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Chapter 3: Torture

Alice was pale and shaking. She was in the kitchens, washing dishes. Roger had raped and beat her this morning. She sniffed and wiped away tears. She wanted to escape, to leave this place forever. But Alice knew this was impossible. Roger had bound her and Kiki to him with magic. If she runs off then Kiki would die. Plus Kiki would fill Alice' pain and she would fill hers. Seri sneaked in and wrapped his arms around her waist. She jumped.

"A little jumpy today aren't we?" Seri sneered. He bent his head down and kissed her neck. She struggled a little.

"Stop it!" She yelled. "Lord Roger!!!!!"

"WHAT?!" The king stormed in, irritated.

"Help me!"

He laughs. "I do not and will not help servants like you," he snarled at her. Alice only stared at him in disbelief. He was cruel and heartless but in her heart she wanted him to change.

"Dungeon," he muttered to Seri. "The guards have everything set up."

"Will do," Seri ginned evilly. Turning to Alice he snapped, "Let go!"

Alice was dragged into the dungeons. For once Kiki was quiet. She's probably sleeping, Alice thought. Josh walked up. Her eyes went wide as she saw the whip he was holding. The tip of the whip had a hook attached to it. She started to shake. Seri handed her to him. Two guards walked up, carrying an unconscious Kiki.

"Kiki!" Alice yelled. Kiki opened one eye. She was horrified at the site of her sister. Her torn rags revealed numerous cuts and bruises. Alice knew she had the healing magic. Then why didn't she use it? She wondered. Before Roger had thrown her in the dungeons he had taken her magic. Alice thought back to when she first found out that her and Kiki had magic.

"The Gift is unique," her father had told her. "But you must be careful with it. It provides you with half your strength. The other half comes from your own well being,"

Leave it to papa, she thought. He had made sure that hi kids received the best magical education possible.

"Move!" Josh snarled at her. She jerked out of her thoughts with a start. He growled and dragged her to a small table. He threw her hard: Alice winched as her back hit the table hard. Seri then her arms and legs on the table with a rope. She struggled and yanked hard. Ben stood over her with a sharp knife.

"Get the hell away from her!" Kiki snarled. Even in her weak state she was violent. The knife pierced her left side. Alice cried out in pain. Tears rolled down her face. Ben dragged the knife from her arm to her left leg. She kicked and whimpered softly. Four hours of grueling torture followed. By the end of it Alice was bloody and battered. Her ribs were broken yet again.

"Take her to her room," Roger said carelessly. Alice whimpered as Seri picked her up roughly. Room? She asked herself. You call that a room. Her 'room' was a small cellar. It was dark and cold.


"Daddy!" Alice was only eight at the time. She was in her room playing with her doll when it moved on its own.

"Honey what's wrong?"

"I was playing with my doll and it moved on it own!" She looked at her father's face with her tear streaked face. He wasn't surprised.

"Honey it's perfectly normal. At least most people would think so. It's telekinesis. It is the power to move objects with your mind. You stared at your doll and moved it without even thinking about it. I have it. "

end of flashback

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