Mulder and I had been on the run for only eight months before the call came, it had been from Doggett and Reyes they told us it was safe to come home. Rohrer had been found alive and well in hiding, all charges that had been placed against Mulder were immediately lifted and we were safe to come home. Of course we waited a while just to be sure and a month later we found ourselves leaving Ireland and heading back home. I was nervous as the plane landed on American soil and we were greeted by a small group of FBI agents.

My heart skipped a beat and I tried the best I could to hide my wedding ring. Mulder and I had gotten married eight months ago, a month after we took off running, he had finally gotten me to go through with it. I always had, but I was unsure if he only did it just incase William ever came back, but now I'm certain he did it because he truly loves me.

We were led by the small group to the FBI headquarters where a small group of high ranking people were. We were given a small trial asking what had happened and told that Rohrer had been found, he had been placed in a maximum security prison where he later escaped, we were told we were safe to go back to our normal lives just so long as we were careful about running into him. After the small meeting Kersh had approached us and informed us that somebody had requested our reassignment to the FBI, we were allowed back, but the X-Files had been shut down permanently, never to be opened again. I told Kersh we would think about it and went home for the first time in the past nine months, well over a year and a half for Mulder.

Upon opening the door I found my apartment the same as how I left it, in the corner sat on of William's old toys, one I had kept to remember him. The tears that rested behind my eyes threatening to fall, burned and I found myself loosing all control. The tears poured down my face, and I turned to walk right into Mulder, he wrapped his arms around me and held me close as I cried. We slowly made our way into my room and fell asleep on my bed. It had been a long time since we had both been here and it felt like I had finally come home to my safe haven.

Early the next morning I woke up to Mulder holding me close and sleeping soundly, I wanted to let him sleep, but I knew we still had a lot to talk about. If we were to join the FBI we had to figure out if we would still be safe. I still had to call my mom and let her know we were home, I also had to go shopping for some new clothes.

"Fox?" I asked softly nudging him awake.

"Umm..What?" He asked shifting his weight as he woke up.

"We have a few things to talk about." I whispered into his ear, hoping I could let him sleep, maybe I should.

"Awe… Dana, can't it wait?" He asked moaning like a baby.

"Fine, you big baby." I said smiling as he tightened his grip around my waist and pulled me closer to him.

An hour later Mulder and I were up and cleaning up around the house, I would occasionally fall into Mulder's arms as the thought of William entered my mind. Not too long after we talked about joining the FBI again. After much consideration and deep thinking we had agreed to enter again. While he was calling Kersh and informing him on our decision I called up my mother and informed her that we were home again and that while we were gone I had also changed my last name, as soon the words left my mouth I found myself pulling the phone away from my ear as she started screaming. Obviously she was more than just excited, she promised to be over in the next hour, as I got off the phone I found Mulder laughing across the room sitting on the couch.

"I take it she's happy." Mulder joked as I walked over to him and sat in his lap, for the first time in a long time I allowed a real smile to spread across my face. I had to admit I had been through a few rough patches in my life, but now it all seemed worth wild knowing that I would get to be safe and live this somewhat normal life.

"I love you." I whispered into his ear as he held me close.

"I love you, too." He said happily placing a soft kiss to my lips.

Needless to say the second my mom arrived she went on with asking questions, I showed her the ring and watched as she jumped for joy, I had finally received happiness in my life with the man I trusted and loved the most. After my mom had left, after she had taken us out to dinner, welcomed us back home and taken us shopping for just about everything, Mulder and I crawled into bed and took a much needed rest, knowing in the morning we would need the strength.

One year and four months, it had been a year and four months since we had started working with the FBI again, though Kersh wasn't sure about placing two Mulder's in the same department of the FBI, he allowed it seeing as how he felt we were good together as a team. We both worked in the missing persons department and were constantly joked around with. It had appeared we had gained the respect we once had back, though we were still referred to as Mr. and Mrs. Spooky, it had stopped bothering us.

We sat at a desk in our shared office and overlooked the file that had been handed to us earlier in the day, a young woman in Virginia had lost her fourteen year old daughter, Megan. Megan Brookes had been kidnapped from school sometime in the past week and the FBI felt we could handle the case ourselves. As we grabbed our things and headed out of the office, we informed Kersh we would be back soon to work once we looked into the case, we drove straight out to Virginia.

The house was cute, quaint in it's own way. It was a two-story home with white paint and little trees in the large front yard, a tire swing hung from a large oak and a doll hung by a rope tied to the tree and the neck. I had to give a small smile, I had remembered doing something similar with Melissa's dolls back when I was a child. As we approached the door, Mulder gave a soft knock and it was opened by a little boy with soft green eyes and brown hair.

"Hi, Sweetie, is you're mommy home?" I asked him, he appeared to be around the age of three and gave a small nod before turning his head and yelling in a childlike manner.

"MOMMY!" His little lungs managed to get out before he left the door and disappeared behind a wall into another room.

"Yes? Can I help you?" A small woman asked, she appeared to be an inch or two taller then myself, her dark brown hair matched her brown eyes, eyes that held confusion and sorrow.

"Mrs. Brookes?" Mulder asked softly.


"We're Agents Fox and Dana Mulder with the FBI, we're here to ask you a few questions about the disappearance of your daughter, Megan." He said as I stood watching into the house as the small boy poked his head in the room from behind his wall.

"Please, come in." She said moving out of the way for us to enter her home. "Can I offer you something to drink?"

"No thank you." I answered as Mulder shook his head, the little boy was now in the room and couldn't take his eyes off of us, I could say the same for myself, there was something about this boy that intrigued me.

"I'm sorry, but my husband isn't here. He's off on a business trip. To be honest he doesn't even know Megan is missing. I can't get a hold of him." She spoke the truth and I watched as the little boy ran off into the other room again before running back into the kitchen we sat in.

Mulder and I asked a few questions about who had last seen her and where it was at. If she had any enemies and if she knew how to protect herself. During the investigation a young teenaged girl walked in the front door, said 'Hi' to the three of us, then entered the room the little boy had been running back and forth from.

"That was Kristen. She's a good friend of Megan she comes by at times to check on William." She explained, at the sound of the name my heart froze I felt Mulder's hand on mine and I knew what he was saying. 'There are plenty of people with that name.' I gave him a silent look before nodding my head and returned back to the questioning.

A few minutes later I found William at my side staring at me intensively. I gave him a small smile and he returned it full force. It was as if my smile answered some unspoken question he had seemed only to ask in his mind.

"You dem huh?" He asked in a childlike manner.

"Who?" I asked noticing Mulder and his mother watched our exchange.

"Ulder n Ully?" He asked running into the room again before returning and taking my hand, forcing me to follow him, I looked to his mother and asked if it was alright. She merely waved her hand and followed William and me to the living room. Mulder followed at my side wondering what the boy had to show us. On the TV was the movie we had seen made 'The Lazarus Bowl' played on the TV screen while William pointed to the TV. Kristen sat on the couch and looked up to them.

"Oh my god, William you're right. It is Mulder and Scully." She said getting up to greet us.

"Kristen, you and William have finally lost it. Mulder and Scully are just characters on a movie William has to watch everyday." She said before mumbling under her breath, even though I heard it. "A movie I find inappropriate for his age, but thanks to his father he is hooked."

"Actually those agents are based on us." Mulder said as a matter of fact as I watched William jump up and down. I had to agree with his mother, a movie like this for a boy to be hooked on was not good, but than again I suppose if our son were with us Mulder would have him hooked by now on all sorts of movies like this.

After William had cooled down we went back to asking about Megan, we had questioned Kristen who was the last to see her at the bus stop at the school. We had promised to return once we found something.

A week later and a break in the case was made. We had spent the whole week together in a hotel in Virginia and studied everything until we found Megan in the woods tied to a tree. We had been out for our morning jog when we came across her. She was cold and scared, but we ended up returning her to her family and catching the killer.

As we left the Brookes home, William followed us out and talked about anything that would come to mind. His father finally exited the house and picked his son up.

"Come on, little one." He said smiling, but there was something different about this, I mean I must admit, the parents had just lost their daughter and had her returned, but they treated William in a different way, almost as if he wasn't there's. Also neither parent had green eyes, both had brown, even Megan had brown.

"Mr. Brookes? May I ask you a question?" I spoke up, I'm not sure what made me do it, but I had to know.

"Sure." He said placing the boy to his feet and I watched as he ran into the house.

"Is William adopted?"

"Actually he is." Mr. Brookes answered straight out, never once showing emotion in his facial features.

"What are you getting at Dana?" Mulder asked as he made his way from the car door to the spot behind me.

"Where did you adopt him from?"

"My sister-in-law, Jeans sister, and her husband were killed almost two years ago, William was adopted by them from some family. We don't know who. We promised to help find his parents, but it's harder than it seems, plus there is no guarantee they will even want him." My heart froze in my chest, the chances of him being my son just took a huge leap in my favor.

"Mr. Brookes, if it's alright with you, we would like to run William through a DNA test, we think we may know who his parents might be and they would be more than happy to have their son home again." Mulder spoke up, it was as if he had read my mind.

Well, Mr. Brookes had agreed to the DNA test and when the results came back my heart stopped in my chest, I could never believe that god would have my life planned out this way, I'm glad he did. Once finding out the truth, William packed up his things, said good bye to the Brookes and got into our car. As he slept in the back seat on the way home, rested in his arms the little alien, Spooky, I had made sure he kept with him. I smiled as tears came to my eyes, I know had my son back. My little boy was mine again.

Mulder looked over to me and took my head before opening his mouth to speak.

"How did you know it was him?" He asked. I was still a bit unsure of how I knew this William was mine, but I knew that somehow god told me. "Mother's intuition?" I joked. He gave a small chuckle before bringing my hand to his lips. "God told me." I answered truthfully.

"I'm glad he did." He said looking back to the small boy.

Once arriving home, we introduced William to his new and permanent family. His godmother and godfather, John and Monica, his grandmother and uncles and aunts. For his third birthday we threw him a huge party, I had never seen a child so happy.

There are days I look to my son and I can't believe he's real, I can't believe he is ours again. I find this life so hard to believe, that Mulder and I are happily married with our son at our side, that for the first time we have a true happiness and a complete family, I thank god every minute of my life for giving me this life to live, I thank him for everything he has put me through, he has made me stronger.

Occasionally I will find myself watching as he sleeps soundly in his new room. We will soon move out of this apartment and find a house for him to grow up in, but until that time he sleeps in what used to be my guest bedroom, but is now his.

Now we lay on the couch, taking our mid afternoon nap. Mulder is asleep on his back on the couch, William lays on his chest as I lay in Mulder's arms. His left arm is draped around my shoulder as my back is propped up against the back of the couch, my right hand makes its way over Williams tiny waist to rest lightly on Mulder's right shoulder while his right hand holds it there and in place. Williams face is facing mine as my left leg drapes around Mulder's left leg.

I'm sure that if anyone were to walk in it would be the best sight to see, a family of three sleeping soundly in the middle of the day. Like I said I never would have believed that this would be my life, that after all the pain I went through I would find happiness, but thanks to god and never giving up on a miracle, I got just that, happiness.

Who would have ever thought my dreams would be a reality?

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