Dear Myde,

To think that you used to perform at Radiant Garden's only hang out. Now you're on a tour, visiting every single place we use to read about in college history courses. It's been a while since we've seen you and Payge, about a month already? A month and a half? You missed so many of the little things here in Radiant Garden.

I saw my godson the other day. Tiffany and Dimitri came by with him. You know, Dimitri is a different person when he's with his son. He actually cracks a smile and plays all sorts of games. Zees agrees with me too. He was surprised that Tiffany was pregnant again, even more surprised than when Dimitri and Tiffany were getting married five years ago. Remember how we all thought Tiffany was joking when she told us that Dimitri had propose to her? Well everyone except for Payge. She knew it all along. That's why I told you to let her become your manager. She's smart and makes good decisions. It's been showing in the Melodious Nocturnes' success. I glad you know that you have someone really special in your life.

As for Zees, he and Max are like brothers. Though Max is often reading that book, Advanced Sciences and Mathematical Studies Throughout History, Volume Nine, they still spend time together. Their personalities are very conflicting but I suspect that Max secretly looks up to Zees for advice, especially for his growing interest in girls. I suppose Zees might be able to help the kid. He's still a bachelor but he has dated so many women, he definitely has tons of tips to share. Just yesterday, he broke up with his girlfriend. He said that it wasn't going to work out with her and that he was better off waiting for a girl to come to him. Ironically, that same day, a girl ran into him. All the books she had dropped, he helped to pick them up. Tonight, he's going out on a date with her. Maybe he does have some luck after all.

Sora, Kairi, and Riku came by recently. Sora's son is like a mini-Sora. He already swings around a wooden sword and challenges Riku's daughter despite how badly he lost in the previous fight. Kairi said it's like how Riku used to beat Sora in practically everything.

We also saw the King, Donald, and Goofy. They wanted to see if it's true, about me going to be a mother. I still haven't gotten use to the idea. You think after two years of being married-

Alana stopped in mid sentence when Lea wrapped his arms around him. "I'm finished downstairs."

Alana quirked an eyebrow and gazed into his emerald irises. "You mean the so-called romantic dinner you've been preparing since three o'clock?"

"What else?"

Three hours ago, Lea had sent his wife into their bedroom, telling her not to come down until he called her. To pass the time, Alana had been watching TV and reading until she had decided to reply to Myde's letter.

Her slate eyes glanced down at the letter. Hoping that she would still have her train of thought when she returned to finished it tonight, if she had time tonight, she stood and allowed her husband to lead her downstairs. In the downstairs area, every light had been put off. She could barely see as the couple made their way to the diningroom.

"Lea, I can't see anything."

Lea smirked in the darkness and the candles in the room caught fire.

Alana gasped when she saw the white tablecloth with the rose petals all over it and the meal that Lea had prepared. "It's wonderful," she whispered.

"Happy Anniversary, Alana."

The End