Disclaimer: All characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. Except for Paige Ryans, Chris Parker, who is made up by me. A fan fiction written for all those who support Bella X Edward. Please reviews and I hope you enjoy it!

This is written from Edward's point of View

Chapter One

Well, here I am, standing in front of my new high school. Man, I can't believe this. A new year and a new beginning. But what was the point? Bella's not with me… so anywhere will pretty much be hell on Earth. Bella… I can't believe that I left her in Forks. It's been 2 years. But it was for the best. I can't continually hurt her that way, and she'll be safe. It was the hardest thing that I have ever done. But, it was all for the best. Best for her soul, and best for her humanity.

"Edward, are you still thinking about …?" there's my pixie-like sister, Alice.

I said nothing and turned my head away from my family. Jasper was doing the best that he could to brush all my guilt away, but it wasn't much of a help. Emmett grinned at me.

"Oh man. Come on, every time we move, we have to deal with his emotions all over again." Emmett thought to himself.

"I need a nail job after school… hmm… I'll go with rose pink this time." Rosalie was the only one in the family who wasn't feeling sorry for me, and at this time, I really appreciate it. I don't deserve their sympathy. I'm the most horrible person that ever existed. I'm a … monster. I broke Bella's, pure, angelic, heart, having her thinking that I didn't love her anymore. I'm horrible.

"Hey Edward!" Oh no. Paige Ryans. I really despise the girl. She has a huge crush on me, and she thinks that I feel that way about her, no matter how many times I deny it. I would have told her off, but Carlisle wants me to me nice to her. He asked me to take it easy on her. She was changed only a few years ago, she went to Tanya's clan and Tanya told her about us. And she's been with us ever since, unfortunately.

She leaped at me and had her hands wrapped around my neck. I turned away in disgust, but she didn't seem to notice. "Sorry that I was late, I wanted to get a background check at the school, to see if they had other vampires." She finished proudly. Jasper and Emmett snickered, as Alice pouted. They all hate her as much as I do, Alice especially. Rosalie was the only one in the family who liked her. She was hoping that Paige and I will get together just like her and Emmett. She is impossible, that Rosalie. They became best friends right after they met. Figures.

"So, Edward… Excited about school today?" Paige winked at me.

"No." I replied coolly. Rosalie grinned at me.

"I hope that we have lots of classes together… Gosh! I can't wait!" she exclaimed. I don't. We all sighed, except for Rose and Paige, who were talking about the kind of pedicure to get after school.

"So sorry man," Emmett snickered in his mind.

"Yeah, I really feel sorry for you…" it was Jasper and Alice this time. I sighed.

"This is why it's healthy to skip school," I murmured to myself.

Bell rang, and I headed to first period, English Literature.I walked in the classroom and found the person that I least wanted to see, Paige. She sat in the back of the room and waved at me, and motioned me to sit next to her. I sighed; I had no choice but to sit next to the annoying girl. I looked away as soon I sat down, pretending to have my attention else where. Once again, she interrupted my train of thoughts with one of her obnoxious comment.

"Man… we are so lucky! Come on Edward; let me see your schedule."

"No." I replied quickly.

"Oh Edward, please!!!" She pleaded, shaking my arm. Half of the class turned around and stared at us, so she left me no choice. I handed my schedule to her, and prayed that this was the only class that we have together.

"Edward, you're not going to believe this! We have 3 classed together, not including lunch! Isn't that great?" she hugged me. Whaaaaat? NO. No way. I wanted to curse at the school. I sighed and clenched my fist into a ball. To my rescue, the second bell rang, which means it was time for class. Paige wasn't paying attention to the teacher at all. She was staring at me the whole time, which made me utterly uncomfortable.

The bell rang. I got up as quickly as I could, and tried to head out the door before Paige. I was successful, for I was always the fastest of the family.

"Hey Edward, wait up!" she called behind me; I pretended that I didn't hear her and walked as fast as I could in the hallway. I went through the most difficult route that I could think of to get to my next class, hoping that the school day would end soon.

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