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Chapter 1

Ed's POV

I walk down the long road with my brother Al to the house we are finally going to call our home. I turned my head slightly to look at my brother, and he notices me. He smiles at me.

It seems as if it was impossible for it to happen again. I really never thought I would see Alphonse smile at me again. There was silence between us for a while, but as they say, "Silence is golden."

Al suddenly startles me by speaking in a quiet, content voice. "Brother, won't Winry and Aunt Pinako be happy that we're back? And that we'll be home forever?" He speaks. I stop walking for a moment and he stops a few paces ahead of me, turning around to see and hear my answer.

I smile a little at him. I also speak quietly, "Yeah. They will." I still stand in the same spot, only I lift up my right arm.

It was normal again, like any other human being's, but it still reminded me of the automail. Most likely because I've had it for years. The automail that was made with love and patience by her.

When it rained, my metallic limbs would hurt only because of that certain weather. The other day, right before we were leaving Central, it was raining then too. I had my arm back, but it still hurt like before. Maybe it was because it reminded me of the limbs she'd given me, saved me with.

Al suddenly spoke, snapping me out of my thoughts. "Brother, Winry will be glad you got your body back," he spoke, smiling.

I laughed a little and spoke, "But she'll be even happier that you got you're entire body back. She'll probably be disappointed in me because now she can't add "New features" onto my automail." Alphonse laughed, "We should keep walking. We want to get there before the sun sets you know."

I sighed, "Yeah, I know." I picked up the luggage I was carrying before and we started to walk again. I looked at the sky and the sun was getting closer to the West. It reminded me of that certain day.

"ALPHONSE!" I yelled out into the large room. His metal body was laying there on the floor, not moving at all. "ALPHONSE!" I yelled again. I tried to get up, but my left leg failed me, only causing me to collapse suddenly.

When I fell, my knee had hit the ground quite hard, causing it to hurt a lot. I grunted in pain, not realizing something was different. Something had changed.

Usually when my left leg or right arm hit something, it wouldn't hurt at all, but only the initial shock would rattle me. I quickly pulled up my pant leg to see my left leg have a failry large cut into it and it was bleeding.

I was amazed.

I instantaneously pulled up my sleeve on my right arm, only again to find that it was flesh. I had muscles and blood actually running through my limbs that I had lost before.

My mind suddenly flashed back to the fact that Al wasn't moving in his suit. I tried to stand up once more, but I only ended up limping over to the metal body.

I hoped with all my hear that nothing had happened to him, but to my surprise, I found my brother, in his actual body, laying in front of the suit.

"AL!" I spoke in a loud tone, hoping that he could hear me and wake up. I took off my jacket and wrapped it around his shoulders and tried to hug him as tightly as I could.

"Alphonse," I said in a quiet tone. 'He's back. He's normal again. We did it,' I thought to myself, closing my eyes. "

Brother?" I heard a faint voice. I opened my eyes to see my little brother, rubbing his eyes as if he had just woken up from a long nap. "Brother, since when was I small enough to fit in your lap?" He said confused and tired. I laughed and all I did was hold him closer.

"You're back Al, I can finally see your smile again." I told him softly. He responded, "Hm, that's great, brother, wake me up later to tell me more about it." And drifted off into slumber once more.

I chuckled a little and looked out the window of the large room. The sun was setting, the end of an old day. And just the beginning of a new one.

Winry's POV

I sighed to myself. It had been almost 6 years since they had left. During that time, they had not come home very much, but only for the occasional automail repair.

But during the last year and a half, they had not come home at all. It made me worry. I sighed again, putting down the automail arm I was working on while thinking.

Ed, he would alays come back with his arm all busted. I would, as usual, throw my wrench at his head to make an attempt to teach him a lesson that he would not like to learn.

Al wasn't any better. Again, any time they did come home, Al was all dented and scratched up, or his body wasn't able to move at all due to missing metal limbs. And it's not like I could help with that much either. It was either give Al oil for his limbs, or finish up Ed's automail as quick as I could so he could fix up Al.

Either way, they always left in a hurry, and everytime they never said goodbye before they left.

I put down the automail on the table and went upstairs to take a shower before making dinner for myself. During those 6 years, I saw Ed change dramatically, both mentally and physically. He seemed to be more knowledgable everytime I saw him, and he looked older and more mature than he did last. I changed a lot too.

After a while I realized that the wardrobe being worn over and over again began to get old. Unlike Ed, I didn't change a whole lot. Maybe my hair was longer or maybe I got taller, but I was still same "kid" I had been years ago.

I walked down the stairs, drying my hair with a towel wearing a black turtleneck and some denim shorts.

As like everyday, I would look out the window at the long road to see if they were coming here on that same road, the sun going down at the same spot.

And as like everyday, I would see both of them, not as they are now, but as they were then, before the accidental human transmutation. I sighed, making my way to the kitchen to make dinner.

Earlier, I did say I hadn't changed much during these last 6 years, but one major thing did happen. Granny Pinako died, just 3 days before my 16th birthday.

I never did tell Ed or Al, whenever they came between the 2 year and 1 year mark. I always told them that she had to deal with a client out of town. But the pain of not telling anyone, the pain of keeping it in, kept dwelling and growing within my heart. It was harder everyday to make it through, thinking, 'How can I handle being alone for the rest of my life?'

Ed and Al being gone made my life miserable, making me think of things I shouldn't.

I sat down at the table with my small plate of food sitting in front of me. I didn't eat it, but just thinking about all this made me sad, and depression finally hit me.


I pushed the food to the side and I started bawling. I cried for all those years that I never did cry, because I was trying to be strong.

I heard voices from the doorway, but I knew better. These last couple of years had been making me hear things, see things, missing things. I knew my mind seemed to be slipping from me because of the anxiety and stress I put upon myself.

I heard the voices another time.

I got up and walked slowly to the door, trying to dry my tears, but it was no avail, they still found a way to get out. I opened the door. "H-hello?" I stuttered, wiping both my eyes.

"Winry!" I heard two voices call my name. I opened my eyes slowly, praying that the voices weren't being imagined this time, finally just for real.

And there they were. Alphonse and Edward, both standing on the door step. Both, at the same time, hugged me as if we had been seperated forever.

I stood there shocked, eyes glassy and tears trailing down my face. Ed spoke into my ear, "Winry, we're home. For good." Al made a statement too, "We won't leave again, we promise."

My eyes closed again, and tears still continued. I put my arms around them and we seemed to have a never ending hug. I thought to myself, 'They're finally here. They're finally home.' I spoked out loud,

"The hardest thing to do was wait for you guys. The hardest thing… Now the waiting is done…"

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