage, even though he couldn't read brail. He paused for a while until he felt Ryoma's guiding fingers once more as he skimmed through the last line of the page…

"Love never fails."

They sat in silence for a while, content in listening to each other's breaths and heartbeats. There was an unspoken bond the coiled around them. No more apologies were needed.

"Syusuke?" Came a muffled voice from his neck.

"Yes Ryoma?" Fuji placed his arms over the golden-eyed boy's, tucking himself securely in his embrace.

"Promise me that you will to be one of the persons whom I will see first the moment I open my eyes after the surgery."

The announcement made him shift in the boy's embrace to gaze on those sightless golden orbs in amazement.

"A-are you—are you really going to do it?" Fuji couldn't suppress the happiness bubbling from inside him. The boy nodded, making Fuji give a squeak of happiness and hug him tight. " oh God thank you for reconsidering Ryoma. I promise. I promise." He held Ryoma's face in his hands. "I won't let you down this time."

Ryoma snorted. "You better not because the moment I don't see you in front of me with my family, I will immediately poke my eyes out." He could sense that the older boy was frowning so he smirked. "Kidding. I'm not going to do that but…" Ryoma paused for a deep breath. "I will certainly close my eyes immediately and never open them again if you're not there." Ryoma closed his eyes, trying to imagine such scene.

Fuji smiled and placed a chaste kiss on his forehead, "I promise." over his closed eyes, " I'll be there." On his nose, "I won't let you down." On his cheeks, "Even if your brother will beat the crap out of me." He paused, admiring his lover's beauty. "I will never be out of your sight anymore." He whispered against Ryoma's lips before sealing his promise with a slow lingering kiss.

It was their first after a long, long time. Ryoma cling to the brunette and drank in the heady passion that only Fuji can offer.


Three weeks later…

"Is he here yet?" Ryoma asked for the 10th time. His family crowded around his bed, waiting anxiously for a certain brunette.

"He'll be here brat." Nanjiroh let out an exasperated sigh before he glanced at the clock. Only ten minutes to the designated hour. He glanced back at his son whose face was turned towards the window. "He promised you right?"

Ryoma sighed. The bandages over his eyes irritated him to death. " He did…" He snapped at his father before frowning. "But he does have a history of breaking his promises."

Rinko sat beside him and held his clammy hands firmly in hers. "Believe in him Ryoma. He went that far to get a second chance." She reached up to tug her son to lean against her. "He will not do anything to loss that chance."

They heard a grunt from the other corner of the bed. They realized it was Ryoga.

"He better be here." He ground his teeth. "Or else I'll poke his eyes out!" He flopped on Ryoma's bed, glaring a the walls dangerously.

"Ryoga!" Nanako gently hit his head." That is not a good thing to say."

Ryoga snorted. "I know…that's why I said it."

Rinko sighed at watched at the two bickering. "Now, now let's not add to the tension. No one will be poking anyone's eyes out, Ryoga."

Ryoma pouted. In the darkness he could feel despair looming inside his heart. 'Where are you Syusuke? Why are you still not here?'

Silences lapsed into minutes.

"Is he here yet?"


"Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!!!" Fuji cursed under his breath. He woke up early to get to the center early but fate wanted to play with him for a while. 'Why now, oh god why now?! you can punish me later but please not now!'

Ryoma's bandages will come off today and he promised the boy to be there or else…

Fuji forced himself to swallow the hard lump in his throat.

"I will certainly close my eyes immediately and never open them again if you're not there."

Fuji craned his neck as he waited for a taxi. His series of unfortunate event started when the bus he was in broke down, then he decided to take the train but then there was a mechanical problem in one of the stations so all trains were stranded.

Now….standing in the middle of a seemingly deserted street, made him want to curl up and cry.

"Where are the damn vehicles in this place?!" He wanted to scream in frustration. The wind blew past him as if mocking his misfortunes.

He was about to give up finding a taxi and start walking to the center instead when a black SUV abruptly stopped in front of him.

Fuji started at it, heart beating against his chest.

The windows were lowered gently before a familiar teal head poked out of the window.

"You looked like you were in the verge of tears so I decided to come to the rescue."

Fuji's eyes widened in realization as Yukimura winked at him from the driver's seat.


"Shounen it's no use waiting." Ryoga announced. He stood up and walked to the door. "I'm going to call Dr. Yoshizawa. We'll take that damn bandages off with or without the bastard."

"NO!!!!" Ryoma cried. He tried to climb down his bed but his father stopped him. "I won't let you take these off without him!"

"Ryoma!" Nanjiroh's voice boomed inside the room. "I know you're upset that Fuji Syusuke wasn't able to keep his promise but this is your new chance. You can live a normal life again."

"I wont! I don't want to!" Ryoma shouted. His head hurt. 'Syusuke why? You promised!' He could feel his throat tightening and eyes growing warm. 'Why?!'


'Don't worry Ryoma! I'll be there!' Fuji raced inside the center at full speed. He wasn't even able to give his thanks to Yukimura since he jumped off his car just as they stopped in front of the building.

He tried to fill his lungs with the much needed oxygen so that he won't pass out. his heart almost wanted to jump out of his chest when he turned around the bend leading to Ryoma's room.

"I hope it's not too late…please!"

Be paused just outside the door, huffing and puffing with all his might when he heard the shouting from inside his boyfriend's room.

"Ryoma!" Nanjiroh's voice boomed inside the room. "I know you're upset that Fuji Syusuke wasn't able to keep his promise but this is your new chance. You can live a normal life again."

"I wont! I don't want to!" Ryoma shouted.

Fuji closed his eyes as he tried to bit back the guilt. 'Damn I made him upset once more! Damn you Syusuke!' he wiped his sweat away and composed his self before he gently turned the knob and pushed the door open…

Just to come face to face with the enraged older brother. 'Uh-oh.'


Ryoga almost wanted to rip Fuji's head off when he saw the boy opened the door. He glared at him for a while, wrestling his urges to ram his fist in the boy's pretty face. That would come later if he's given a chance.

He yanked the door open and stepped aside. "I'm going to call Dr. Yoshizawa now!" Before brushing past Fuji.

"NO!!! Mom, stop him!!" Fuji turned his attention to the restless boy on the bed. He immediately ran towards the bed and held Ryoma's hand.

"Ryoma I'm here." Fuji whispered into his ear, feeling the younger one relax in his touch. His eyes caught the relieved faces of Nanjiroh, Rinko and Nanako, she smile at them.

"Syusuke?" Ryoma groped for his face. "It is really true that you're here?" His voice cracked, his hands trembled as he tried to feel Fuji's face.

"Yes I'm here." Fuji took both his hands and buried his face in it. "I made it so it's ok to open your eyes now." He placed a chaste kiss on each palm. "I'm here now."

Ryoma bit his lip as he tried his best to suppress his tears. 'He came…he kept his promise.'

"You came. You came. Syusuke you came." Ryoma wrapped his arms around the brunette and clung to his embrace.

"Yes I'm here." Fuji placed a kiss on his forehead. "Don't cry now. It might make things worse."

Nanjiroh gave Rinko an uneasy look but the woman just smiled brightly at him. Nanjiroh sighed. 'It may take some time for me to fully accept this but as long as he is happy…even if his will to live solely depends on this boy…I do my best to support him in anyway.'

The door opened again and in came Ryoga and Dr. Yoshizawa. Fuji broke off from the boy when Ryoga glared at him. Nanko tried to stifle a giggle.

"Is Onii-san glaring at you?" Ryoma asked.


"Glare back. He won't bite."

Laughter erupted inside the room.

"Now that you're a brat again, I think it's time for you to get a panoramic view of the world once more." Dr. Yoshizawa said.

Ryoma took a deep breath and nodded. "Yes. I'm ready."


Ryoma closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He opened them again and silently thanked the heavens for the chance to see colors again. He marveled at the lush green shade of the tress, the earthly brown of the soil, the vast blue pool above him that is the sky.

"Ahh this is the life." He pulled his cap down as he let the sound of the earth lull his to sleep.

A pair of warm, familiar arms gently wrapped around him. Ryoma smiled a little and didn't open his eyes. He knew who it was. He memorized his warmth a long time ago.

"Ne Syusuke you're late." Ryoma mumbled.

Fuji smiled and slid next to the brunette. "Sorry." He placed a soft kiss on Ryoma's cheek. "I had to make sure Yuuta is all set to go back to his dorm.

"Ahh…" Ryoma smirked. "I do feel for you brother. He opened his eyes and met Fuji's sapphire ones. The fake pout on the tensai's lips made him smirk.

"That is not a nice thing to say Ryoma." Fuji said.

"I know." His smirk turned into a smile. "That's why I said it."

Fuji smiled and took his hand. He pulled the boy up and started dragging him out of the park.

"Where are we going?" Ryoma asked. "Aren't we supposed to wait for the others?" He noticed at they're moving towards a photo booth.

"They're late and we still have time." Fuji replied.

Ryoma knew what the brunette was planning and he can't help but smile.

Fuji gently ushered the boy inside the booth. "Let's make new memories." He fumbled for a few coins and he pulled the boy in front of the camera.

"Yes." Ryoma looked up to the brunette.

Fuji paused for a while to admire at his golden pools. If he's to own every bit of wealth in the world, he'd give it all up and just keep the one in his arms right now.

He gently leaned down and brushed his lips against Ryoma's, feeling the boy shudder in his arms.

"Smile for me Ryoma."


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