Title: The Night the Lights Went Out in Chicago

Author: Razorbackgal0225

Rating: M—For language, sexual situations and nudity. Three of my favorites

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, cars or situations from Supernatural, but I sure wish I did. Anything you recognize doesn't belong to me, including the title, which is a play on a Vicki Lawrence/Reba McEntire song. I made no money off anything, I swear!!

Author's Note: Here it is, the epilogue of Chicago. Just for timing's sake, this story takes place right before Folsom Prison Blues. I hope you've enjoyed this little smutty story; if you did, there's another one in the works, involving both of our boys (separately, not together) but I won't be posting until I'm completely done. And also, if you did like it, or if you hated it, or if you were indifferent, please let me know and leave me a review. I'm begging you!! )

Sam was sitting on the bed, fully dressed when Lexi emerged from the shower the next morning. She paused in drying her hair when she saw the expression on his face. "What's wrong?" she asked.

Sam clenched his jaw and ran a hand through his hair. "Here's the thing. My brother and I are kind of investigators. We were here to work on a case, but something else has come up. A friend of our dad's needs help in Arkansas." He frowned a little before finishing. "And we need to head that way now. I'm sorry." He dropped his head and stared at the floor. This is why he didn't do one-night stands. He hated having to make up some excuse to tell the girl about why he had to leave the next morning. And he had hoped to spend a little more time with Lexi before they had to leave. Unfortunately, Deacon needed help now.

He was surprised when he saw Lexi's bare feet appear in front of him. He looked up at her and saw a smile on her face. "Hey," she said softly. "It's alright, Sam. I had a great time last night, and I'll admit, I'm sorry that we can't have a reply tonight." She brushed an unruly strand of hair from his eyes. "But if you have a friend that needs help, you need to go. I understand."

Sam stood up and pulled Lexi into a hug. "Thanks for understanding," he said to the top of her head. She took a step back and then stood on her tiptoes. He grinned and lowered his head, kissing her slowly and thoroughly. By the time they finished, they were both gasping for air.

Lexi reached around him, picking his up cell phone up from the bed. She quickly pushed some keys and then handed it back to him. "There. If you're kind of investigation business ever brings you to north Texas, give me a call." Sam smiled, a little sadly, Lexi thought and then dropped another kiss on her lips.

"I will, I promise," he said. One more kiss, and he headed for the door. He opened it, turning to face her again as he did. "Oh, and I had a great time last night too. It was really nice meeting you Lexi." He gave her another smile and then left.

Lexi blinked a couple of times, trying to get her bearings together. As morning-afters went, that wasn't all that bad. She was disappointed that Sam had to leave, but there was nothing she could do to change that. He had a life to get back to, as did she. Well, she thought, at least she and Mac would have something to talk about it if the speaker today was boring.

Three months later, while she was driving to her house after dinner with a friend, Lexi's cell phone rang. She read the caller ID, and frowned when she didn't recognize the number. But, one of her friend's was in the hospital having her second baby, so she couldn't afford to not answer it, in case it was news regarding the latest arrival.

"Hello?" she said after flipping the phone open.

"Hi, Lexi?" came the hesitant response.

"Yes, this is she," she answered. Something about that voice sounded very familiar. Surely, it couldn't be…

"Hi Lexi, this is Sam. From Chicago?" Lexi felt her entire body flush at the memory of Sam from Chicago. She had relived that night in her fantasies at least a hundred times since it had happened. He continued. "You said to call if I was ever in north Texas." His voice trailed off as he said this.

"You're here?" she squeaked in disbelief. She shook at her head at how excited she sounded. "Where in Texas?"

Sam laughed a little. "Well, if you promise not to think I'm stalking you or anything, I'm in the diner down the street from your house. My brother kinda dropped me off to go…take care of something and I thought I would see if you were free for dinner. I know it's late and all, I'm sorry about that."

Lexi was nodding, even though Sam couldn't see her. She pulled into the parking lot of Lucy's Diner and almost giggled when she saw Sam standing under the awning. She waved at him, and said, "White Explorer that just pulled up." She hung up and waited.

She felt a shiver of excitement run down her spin as Sam's big, tall figure approached the driver's side window. "Hey stranger," she said when he leaned onto her door. "You need a ride?"

Sam laughed and leaned in, giving her a searing kiss as a welcome. "I think I could use one, yeah. You going my way?"