Title: The Night the Lights Went Out in Chicago

Author: Razorbackgal0225

Rating: M—For language, sexual situations and nudity. Three of my favorites

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, cars or situations from Supernatural, but I sure wish I did. Anything you recognize doesn't belong to me, including the title, which is a play on a Vicki Lawrence/Reba McEntire song. I made no money off anything, I swear!!

Author's Note: This is being written for my friend Jill, who is a huge Sam fan, and requested some action for her boy and is completely separate from anything else I've done. I promise, I'm still working on Catherine's Shack, for those of you who are reading it. Real life has decided to intrude on my writing time, so it's been really slow going as far as any stories are concerned. But don't abandon me, I will get back on it!!

She knew the minute her brand new Manolo Blahnik heel met the slick marble floor of the hotel lobby that this was not going to end well. Forget the fact that she was a highly intelligent, successful and independent young woman. She was still Lexi Harris, and heaven forbid she not fall at least once a week. It took a lot to embarrass her, but ending up sprawled out in the middle of the upscale and snobbish Chicago hotel would definitely do it. Why in the world would anyone put this type of floor in a place where people in insensible shoes walked every day was a mystery to her. So she took her steps carefully and made sure that she didn't do anything to provoke her unlucky star.

"Hey," a bright, cheery voice said next to her, "I didn't know about those shoes." Lexi turned to her best friend, Mackenzie Walker, who had just joined her in the line for the front desk. "When did you get those?"

She glanced down at the shoes that had cost her most of her quarterly bonus. "Oh, these? I got them last week," she answered, as if she bought pricey accessories every day. "What do you think?" She held out her foot, showing off her new prized possession.

"I'm jealous, you skank, they look fantastic on you," Mackenzie responded. Lexi couldn't help but smile at her friend's reply, especially when she noticed that several of the other travelers in line were now paying attention to them. Whether it was the use of Mac's favorite term of endearment for her, or the heavy Southern accent in which it was said, they now had an audience. She felt Mac suddenly still her movements next to her and heard her say quietly, "Hmm."

Knowing this reaction would have only been caused by one thing, Lexi began searching the crowd of people for the guy that had caught Mac's eye. And since they had the same taste in men, she was sure she would appreciate the view as well. She followed Mac's line of sight to the two men that were in the next line and ahead a couple of guests. There were many reasons why she was grateful for having Mac as a friend and her ability to pick out the best looking guy anywhere was one of them. These two were no exception.

She knew from experience that Mac was more attracted to the shorter of the two, but her interest was riveted on the taller one. And taller wasn't exactly an accurate description. He towered over everyone in the lobby, including the man standing next to him, who wasn't what you would call short. He had the long arms and legs to match his height. He looked a little out of place in the fancy lobby, since he was wearing a polo shirt and jeans, more like a college student than a businessman. She didn't remember any of her fellow students having such broad shoulders like his though. She wouldn't have graduated so quickly if that had been the case. His brown hair was a little shaggy, as if he had been too busy to get it cut lately. She currently could only see his back, but what she saw was worth trying to see the full package.

Mac elbowed her none too gently, bringing her out of her full-on stare. Mac was grinning at her, as she gestured forward, indicating their line was moving. Lexi rolled her eyes since it had been Mac's fault she was distracted and moved closer to the front desk. As she walked, she saw the guy was about to turn around. Careful not to stare too much, she paid attention. And then went ahead and stared anyway.

He was, by far, the best looking guy she had seen in a long time. The slightly loose fitting shirt did nothing to hide the exceptional muscle definition in his chest and arms. He shifted his bag from one arm to the other, causing his biceps to flex impressively. Lexi found herself wishing there was a no-shirt rule in the hotel. That would be a sight to behold. She continued her perusal up to his face where she saw the most beautiful pair of brown eyes she had ever seen. Unlike her own dark eyes, his were a lighter color, matching his hair almost perfectly. He had ever-so sharp cheekbones and a well-formed mouth.

"Seriously, guys should not be allowed to look that like," Mackenzie's comment echoed her own thoughts. She nodded her agreement and went back to face the bald spot of the man in front of her. Why couldn't she have been stuck in this line behind him?

Mac had managed to work her way in front of Lexi, so she was checked in first. While Mac was flirting with the hotel clerk, Lexi continued her observation of the guy five feet away. She noticed that he seemed to be fairly close to the man he was with, by the way they communicated without words. But then even she could figure out what the shorter guy was thinking as he followed the girl in the short skirt into the bar area. She smiled to herself at his reaction; he shook his head in response to the guy's antics and at being left to check in by himself.

Five minutes later, with room card key firmly in her hand, Lexi turned to head towards the elevators. When she did, her unlucky star decided to make its presence known. Her slick-soled shoe went one way, while her foot, still in her shoe, went the other. Determined to not fall on her butt in the middle of the lobby, she tried desperately to regain her balance. She gave up on keeping her shoe on her foot, stepping out of it as gracefully as she could. Unfortunately, this launched her in the opposite direction, straight into a very solid wall of blue material.

"Whoa, are you okay, miss?" The voice belonging to the chest she had catapulted herself into was smooth and masculine and laced with the tiniest bit of laughter. She really didn't want to look up and see who she had plowed into, because she recognized the blue shirt as belonging to the object of her attention in the next line. Very unwillingly, she raised her eyes to meet his.

She was glad he was still holding onto her elbow when she did, because the full force of his smile made her, embarrassingly cliché enough, weak in the knees. She cast a quick glance around for Mac and was relieved that her best friend had already left and wasn't around to witness her latest mishap. She sighed heavily and answered her savior, "Yes, I'm fine. Thanks for your help."

The breathtaking smile remained, as he responded, "No problem. They shouldn't put this type of floor anywhere people are going to walk with shoes on."

Lexi laughed softly at his comment and noticed that his thought process followed hers. "It's like they want people to fall." She took a step away from him, righting herself as she did. She was pleasantly surprised that his hand stayed on her arm, even though she was standing on her own now. She also realized his fingers met easily around her forearm, his hands were so big. Not wanting to break the contact just yet, she continued the conversation. "Maybe they have cameras set up somewhere so that they can tape all the accidents they cause."

His chuckle washed over her like a warm breeze. "We'll have to be on the lookout for a blinking red light."

"Excuse me," a loud, marginally rude voice broke into their chat. "Could you please move?" Both Lexi and the guy looked up at the intruder, a middle-aged man in a bad suit, and saw that they were standing in the middle of the two lines to the front desk.

"Sorry," they muttered in unison. Lexi picked up her suitcase and hesitantly took a couple of steps towards the elevator. She tried to keep the completely girly grin off her face when she felt him follow her.

"I'm Sam, by the way," he said, his long legs making his easy for him to keep pace with her.

"Lexi," she answered, as they reached the elevator door. She giggled a little when they both reached for the 'up' button at the same time. He laughed as well, shrugging his broad shoulder sheepishly.

"Looks like you're stuck with me for a little bit longer." The door opened two seconds later. The smile he gave her was a little shy as he gestured for her to enter the elevator first. She grabbed her suitcase and walked in. Generally she hated riding in the small cars, but this time, she was looking forward to it, just to spend more time with the handsome Sam.

As she waited for the door to close, she used the reflective surface on the wall to check her hair. She was relieved to see that it had survived the flight in from Tennessee. That knowledge, and the fact that she caught Sam checking out her legs in the same reflective surface, gave her the courage to turn to him and say, "Are you here on business?"

Sam paused a minute, then laughed a little. The answer he would have given was cut off as the elevator jerked to a complete stop. The lights blinked two or three times before shutting off completely. Lexi froze in place, completely stunned by what had just happened. "You've got to be kidding me!" she heard Sam mutter from the opposite side of the car. Two seconds later, his cell phone rang. She still didn't move as he answered. "Yeah, Dean, where are you?" Although Lexi could only hear half the conversation, she still caught the jest of it. "The whole building is out? That's great." Her eyes were beginning to adjust to the light provided by the emergency bulbs around the floor, so she turned her attention to her companion. "I don't know what floors we're between, but we weren't in here very long." Another pause. "Shut up Dean," came the last comment as he turned off his phone. He gave her a concerned look. "The electricity in the entire building is out. Hopefully the generators will kick in soon. Are you okay?"

She realized she still hadn't moved since the elevator had stopped. She first answered his question in her mind. Oh yeah, I'm fantastic. I'm stuck in an extremely small, enclosed space with the guy that makes me want to rip off his clothes. It's a great day. Then, she shook herself mentally and turned to Sam. "I'm fine, just a little freaked out." She leaned against the closest wall of the car and said, "So, you wanna play Twenty Questions?"