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Neji's Brilliant Idea

Neji Hyuuga was bored as hell. He looked across the country of Konoha from his balcony and sighed to himself as he frequently had been doing of late. He closed his eyes and continued to think deeply.

Neji: I wonder…perhaps it's time for me to…start dating?

Neji opened his eyes and raised his eyebrows in agreement. Sure, that had to be it. He was now a Jonin, one of the highest ranks of a ninja. He trained everyday, but there was no point if he was already perfect… He was probably ready for a better commitment than training, so he decided finding a woman would be perfect as his next task. He did need heirs after all. And it wasn't like Neji never wanted to be social; he loved socials. He was just too busy becoming the ultimate ninja in his last few years to care about them. Thinking of what to do, Neji thought harder and harder. Finally, he clapped his hands together, mouth opened wide in excitement. He had the perfect idea.

Neji: "If I want to find the prefect mate to raise the clan of my Hyuga children, then I need to have some sort of social gathering to pick the right woman. My mansion is big enough…ah! Perfect! I'll throw a traditional ball!! Both fun and practical while still keeping sophistication!!"

Neji mentally patted himself on the back. He truly was a genius. Grinning from ear to ear, Neji walked down the stairs from his private balcony to the third floor. He continued from the third floor all the way down to the last level, and he was out the door. While walking from his property, Neji thought aloud.

Neji: "I'll have to ask Tenten for help. She'll know how to get this thing started. I haven't a clue where to begin (author: so much for being a genius…)."

Neji walked across the valley where his mansion stood and went into town to visit Tenten who lived in Konoha's finest apartment building: Ninja Jutsu Paradise.

The town was bustling with its usual crowded residents, but Neji noticed that something else was going on. Of course. Sasuke Uchiha was being thrown a Congratulations Party for completing an S ranked mission that had lasted for 6 long months. It was one of the most grueling assignments, so Tsunade thought it appropriate for the town to celebrate his return. All the people in town were hurrying to finish the necessary details of the big bash. It had been a while since Neji had seen Sasuke, so he decided to swing by the party that would start in the evening. Everyone would be there, so he could definitely spread the word of his party without having to busy himself running all over the village. Yes, that would do. Neji finally reached the Ninja Jutsu Paradise apartments and found Tenten's door number (158) and knocked politely on the door. No answer. He knocked again but still no answer.

Neji: "She has to be home. What else could she be doing?" he asked arrogantly.

He this time pounded on the door so hard that the floor beneath shook. Neji was about to walk away, but he heard footsteps running to answer the door. With a swift fling of the door, Tenten appeared in front of Neji with a towel around her naked body and shaving cream covering her legs. She smiled wide and lightly shoved Neji's shoulder in a friendly gesture. Neji frowned; he could not approve of her appearance. It was disgraceful.

Tenten: "Hey Neji! Sorry I didn't answer the door right away. As you can see, I was kind of busy!"

Neji: "You didn't have to answer the door if you were taking a shower, Tenten. You look ridiculous."

Tenten: "Oh shut up. At least I covered up!" she said with a wink.

Neji sighed and shook his head. Nothing could embarrass Tenten. She was so confident and optimistic about everything. Neji didn't think anything could dampen her day. With another sigh, Neji said:

Neji: "Well, I can come back later. I just had an idea I wanted to run by you if you have the time and patience."

Tenten: "I don't take long showers. Just stay here and make yourself at home. You know where everything is."

Neji eyed her suspiciously but considered her invitation to stay.

Neji: "You don't mind?"

Tenten: "Of course not! Come on!"

She grabbed Neji's hand and led him to her old but comfortable couch that sat behind her television set. Shaving cream was slipping down her leg and puddling around her floor making tracks where she walked. Neji smirked. Tenten could be…not trashy…that's too harsh…but…maybe too free? Yeah, he'll go with that for now. Tenten sat him down and hurried to her bathroom making haste for Neji's sake.

Tenten: "I'll be out soon! Don't worry!"

She closed the door, locked it, and Neji could soon could hear her singing some folk song he despised with a passion. He took the tv remote from the table beside the couch to switch on the news of the Leaf Village. He knew Tenten wouldn't be long. She always kept her promises, big or small.

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