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CHP 1: I HATE you, Hiiragizawa!

It was a warm and cozy afternoon. A gentle breeze danced around a large airy room. The linen curtains swayed gently in the soft breeze. A few students gazed out of the window lazily; hardly paying attention to the professor who was explaining a problem. The sallow faced hook nosed master frequently reprimanded them, but to no effect.

A raven haired girl sat hunched over her book, her hands scribbling furiously in her notebook. Her violet eyes frantically darted between her neat notebook and her exercise book, eager to keep pace with her mind. She looked up occasionally to listen to what the teacher was saying, twisting a strand of her long hair between her fingers. A triumphant grin enhanced her delicate features as she got the right solution. She smirked and raised her hand and opened her mouth to say the answer when her professor nodded approvingly when:

"It's got two values, right professor? x 1/3 and x -4," said a deep voice, behind the girl. The girl's hand went limp and she turned around so fast that her hair whipped her across the face. Her face settled into a scowl as she saw HIS face.

"Right you are, Hiiragizawa," said the teacher and proceeded to solve a few sums on the blackboard. The girl, however, was staring at her rivals' face with a look that only wished him a painful death.

"Something wrong, Daidouji-san?" asked the boy sweetly, who was referred to as Hiiragizawa. The girl looked taken aback and said, with as much politeness she could muster, "of course not, Hiiragizawa-kun."

She turned around and scribbled something in the corner of a page:

I HATE You, Hiiragizawa!

Tomoyo's POV:

It's always been like this: he uses his stupid powers and gets the solutions right himself while I, painstakingly work to find the solution. He's always praised and thinks that he's the best. But I know what he is: just and empty shell! Sure, he's got blue eyes and he's as pale as death but hey, that doesn't make him handsome! He always makes me feel small with his silly talk. OMG, I despise him!!!

End of POV

As she was contemplating all this, her gaze reverted to the beautiful garden outside. She kept her pen down and smiled at the lovely garden. The dapple sunlight had cast pretty shadows outside. A lovely oak tree stood tall; its branches spreading infinitely towards the sky, as if to embrace it. A cheerful thrush chirped somewhere and Tomoyo longed to go out. She wanted to take her bento along with her and sit alone with her best friend, Sakura. She wanted to drink a glass of ice tea. She-

"Daidouji, do you find the desk to be very alluring?" came a crisp voice above her. Tomoyo looked up to see her sensei standing with a stern expression on his face. The sallow faced, hook-nosed master wasn't a favorite among students but Tomoyo liked him as he was really smart.

Tomoyo turned pink and said, "er, no."

"Then pray, tell me, why are you draped over it?" asked her professor without smiling.

"Sleeping beauty!" yelled someone and everyone burst into laughter.

Tomoyo sank lower in her chair and said, "I'm sorry sir."

"See that you don't drift away again, Daidouji," said the teacher while her classmates smirked.

After Tomoyo had finished the entire exercise, she went through her book of designs for various dresses for her best friend, Sakura. As she shuffled the papers, Tomoyo's eyes fell on a beautiful midnight blue dress she had made.

She smiled as she looked at the dress with its long puffed sleeves and short top which revealed her belly button. It reminded Tomoyo of some Arabian princess. In the scenery that she visualized, there was a large moon in the background. Her smile faded as she thought about the moon.

The Moon.

Her eyes fell on Eriol, who was deeply engrossed in his work. Even though he had powers of the sun, Tomoyo always referred to him as the Moon.

Because he was like the moon. All cold and indifferent.

She watched his nimble white fingers as they twirled a black pen. She also observed his dark hair.

Why did he have to defeat he every time? From English to home economics, he always managed to outsmart her because of his (ahem) irresistible charm and polite comments which seemed really snide to her. He always insulted her and made her feel pathetic with a smile on his face.

Rolling her eyes, she began to think of various ways to kill him.

She could hand him from a cliff, just out of reach of a pack of hungry hyenas.

Or she could boil him slowly in a huge rusty cauldron…

Or she could watch him sink slowly in some quagmire…

Or she could dump him in some river South America, where he would be ripped from limb to limb by a school of hungry piranhas…

Or she could-

Her train of thoughts was interrupted when she heard laughter in the classroom.

There was a paper plane stuck in her teacher's long lank hair.

They were so DEAD!

Li and Sakura were laughing so hard that tears were rolling down their cheeks. Tomoyo's eyes widened and she covered her mouth to hide her smile.

The teacher removed the plane and faced the class, a deadly look on his face.

"May I know who is responsible for this unruly conduct?" he asked in a voice that was enough to wake the dead.

The classroom was so silent that Tomoyo heard a bird chirp in the distance.

The angry teacher placed his hands on the oak able. He continued, "If you don't own up, you are destined for summer school. Each and every one of you."

The classrooms roar of protest was drowned by the teacher's voice. "Silence! Behave yourselves!" he exclaimed, his face red.

Unfolding the piece of paper, he glance at it and said, "Someone apparently has been sketching instead of solving sums. Looks like we have a fashion designer in making over here."

The students glanced at each other in surprise.

Tomoyo hurriedly got out her book of designs and stared at the 256th page- the midnight blue dress sketch was gone!

And all her dresses and her signature under them! Someone must really hate her for doing this…

"Tomoyo? Daidouji Tomoyo? This is…your work," said the teacher, slowly.

Tomoyo stood up and said, "it wasn't me sir! I didn't do it!"

"But this is your page," said the teacher angrily.

"She could not have done it, sir," said Eriol, standing up. "Me and Tomoyo…we were solving sums."

"And how can you speak for her? Are you her lawyer or something?" asked the teacher, scowling.

Tomoyo blushed deeply.

"Besides, Miss Daidouji had all the time I the world to doze off. She can surely make paper planes," continued the professor.

"I shall call the headmaster," he said and walked out.

Tomoyo sat down, breathing hard.

After the teacher had gone, someone said:

"Who did it anyway?" asked someone loudly.

"Was it you, Tomoyo?" asked a girl.

"Me?! Why should I do it?" asked Tomoyo, shocked.

"Yeah, it all fits. Daidouji got yelled at just now. The paper the plane was made from belongs to her. May-be she thought that it would be fun to have the old loser look like an airport," said a guy. Everyone laughed at this wisecrack.

"Tomoyo-chan would never do it! She's a straight A student! She-" began a very flustered Sakura but Tomoyo cut in, "don't worry Sakura-chan. I'm innocent and I can go to any limits to prove I'm right."

This ominous statement created quite a stir.

However, a cool voice cut in, "Daidouji would never do it. I know she wouldn't."

Tomoyo glared at the person who said it. She didn't want HIM defending her.

Just then, the door opened and the headmaster walked in, glaring at the students through his half moon spectacles, he said, "Daidouji, Hiiragizawa…to my office."

"Sir I didn't do it!" said Tomoyo.

"What did I do?" asked Eriol.

"Your vehement protests against Daidouji's accusations clearly state that you are in this little scheme," said the headmaster, glowering at Eriol. "Your mother will be displeased, Daidouji."

"Since both of you refuse to go to my office, I ask you to attend detention with sir for a week. You are banned from all cultural activities. Noted will be sent to your parents. You also have to stand out of my office for a week. You may start now."

Tomoyo looked at Eriol, her own shock evident on his face.


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