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Most families have a family tree, onto which they add each person as they were born, placing them with their parents and siblings so that every relation can be traced through lines. The people from Colonel Mustang's unit, however – and the few others who were a part of that very special family – were not of the same genetic background. They weren't grandfather, cousins, brothers, sons, wife and husband. All they were was a group of people who had been working together for a long time. They were just people who knew each other, and loved each other like family.

Their family trees may not all be one and the same, but they are still something. The branches of their separate trees have grown together, moulding into the interconnecting lives they live. As each social connection is built in a different way, their family connections were built differently to that of a single tree. The growth of their individual branches has made something else. Each leaf and twig has connected to build less of a family tree, and something more along the lines of, let's say, a family hedge.

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