Tears From my Angel

The rain all ways does it to him. He gets so lost in his past that the rest of the world stops. That dynamic personality shrinks into an impenetrable shell of self loathing.

I wish I could ease his pain, to make the weather a friend not an enemy. But that's like wishing for pigs to fly.

"Sanzo why don't you come here and play some cards with us?"

"Leave me alone." Is pretty much all you get out of him.

I cross the room and lightly caress his face, he flinches away. I know it's not personal it's just the way he is when he gets like this. My outstretched hand remains empty. He just stares out the window smoking and getting drunk.

I lean down and whisper. "Why don't you try to get some rest maybe the rain will stop soon?" He ignores me.

I see that he has drunk his way to a sort of oblivion so I lift him into my arms and carry him to bed. I sigh and curl up behind him, holding him safely in my arms.

When the day dawns I feel him shift slightly and I pretend to remain asleep. He brushes some hair from my face and his fingers trace the scars on my cheek. The rain has stopped and the world can be faced again.

"Good morning my sunshine." I smile at him. He blushes and says I'm an idiot.

"But you're my idiot and thanks for last night." His eyes are soft and glowing.

"Any time angel mine." I give him a big goofy grin.

We hold each other and kiss for awhile. Then leave the bed ready to beat the world into submission once more.