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Chapter One: King Roger

King Roger of Tortall smiled as he stared out the window of his study. After years of scheming and planning he had finally became king. It was too easy, he thought. After the deaths of Roald and Lianne he acted quickly. Controlling the council with magic he had his cousin thrown into the dungeons. He suddenly laughed. Roger had made alliances with Tortall's enemies: the Copper Isles, Carthak, and Scanra. His smile became more wolf-like. Alanna was stranded in Scanra. She would not be coming back any time soon. He had made sure of it. There was a knock at the door. Alice, his slave, walked in and curtsied.

"Yes?" he asked roughly.

"His royal majesty King Maggur of Scanra," Alice was roughly pushed aside as Maggur walked in. She left, sensing personal business.

Kiki was muttering curses. She kicked the door to the cell. If only she wasn't down here! She couldn't wait to get her hands on Roger. Kiki and Alice were sisters. Alice was a year older than her and had blonde hair. Kiki had dark black hair and brown eyes. Alice's eyes were blue. But Kiki was more violent than she was. Her temper tends to get her into trouble most often. Kiki was seventeen and Alice was eighteen. She despieds(s) Roger ever since he raided their small village.

"Bastard," She muttered. She would give Roger a piece of her mind when she gets out of here!

Alice took the familiar path that lead to the dungeons. She took a key off a hook and unlocked a cell. The former prince Jonathan looked up at her. His clothes had became rags: his eyes looked haunted. Alice laid a cloth down by him that contained a large amount of food. Jon started eating.

"How have you been holding up?" Jon asked. They had known each other since child hood. Alice shrugged.

"I have been doing good. Been trying to sneak food down whenever I can,"

"Is Alanna still in Scanra?"

Alice nodded. "Yes. She won't be coming back for a while,"

Jon groaned. There was a lot of commotion a few cells down. Kiki was fighting off guards and swearing at them as well. Alice suddenly stood.

"I have to go before he knows I'm down here," She didn't need to say who. They already knew who she was talking about.

"See you later than I suppose," Jon told her. She smiled and left.

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