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Chapter 2
Phoenix p.o.v

I watched silently with my legs pulled to my chest, as the sun slowly rose in the grey sky. Casting pink and orange hues everywhere. Kai had gone inside hours ago leaving me to my thoughts. I couldn't believe that he was taking this so well, i thought he would be just as upset as me, maybe even more. Its not like he likes me in that way. Right? I groaned and dropped my head to my knees, 'what am i going to do? Theres no way out of this. Kai would have told me if there was. Wouldn't he?' I hurd footsteps approaching behind me on the gravel. My mum appeared around the side of the fountain. I shifted slightly, the gravel under my bum digging in. I leaned my head against the rim of the fountain as she sat down on it. With a sigh she delicately played with my hair.

"Im sorry sweetheart, but an arranged marriage isn't so bad. Look at your father and me. Our mariage was arranged, and we've done fine." She smiled at me, i lifted my head and stared out at the hedge, it still hadn't changed in the slightest since i stared at it last night. "But i'm not you and dad. Does it even matter if I love Kai or not?" she sighed. "No, it really doesn't. I had hoped that you would by now. Why do you think i never objected about you always staying the night, or sleeping in Kai's bed."

"How the hell should i know." I snapped back. "Listen, your father and I are going home. We brought all your stuff over with us when we arrived." I frowned in confusion. Why would they have brought all my stuff with them. "You will be living here right up until the wedding when Voltaire will hand over the Hiwitari town house to you and Kai." I turned and stared up at my mum in shock. "I'm sorry I thought you just said that I wont be going home with you, and Kai and I have a house already waiting for us." She nodded. "I did say all that, and I want no arguments." She gave me a stern look. "And no running away." She stood up and walked away.

"And no running away" I mocked in a high pitched voice. Picking up a few stones I hurled them at the hedge in frustration. None of them made it. I hurd my parents car drive off and snarled. There leaving me here alone. With Kai. Most normal parents wouldn't leave their daughter alone with Kai let alone live with him. Didn't it just sux majorly that my parents wern't normal. Who in their right mind would arrange a marriage for their kid? I expected this of Voltaire but my mum? Uh uh no way. Why would she do this to me? Confusion ran throughout me, do my parents hate me that much? I could tell my dad hadn't known 'til recently like myself and Kai, I wondered how he was taking this. I wondered if he even cared that his only daughter was being married off at 18. I sighed and hurled more stones. It calmed me, slightly.

Third person

Kai stood at his window watching her angrily throw stones at the hedge, debating whether or not to go down to her. Secretly he had been a tiny bit ecstatic about the engagement. A part of him has been in love with her for a few years. Noticing the subtle changes in her appearance and how she seemed to become more beautiful as the days went by. She looked so increadibly gorgeous dressed simply in an old pair of his boxers and shirt. And her knee high boots seemed to complete the outfit, only making her look slightly slutty. The other part of him was anrgy, completely pissed at Voltaire for keeping this from him. He had to restrain himself from throwing something through the window. But yet he wasn't at all surprised about it. Not really. It would figure Voltaire would pull something like this. Suddenly feeling the need to punh something, Kai made his way into his bathroom and stared at his reflection. He noticed Phoenix's dress hanging over the shower rail and frowned at his reflection. Snarling he pulled his fist back and let it fly at the mirror. The glass crunched under his fist and shattered. The glass tinkled as it landed in the sink and on the floor around his feet. Numbly he took his fist off the broken mirror and flexed it slightly. Glass fragments had pierced the skin between his knuckles.

A small gasp brought him reeling back to reality. He turned his head slowly to the door to see Phoenix standing there mouth slightly hanging open, eyes wide with shock staring at his hand. Which brought him to the dull throbbing pain he was experiencing. Phoenix's boots crunched on the shattered glass as she slowly moved towards him, half scared. Tentively she took hs fist in her hands and looked it over. She glared up at him and backed out of the bathroom into the bedroom slowly pulling him with her. Once she had gotten him seated on his bed she went back into the bathroom and emerged 10 minutes later with a bowl of warm water, a towel slung over one shoulder a bandage and held between her teeth antiseptic lotion. She lowered herself to her knees and placed the bowl beside her, and the lotion, bandage and towel beside the bowl. Taking his hand in her own she tried to gently remove the glass fragments. Tried being the operative word. Kai hissed in pain as each shard was removed. "Sorry." Was all he got in consolation. Once all pieces of glass were removed Phoenix placed the bowl of warm water beside Kai on the bed and dunked his hand in the water, letting the water wash away the blood and any tiny pieces of glass. Kai tensed as the water stung the cuts in his hand. Phoenix looked up at him, he was already looking at her. "Why did you do it?" She asked quietly. He stared back blankly as if he hadn't hurd her.

She sighed and removed his hand from the bowl and dried it carefully with the towel. After applying the antiseptic lotion she bandaged his hand. All the while Kai did not move or say anything. Standing up Phoenix took the bowl back to the bathroom and poured it down the bath. After washing her hands she returned and put the lotion on the bedside table and kicked the towel in the direction of the hamper. She sat beside Kai on the bed not knowing what to say, his good hand found hers and he linked his fingers through hers. She looked at him. "I'm sorry Nix" With tears in her eyes she flung her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. He slid both arms around her waist and pressed her into him. "Please dont hate me" He mumbled into her hair.

Pulling away she frowned at him. "Why would I hate you Kai?" He frowned and looked away. "You think I'd hate you for punching your reflection?" Sighing he shook his head. "Then what?" With a low growl he stood up and walked to his window and stared down at the grounds, not quite knowing how to form the words he wanted to say. Turning back to her he let out the breath he hadn't known he'd been holding. "For wanting the marriage between us to go ahead" A frown creased her brow as she let his words sink in. Before he could lose his nerve he continued. "Yes, i hate Voltaire for doing this. But in some way im glad it came about. Nix i..." A sudden knock at the door halted his words. Phoenix looked from Kai to the door and back to Kai. When he made no move to open it she silently got up and moved to the door. Looking back at him she noticed he was back to staring out the window. With a sigh she opened the door.

"Phoenix, just the person I was looking for" She smiled weakly at the red headed women on the other side of the door. "Hey Denise, nows not really a good time" Denise peered past Phoenix and saw Kai at the window his hands by his sides one of which was bandaged. She raised a questioning eyebrow at Phoenix who only shook her head. Denise placed a hand on Phoenix's shoulder. "If you need me you know where to reach me" With that Denise disappeared down the hallway. Trying not to think of where she was going and whom would be there Phoenix shut the door and turned back to Kai who was still at the window. She didn't know what to say or what to do. Kai actually wanted to get married. To her.

Phoenix p.o.v

"Kai?" He turned slightly and looked at me, he gave a half smile and turned back to the window. "Im sorry Nix" I frowned Why the hell does he keep apologising? "Why are you apologising?" He sighed. "I dont know." My frown deepened and I walked over to him, my feet starting to give off a dull throb in my boots. I placed a hand on his shoulder. "Kai" He turned and stared down at me for the longest time. He smiled half heartedly and brought a hand up to trace my face. A shiver ran down my spine at his gentle touch. He pulled away and sighing ran a hand through his hair. "I dont know what i'm doing Nix. I feel lost" His eyes locked with mine and i saw a deep sadness in them before he covered it up and walked over to his bed. He sat on the edge of it looking dejected and pathetic. I watched him, i've never seen him look like this before. So sad and lost. Like he doesn't know what to do. Kai always knows what to do. He's smart he always has an answer for everything, even if he doesn't say it.

I walked over to him not thinking about what I was going to do. Which was bad. It felt as if someone had taken over my body and I was watching from above. I placed my hands on his shoulders, he looked up at me as I stradled him and sat in his lap. He frowned as I tilted his head back, well more like yanked it back by the back of his hair. I leaned closer to him and brushed my lips across his. Chills lept down my spine and danced around to my stomach, where they played a game of ping pong. Pulling back i closed my eyes, suddenly feeling very stupid. "Sorry" I mumbled. 'I just needed to know.' I felt him trace my jaw with his fingers. A shiver raced down my spine and tingled at my toes. His lips pressed onto mine with an urgency, he slipped his arms around my waist and pressed me closer to him. My stomach did little flip flops as he nibbled on my bottom lip asking for entrance, not knowing what i was doing i parted my lips and let him slide his tongue in. Instead of it feeling disgustingly wet and slimy, it felt well right. I brought out mine and met him, our tongues clashed lovingly in a dance as Kai's hands traced my spine.

He gripped me tightly and flipped us over, not once breaking the kiss. He traced the inside of my thigh making me shiver and tremble with unsated desire. A knock at the door halted Kai's hands, with a growl Kai lept off the bed and stormed over to the door. "WHAT!!" he growled out as he opened the door so hard it slammed against the wall. Tala stood on the other side looking confused as he looked from me to Kai and back to me. Kai glared at Tala obviously furious at being interupted. "Uh i interupting something?" Tala asked "Yes!" "No" both Kai and I replied at the same time me being no Kai's being yes. Both Tala and Kai looked at me. Kai's eyes clearly saying 'your mine' Tala quite confused. I wasn't sure what to do. I mean sure I liked Kai but not as much as I loved Tala. I moved off the bed and walked over to the two boys knowing that Kai would be furious with what I was going to do, but he'll forgive me. Eventually. I apologised to Kai with my eyes -atleast I hope I did. And took Tala by the hand and lead him down the hall. He had to know what was going on, it was only fair. And to be honest I was actually very glad when Tala knocked on the door, if he hadn't of who knows what would have happened. Ok so I know what would have happened but I dont know if I like Kai like that. Not yet anyway.

I pulled Tala behind me down the stairs, out into the front garden. We sat side by side on the fountain. Both silent and both staring at the hedge. I could tell he was confused as to why Kai snapped at him so harshly. And why my appearance was rumpled and why i was still in Kai's clothes. 'I dont know what to say, what easy way is there to tell your secret crush that your getting married to his best friend. No there is no easy way, Tala has to hear this the same way that Kai and I did but maybe I can say it more gently then Voltaire did'

I turned to Tala and took his hand in mine, he looked over at me and smiled but then soon frowned when he saw the saddened look on my face. "Whats wrong Nix, is everything ok?" He cupped my face in the palm of his hand. A sigh escaped me.

'Why does this have to be so hard? Heart I command you to stop loving the young man infront of you you do not love him.' It was fruitless I loved him and I couldn't stop. I felt the tears prick at the corners of my eyes, I willed Tala not to see them but it was too late. He brushed them away with his thumbs as they fell. "Nix, please tell me whats wong." I knew that there was no easy way to tell him.

"We're engaged."

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