Chapter Thirty Five

Forty Years Later

Edward's Point of View

"Okay… Jefferson High," Alice announced proudly as we all stood in front of our new high school.

Bella agreed to marry me forty years ago. I still remember perfectly how I felt that day when I proposed to her. Thoughts ran up to me when I got down on my knees, what if she says no? What if she doesn't want to commit? But she did say yes.

Alice kept her promise and kept the wedding small. She invited several of our vampire friends who Bella never got the chance to meet. I'll admit she did an excellent job with our wedding. The wedding dress that she picked out for Bella was perfect. It wasn't over the top, it was just right for her. When she came down the aisle, I could picture myself smiling sheepishly at her. Our backyard was decorated with banquets, flowers, carpets… Esme made it look extraordinary. It was Bella's idea actually; she said she would feel more comfortable if we get wedded there. It didn't matter at all to me, all I was thinking was, I was getting married to the most amazing, most beautiful woman ever existed.

I took her to Paris for our honeymoon. She liked it so much that we spent a year there, pretending to be college students. We would have stayed longer; if Alice hadn't dragged us back saying that we're being completely selfish, since she missed us crazily.

"Ready guys?" Emmett asked as he took Rosalie's hand.

"Yep," we all responded. I kissed Bella's hair and walked toward the school ground with my family.

"WHOO! New kids! Damn! They look hot!"

"Oh my god! Check out the bronzed hair boy, he's gorgeous! Too bad he already has a girlfriend."

"It's hard to decide who's hotter…"

"Hmm… I bet the brown hair girl looks better without her cloth,"

I growled. Sometimes, I hate my power. I hate listening to the dirty thoughts that they have for my Bella; but still, better to know what they're thinking than not. That way I would know whose butt to kick.

"Edward? You okay?" Bella smiled as she looked at me with a soft expression.

"Yes…" I hissed.

She laughed, "Their thoughts bothering you again?"

I nodded as she wrapped her arms around me. "Don't let it bother you; I can take care of myself. I'm a big girl," she cooed.

"I know that… It would just make me feel slightly better if I can punch them," I muttered as she grinned.

"Are you two love birds coming or not?" Emmett teased as we glared at him.

We caught up to them and saw the most disturbed scene that I have ever seen in this past forty years. Oh. My. God.

"Is….." said Jasper.

"Th… That…" Alice stuttered.

"Paige…" I said.

"Ryans?" finished Bella as we all turned to Rose with horror.

"Oh shit!" Emmett squealed as Jasper and I immediately went to Rosalie's side to restrain her.

"Let me go! I'm going to bust her head open!" she snarled violently.

"Honey, there're people watching," Emmett said nervously.

"The hell I care! Let me tear that bitch in shreds!" she screamed. The moron finally noticed us.

When she first saw us, her eyes widened with fear. Rosalie was snarling, she looked like a cat ready to pounce. Jasper, Emmett, and Alice took her back outside, trying to talk some sense into her.

"Rose! You'll get us exposed!" Alice whispered.

"So? What's one hundred more to kill?" she hissed and they were gone, leaving me and Bella in the building with the rest of the kids. I took Bella's hand, and was about to turn away when that annoying, midget voice called me.

"Edward? Is that you?" I clenched my hand that was free into a ball. Don't do it Edward… Don't…

Then her stupid little face was in front of me, smiling hugely.

"EDWARD!" her smile faded when she saw my hand in Bella's.

"What the hell is she doing here? She's suppose to be dead!" she shrieked as I took a step towards her furiously.

"Don't…" Bella whispered as I took my step back.

"She's one of us," I said through my teeth. This idiotic, mindless freak.

"And you're still with her?" she laughed dryly as she raised her eyebrow. Bella held my hand tighter, preventing me from ruining her face.

"Hey… I'm going to see if Rose is okay…" Bella said nervously.

"Yeah… Let's go," I agreed with her.

"Wait! I want to talk to you privately Edward!" Paige said loudly. I groaned. I really wanted to slap her.

"Edward, why don't you stay? I'll be right back…" Bella pecked me lips and skipped out of the door.

"What?" I said, outraged. Then I turned around to glare at the disgusting creature in front of me. "WHAT?"

"Edward," Paige smiled seductively. "I missed you baby," she touched my cheeks with her greedy fingers as I shook her off with disgust.

"So I bet you regret it, huh?" she laughed.

"Regret what?" my tone was obviously angry and annoyed. Only she would be too pigheaded to hear.

"Turning me down before… I mean, you actually thought she would look prettier if she was turned right? And now, look at her. She looks exactly the same. Except for her eyes," she laughed loudly. I was panting, I wanted to kill her, but I couldn't. Carlisle would be disappointed and so would Bella.

"Shut. Up. You're right, she looks the same and I'm grateful for that. She was already the most beautiful girl, and I'm glad she looks the same or I would miss those perfect features of hers…." I spat at her furiously. She made a gagging sound.

"But you know what?" I whispered purposely seductive.

"What?" she smiled as she actually thought I was giving in to her, she took a step forward.

"She'll always be million times prettier, million times more attractive than you…"

She was not pleased. She screamed, "NO! You're so wrong! I'm prettier than her! I'm better than her! You want me Edward!" she was so loud that every turned around to look at us. I heard someone mutter "psycho" and I laughed.

Then I saw my family a few feet away from us. I walked over to give Bella a passionate kiss, wrapping my arms around her. Paige was still screaming in the background.

"No! Edward! I love you! I'm better!" she shrieked. I ignored her, and continued to kiss Bella's lips… her necks., despising the other kids watching us in awe.

"Ready for class?" I said, loud enough for Paige to hear to Bella.

"Ready!" Bella beamed as she winked at me.

"Isn't it great that they're married?" Alice said loudly on purpose, but only loud enough for Paige to here. Paige froze.

"No! No! Please Edward! Don't fall for the stupid human! Please!" We all laughed, leaving Paige there wailing like a retard.

"Miss Ryans, if you don't be quiet, I'm going to have to give you detention," a teacher threatened her as she let out dry sobs again.

"Edward! Edward!"

Bella and I rolled our eyes and began walking towards our first period.

"I love you," she whispered.

"Not as much as I love you," I whispered back as she chuckled.

So, there's my happy ending. I got my revenge, my fun, most importantly, my girl. Every time I look at Bella, the reason for my existence, my day and night, I would be blissfully… knowing that I have an eternity with her. I pulled her into a tight hug and kissed her until she was out of breath.

"Forever…" I whispered and I kissed her ring. The ring that now belonged to an angel.


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