Fury, Guilt and Love

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Chapter 1

"You have GOT(!)... to be kidding", Naruto angrly huffed, as he stared at the hundredth failed summoning that he... well... summoned.

The blonde haired ninja, squinted hard upon the meager, insignificant... thing standing on the severed tree stump.

Feeling as hopless as ever on the whole ordeal, he easily concluded that if one were to summon something so God damn pathetic, they would be much better off shoving their head between their legs and kissing there ass good-bye.

But Naruto, as always, wasn't for the idea of quitting. There he was, in the river region of the vast forest, just outside Konoha, spilling his blood, sweat and tears to perfect his technique.

On a few occasions, Naruto thought that maybe, things wouldn't so damn complicated if Jiraiya (that sickening pervert) would stop gawking at the half naked women playing in the water on the other side of a large bush, and supervise his training like he SAID HE WOULD!!! But that OBVIOUSLY wasn't about to happen since he just had to stare at them for his abundantly important 'Research'.

Naruto turned around and glared daggers at his so-called supervisor.

"Hey, Ero Sennin!!! What the Hell are you doing?! Why aren't you supervising my training like you said you would?!", he fumed.

Jiraiya immediately ceased his horrendous impersonation of Count Dracula's chuckle, and turned to face Naruto, only to catch the sight of the pathetic deformity that was his summoning. The aged hermit plastered a comical squint as one of his eyebrows twitched.

"Naruto... You mean to tell me, thats the best you can do after 3 weeks of training? Damn, you really are hopeless, aren't ya?", Jiraiya carelessly mocked.

Naruto's eyes glimered with fury, before he dashed at the perverted toad hermit. Pointing an accusing at his supervisor, the blue eyed genin started to yell and holler at him; blowing the Sannin's hair and facial features back.

"Oh come ON!!! Gimme a break! I've been working myself to the bone, and I don't see yoooouuuu trying to SUPERVISE MY-Gah..."

Naruto's rant was cut a tad short as he snapped out of the plain of consciousness and collapsed on the rocky ground below in complete and total exagustion.

Jiraiya rose from his keeling position and stared down at the fallen Genin.

The white haired sannin smiled.

"Hmph. Out cold, again, eh, Naruto? Well... I guess I really can't blame the boy. I mean, Hell, the only thing thats kept him on his toes for this long was pure guts and determination... A valuble asset, yes, but it's going to take more than that. And somehow... I don't know... I think the kid might actually have what it takes, but that remains to be seen, doesn't it?", he conversed to himself.


Meanwhile, within the walls of Konoha...

Sakura Haruno was locked in her house, or to be more specific, she was locked in her room with many thoughts surfing through her mind.

The pink haired kunoichi lay flat on her bed staring at the ceiling. Many things bothered her at that moment; one, being the main compontent, her beloved Sasuke, whom she still feared for, because of the blasted curse mark that morphed him into that... that beast of a man.

Sakura still grimaced at the horrible memories that were forever burned into her psyche.

The jade eyed female slowly turned her attention to the group photo of her and her team for what had to be the 27th time that day.

Sakura was just so worried about Sasuke, but she also started to think that all of her worrying was making her sick. She knew that she had to get out and move. If only for a walk, then so be it, but she simply had to get up and get loose.

With these thoughts being the only thing to motivate her, Sakura grudgingly pried herself out of bed and sat upon the edge.

The slender Genin idly stared at her feet for a little while longer before she fully rose from her bed.

Slipping on her blue sandals, Sakura walked out of her room. Since her mother wasn't home, it was a pretty empty shelter. But, hey... at least she was getting out.

When Sakura emerged from her humble abode, she was greeted with the beautiful and refreshing rays of sunlight. It wasn't too hot, or anything... it was a pretty nice day; enough to actually put a smile on the pink haired female's face.

During her aimless walk, Sakura spotted Naruto and some old geizer, of whom she was not familiar, passing by.

They weren't exactly close enough for them to notice her, esspecially since Naruto was obviously pre-occupied with something. That is, if the fact that he was practically dragging the old man across the freakin' road screaming, 'Ramen-Ramen-Ramen!!!!!', wasn't a factor.

"Hn... Typical Naruto", Sakura said quietly to herself, while watching the pair speed away in the direction of Ichiraku Ramen.

Ever since the battle with her best friend Ino in the Chunnin Exams ended in a draw (she considered it an Epic Failiure), Sakura has been given much time to think about things, esspecially her place in the team; not to mention the team itself.

Lately, Sakura as been doubting her abilities and how they could conribute to her team; at the very least, she desired to help her comrades a little more.

Sure, her experiences in the Forest of Death have made her quite the force to be reckonded with, due to her hardened resolve, but since her 'loss' to Ino, Sakura has been in a cycle of self-questioning.

The pink-haired kunoichi continued her walk as her thoughts were finally able to shift normally; she was at last able to think of somehting other than Sasuke.

Out of everything that had gone through her head, the last component was Naruto.

Sakura started to wonder why she was so rotten to the boy. True, he was loud, annoying, and crude, but he was still her teammate.

And out of all of the times that she swore to herself that she would be nice to him, the end result was the same; A whack to the head, a slam to the face, or just a flat out bitching-session.

"Ngh... It's his own fault. If he weren't, well... himself... then maybe I wouldn't have to hit him", Sakura grudged to herself, "That boy really needs to learn some humility"

She could never figure out why, but Naruto and his childish antics always left a bad taste in her mouth. Was it so hard to ask for someone to just grow up, esspecially if they were on a team together.

Of course, maybe thats why Sakura always wailed on Naruto; she just wanted him to grow up; to take charge and stop being such a kid.

With her mind, now stuck in another cycle, Sakura stopped in the middle of the walk-way to collect her thoughts about Naruto.

She had to admit, Naruto may have been a bit immature, but there were more than a few occasions where he had pulled through when he was needed the absolute most. How could anyone, even her, ignore that. Despite who he was, Naruto was a valuble asset to the team.

Sakura looked down at the ground as she gave the prospect a little more consideration.

"Maybe I've been coming down a little too hard on the guy. I mean, he tries; harder than anyone I've ever met, in fact. Maybe I should cut him a little more slack...", she thought.

Of course, it was at the sound of Naruto's voice that snapped Sakura out of her thoughts.

"Hey, Sakura-chan! Sakura-chan, over here!!", Naruto shouted out.

Despite her previous thoughts, Sakura couldn't help but grimace at what the guy wanted, but... why deny him at a time like this. Its not like she had anything better to do with her life, right now.


Elsewhere, at the top of one of Konoha's buildings, Jiraiya was sitting down at the edge, looking through his everpresent telescope in the direction of the hotsprings. Well... I think you can all pretty much guess what the old pervert was looking at.

"Ohohohohoooo yeah, baby! Daddy Jiraiya likes what he sees! Oh yeah, take it off, baby. Take it OFF!!", he drewlled.

Normally, Jiraiya's 'Research' couldn't be interuppted unless he was annoyed, distracted or otherwise troubled about something.

This time, however, the toad hermit noticed something outside of his line of sight.

Jiraiya immediately ceased his 'Research' and took a look down at two people, who were none other than Naruto and Sakura. The hyper-active knuckle-head was pulling his felloe Ninja along with him as he ran to, what seemed to be... a more secluded area.

Jiraiya trails the two with his eyes and smiles.

"Hmph... Mister Smooth makes his move", he said.

/\/\/\/\INSTANT FLASHBACK/\/\/\/\

"So, Naruto..."

"Hm? Nani, Ero Sennin?"

"Would there... happen to be someone you like?"

Naruto simply had to raise an eyebrow as this.


"You know... like a special girl that you admire."

The blonde genin's eyes widened like Hell at hearing Jiraiya's question. He blushed and started rubbing the back of his head like the goofy idiot he was.

"What?! Well, I uh... I-I sorta do. I mean, I think so. It's just that well, uh... I, um"

"Just answer the damn question, already!", Jiraiya demanded.

"O-Oh, its no one! Just Sakura-chan!"


Jiraiya's smile widened as he remembered that.

"Hn. Sweep her off her feet Naruto.", he said, before silently following them.

While he did, however, the perverted Mountain Sage spotted a very strange looking box that was obviously painted to look like a rock. Jiraiya almost cackled at the pitiful attempt of stealth, but kept his cool and watched, as the 'rock' tailed Naruto and Sakura.

"Seriously, who the Hell does Konohamaru think he's foolin'?"


Naruto finally reached a destination that he considered uncrowded. Sakura leaned her back upon a fence and crossed her arms.

"Okay, Naruto. Whaddya want?", she asked, rather rudely

A blushing Naruto, being the blathering mess that he was at the time, couldn't seem to form those little sounds that your mouth makes except they acually make sense... What were they called again?... Words? Yeah thats it...

"Uh, well, ya see, I... Sakura-chan I-"

"Look, if its money you want, then sorry, but I'm fresh out.", Sakura said, cutting Naruto off.

"Ah! No-no-no, its not that! It just that... uuuh..."---"Oh, why do I have to blow it at a time like this?! Ero Sennin gives me a chance to give the girl of my dreams the biggest hug of her life and I'm choking on my own stupidity-God, she's more beautiful than ever... NO!!! Focus Naruto, you hopeless bastard, FOCUS!!!"

Sakura shook her head at her teammates idiocy.

"Well, if its nothing, then I'm gone...", she said, before immediately turning to walk away.

At the realization that he may have blown his only chance, Naruto's eyes went rampade with disbelief.

He was going to completely miss his chance to do what the came there to do.

He wanted to hold her... to caress her... to let her know how much she was wanted and appreciated her. He didn't care what it took; he would let her know, and he would let her know Today!

"No! Sakura-chan, wait!!", Naruto exclaimed, before reaching out and gasping unto Sakura's shoulder.

The desperate blonde genin yanked his love-interest's shoulder a little more forcfully than he had intended. As a result, Sakura lost her balance as she was abruptly spun back around.

Before she knew it, the pink haired Genin lost her footing completely and time suddenly felt as though it became slow and monotonous... for both of them. Sure, Naruto didn't mean to trip her, but come on... how could he pass up a chance like this?!

"Yes... Yes, this is it. Here I come Sakura-chan", Naruto thought dreamingly to himself.

Of course, it was at this time, that the pathetic excuse for a disguise-er, ahem... I mean, uh... the 'rock', just happened to ram into Naruto's calf at THE most inappropriate time.

By the time Sakura snapped herself to her senses, she instantly noticed Naruto's face mere inches from her own.

Though she glared at him wildly for pulling such a stunt, the lightening quick production of her thoughts made her realize what was about to happen, causing her expression to change...

She suddenly went into shock.

"Wha-... What does he-... What does he think he's-...?"

The fact that something Sakura would never dream of doing was about to happen, she found it excruciatingly difficult to quicken her reflexes.

"No way... There's just no way! I... I-I can't let this happen!", Sakura desperately grimaced.

She couldn't allow this to happen! She would never do something like this! Not with him! NEVER!! But things were looking very bleek for Sakura. She could almost see herself pressing her lips against hi-


... It was too late... She couldn't stop it... No one could.

...Contact was imminent...


Jiraiya had his back leaned against a fence to conceil his presence from the two Genin he was following.

"Well, the kid did say that this Sakura-girl would knock him silly if he had done what he wanted to do... Ah, I guess it'd still be good for a laugh to see what happens to him.", the Toad Sage said dastirdly to himself.

With that last decision, Jiraiya slowly whirled around to see what had become of his future student, only to be completely blown away.

Out of all of the things he expected to see during his breif stay at Konoha, the last thing... the VERY LAST THING, was seeing Naruto kissing the girl that he was so nervous about hugging.

Taking in the sight before him, he smiled proudly at the step Naruto had taken. The kid had guts, that much was certain.

"Well, well...", Jiraiya whispered to himself.


Naruto... was in absolute... Heaven.

To think that things would turn out like this; it wasn't his intention, of course. But, it was really happening; he was kissing the girl of his dreams!... Outside of his dreams!!

In the reflexive heat of the spontaneous moment, Naruto had flung his arms around Sakura's waist, while she, herself, had both of her hands placed upon his chest; inadvertantly leaning into the kiss.

With feelings that he thought he could never really experience, Naruto slowly shut his eyes; now knowing full damn well what was going on... and thoroughly enjoying the kiss.

Sakura?... Well lets just say that her heart felt as though it were sinking into a pit of bliss.

She could feel herself being pulled into the kiss even more, and to her absolute horror, she could not pull away.

Indeed, she was perfectly capable of prying herself away and knocking Naruto all the way to Shit-dome-Come, however... her body was paralysed. Her pupils trembled, as did her knees.

Sakura could feel herself weakening at Naruto's gentle embrace and warmth, finding it frighteningly impossible to loosen herself from him; it was far too over-powering.

"You... You son of a bitch... Who do think you are?...", Sakura thought bitterly.

Despite her distasteful thoughts, a sudden wave of desire that flooded into her body, rocked the very core of her being

"No...! I... I-I don't want this!"

No... The waves of unwanted urges that she was suddenly struck by, were far too great.

Without realizing it, Sakura's eyes slowly squinted in a last ditch attempt to break free from her cage of wants and needs. Instead, the pink haired kunoichi's pupils rolled to the back of her head, before her eye-lids closed.

There they stood... in total silence; completely oblivious of the surroundings.

Heavenly whiteness engulfed their surroundings, as the greatest feeling that either genin could possibly hope to experience, was washed over them in an instant.

It was a still and savorable kiss; one that was never to be forgotten.

It was truly bliss.

Both Genin simply melted at each other's touch, as though they had both found their rightful place in each others grasp. As time went on, Sakura's mind became flustered with various thoughts; most of which, were centered around the blonde kissing her.

"This can't be happening... not with you. What are you doing to me?... Why can't I pull away? Why... are you doing this to me?...", Sakura thought to herself; trying desperately to sort out what she was feeling at that moment, "Why am I allowing this to happen? I-I... love Sasuke-kun... Sasuke-kun... ... Sasuke-kun... ... ...SASUKE-KUN!!!"

Naruto started to think he might have been dreaming after a while.

To be this close to the love of his life... and without her pulling away? It couldn't be more perfect. In fact... it was too damn good to be true.

If memory and years of dreadful experience were a key example, then good things like this never happen to him.

Although these thoughts plagued Naruto's mind at this time, that didn't stop him from feeling what was present to him right now...

To him, thats all that mattered.

Suddenly, out of NOWHERE(!), Naruto felt his lips forcefully part from Sakura's. Not too much later after that, he heard a raged and vengful scream assault his ears.

He opened his eyes to see a pale fist about to crush his face... and it did.

Something wasn't slightly odd, however. This wasn't one of those punches that sent Naruto flying in a comical display of ridiculous chemistry.

No, this was a punch; a fully directed, intentionally hurtful punch.

He could feel it... and it hurt.


Since Jiraiya was still watching the developement unfold, his proud smile soon morphed into a shock look of disbelief.

Naruto was just decked by the girl he liked and to make matters complicated... she looked really pissed; seriously enraged. With his arms still crossed, the white haired toad sage whirled his body back to lean on the fence and just listened to the development unfold instead of watching it.


"You sorry, pathetic, peice of hapless LOSER trash!!! You worthless, disgraceful, shit eating termite! How DARE you do that to me?! What the HELL(!) gave you the right, NARUTO?!?!"

Naruto just sat there, holding his sore and bruised cheek in surprise and prodominant despair. He had never--EVER seen Sakura look so enraged. Her eyes were full of what could only be seen as hatred... hatred for him.

"But Sakura-chan, I... I thought that-"

"THOUGHT I WHAT?! Enjoyed it?!?!", Sakura screamed, silencing Naruto completely, "You think I'd enjoy being kissed by a clueless fool like you, Naruto?!?! NEVER!!! I don't believe you, you stupid idiot!"

Naruto felt his heart breaking at Sakura's words.

He knew that Sasuke was the one her favorite's list, but to say such things... because of an accident? It was slowly becoming too much to take and Naruto wanted it to end at that very instant.


"SHUT UP, NARUTO!! Just shut up and don't call me SAKURA-CHAN!!! When will you ever get things through your impenatrable head?!?! I don't like you and I NEVER DID!!! Sasuke is my one and only, but you just can't seem to get that, can you?! No! You're like a mindless beast!! A mindless beast who doesn't know when to give up something he'll never win! You're a failure!! You're just as much as a FREAK as that... that THING inside of you!!!", Sakura persisted without mercy.

That was a low--blow.

For starters, how long had Sakura known about the Kyuubi no Kitsune inside of him? What part of it being inside of him, made him a freak?

More importantly of all, why was his heart quibbling with a feeling that he hadn't experienced since his journey to the land of waves?

All of these questions surfed Naruto's now bowed head; darkening his eyes behind his hair. He lowered the arm that he used to caress his sore cheek to his side.

"It's no wonder everyone HATES you!! It's no wonder you're an outcast!! You think that you can just stroll on here and do whatever the HELL you want!!! You're nothing but an ANIMAL!!!", Sakura shouted.

That was the last straw...

Naruto's hand was suddenly with one major twitch. It was at this exact moment, that Sakura's brain FINALLY caught up to her mouth. Once it did, she didn't make a sound...

She just stood there, trying to process everything she had just said to Naruto. As she did, she could feel something different... like something was out of place. However, before she even had a chance to speak again...

Naruto raised his head and glared at Sakura with the most frighteningly blood-lusting, demonic eyes that she had ever seen in her life.

The blonde Genin's irises became blood red and his pupils were slanted vertically.

At the very sight of this, Sakura let out a terrified gasp and froze where she stood. She began to tremble as she was, now, hopelessly lost within Naruto's demonic eyes.

Top that all of with the fact that Sakura felt something coming from her comrade; something that she'd never expect to feel from Naruto, esspecially towards her.

But it was as plain as the skin on her face... It was Hatred.

Sakura's knee's began to shake violently.

"N-Naruto?", she barely managed to choke out through her overwelming fear.

In turn, Naruto's eyes slowly changed back to the ocean blue color they had once possessed. Only this time they were overflowing with deprivation, betrayl, and a powerful greiving intensity.

"Is... Is that what you really see me as, Sakura?", he asked in quiet sorrow, "An animal... A mindless beast, just like all the others do?"

Sakura couldn't utter a single word in her defense. A part of her wanted to say that he had no reason to be sad; that he should be happy that he's even allowed to live in this village... but she couldn't do it... she was virtually incapable of producing words at that moment.

Things only got complicated when Sakura actually witnessed saddening tears well up within Naruto's blue eyes.

"You... of all people that I-..."

Not even able to bring himself to finish his sentence, the tears he attempted to hold back cascaded down his face with full force, yet kept the sternness of his voice in check.

"Fine... I understand, Sakura", he solemnly stated.

With that, the heart-broken Naruto turned completely around, launching excess drops of tears from the rims of his eyes.

Seeing him turn his back on her, Sakura frowned at Naruto, but at the same time, she felt as through her heart was literally being torn from her chest cavity... as though it were trying to close the growing distance between the blue eyed blonde and herself.

With this feeling quickly becoming too much to bare, Sakura's frown became much deeper as she clinched her teeth together and latched her hand over aching heart.

"Where... Where do you think you're going?", Sakura said bitterly to no one in particular, but adressed it to Naruto, "I didn't say I was finished tearing you a new one, baka"

Despite her harsh words, unchecked and unnoticed tears ran down her face like a river of torment and pain. Each beat that her heart emmitted, since shockwaves of agony throughout her body.

She glared harder at the vanishing form of the distant Naruto, cursing him for the mysterious pain she was suffering.

"Its you're own God damn fault...", she whispered.


Jiraiya had heard more than enough.

He remained where he was, unconsciously clamping unto his own arm with a death-grip because of the things he had just heard.

With wis usual calm look was replaced with a squinted sneer, Jiraiya listened to the upcoming foot-steps that belonged to Naruto. As the blonde Genin walked right passed him, he failed to notice his supervisor's exsistence; lost in the void of his own dejection.

It was heart-wretching.

"... Naruto...", he thought rather nostalgically.

Without letting another thought come into his mind, the aged hermit decided to leave it alone for now, and disappeared in a flash of smoke.


At the high balcony of a house that was nearby, the face of a certain blonde female was drenched in tears that simply would not die. Shaking her head and heaving whispering sobs, the turquoise eyed female drank in EVERYTHING that she had just seen and heard.

"Sakura... How... H-How could you...?"

Okay, just to be clear, this takes place BEFORE Naruto actually meets Kyuubi inside of him, but of course, Craine will give you his own taste of what happens in the series from here on out. Soooo... what'd y'all think; yes... no... maybe... Reviews are the gift of God for me, so those would be welcomed by all:)