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"Hey, Sasuke-kun! Nice to see you this morning!" Sakura yelled out waving as the raven haired boy walked over to her.

"Hn…" He grunted as he waited next to her for the training to begin. Everything was going fine, and normal. The only thing they wished was that Naruto didn't come, so they didn't have to listen to his yelling and complaining all day long.

On the bridge, Sakura and Sasuke waited to hear some yell out 'Hello Sakura-san, Sasuke-teme' but it was dead quiet. Maybe he slept in and was rushing his way down there right now.

Folding his arms on the bridge railing, Sasuke looked into the water at his reflection. While Sakura just watched him blushing. (Typical)

Sighing, Sasuke laid his head on his arms and looked at Sakura with a cold stare. "Is there something you want?" the boy asked with a serious tone.

"Actually Sasuke-kun, I was hoping….that maybe….we could….I don't know…..go out sometime?" Sakura laughed nervously. Sasuke's stare didn't change, he still looked at her as if she was psycho, which she was.

"No, if you ask again, the answers going to be and always will be, no." The raven-haired boy turned his head back to the river, staring off into deep space.

Sakura on the other hand, felt as if her spirit just died. Looking down at the ground, she hid her face with her bangs; trying to hid the sadness on her face.

All of the sudden, a poof of smoke appeared right next to them. When it vanished, it revealed a masked jounin holding a book that said 'Icha Icha Paradise' on the cover.

"Hello everyone, sorry I'm late, I got lost on the road of life." He calmly spoke.

"What?!" The bubble gum haired girl yelled out as Sasuke sighed. "You're an hour late!" She kept complaining. It made Sasuke wonder what would happen if he said yes to Sakura's request.

Shuddering a little, Sasuke grunted in disbelief at his sensei. A little confused, Kakashi looked around with a questionable look on his face.

"Hey guys, where's Naruto?"

Sakura shook her head and went back to watching Sasuke. Sasuke on the other hand didn't show it but he was curious where the blond was as well. All he did was grunt and shrug his shoulders.

"He's probably slept in or something." Sakura said uncaringly.

"He'll show up. Anyway, today's training we'll be sparing, and since Naruto not here, you two will be partnered up." When that was said, Sakura perked up and hearts popped up all around. She was going to be with Sasuke, alone–-Well, not counting their teacher—together with out Naruto in sight. Sasuke though, slapped his hand against his forehead as if this was the worst possible thing that had happen. In his mind, it was.

"So, I'll be with Sasuke? It'll be like a date, only we're hiting each other……..well its like we're in a fight, but afterwards we'll love each other again." The pink-haired girl kept fantasizing about Sasuke until he came in a spoke his mind. Wait, that doesn't sound like him, well to him it was ranting.

"I already know I'm stronger than her, she'll just get herself hurt, not like I care or anything. I just don't have time with lesser people." With that, Sakura's anime hearts came crashing down and she just stood there in a state of shock that The Uchiha Sasuke actually spoke his mind, I mean ranting about…..whatever. When that was said, Kakashi took his head out of his book and looked back at the raven with a board expression and sighed.

"Fine, I have another idea. We'll look for Naruto. Since he's never late in any situation, something's probably up." Sakura snapped out of her state of shock and looked at her sensei like she was about to complain. Which she was.

"Aw, but sensei, why do we have to look for that baka? Can't we just have a day with out him?" Sakura started begging with puppy dog eyes. However, Kakashi was stuck in his book until he looked up at Sakura then at Sasuke. Who was staring daggers at the emotional girl starting to agree with the search for Naruto.

"Sorry Sakura, we're going to look for Naruto. Unless you want Sasuke to stop staring daggers at you, I suggest that you start at his house while Sasuke looks at the ramen stand." Kakashi said until he vanished in a puff of smoke.

Bummer, there go my chances with Sasuke-kun. Sakura thought as she started heading for the Uzumaki house hold sluggishly.

Sasuke stood there for a minute staring off into space until he started moving toward the blonde's favorite food stand. Something was irritating him for a few days and he wanted to find out what it was.

Naruto walked down the streets with his arm hurting like hell. The arm band used as a band aid around his arm began to soak up in blood. His wound need to be taken care of, or at least Kyuubi need to be doing his job better.

'Dang it, how the hell do I change back? Some times I wish my attention span wasn't as short as it is' As he went back to hiding, he tried to remember what happened.


"All right team, today we'll be training in the art of disguise. Also known as using transforming jutsus, clones and anything else that may be of use for hiding." Kakashi ranted on while everyone was tuned in to what he was saying. Everyone but Naruto that was. All Naruto was thinking about is getting his training over so he could get to the Ramen stand for some lunch.

"Okay, we get it. So what do you want us to do already?" the blonde asked impatiently, ranting on. Sakura on the other hit him on the head and told him to shut up. As those two were bickering, Sasuke just sat there with an 'I-don't-have-time-for-this' expression drawn out in his eyes.

"Fine, fine, what I want you all to do is go into a disguise and try to stay hidden from me finding you until the alarm sounds. You may hide your chakra signatures if you have the ability of doing so." Taking his book and putting back into his weapon pouch, he stepped forward and gave the sign to begin. In an instant, all three genin jumped in different direction until they were nowhere in sight: Which left Kakashi to start walking into the forest for his students.

'Heh, I'll pass this no matter what. I have the prefect plan that I doubt will fail.' Naruto thought and he gave one of his fox grins to his idea. Immediately, he started forming a long streak of hand seals: when the seals were set, he held the tiger hand sign and closed his eyes in concentration.

By doing so, his surroundings changed: the area was pastel kind of look; he was in a sewer that had pipes going here and there with hall ways all over. An ominous growl would fill the place every once in a while, and that's just here Naruto wanted to go, to the source of the growling.

Walking slowly through the water covered ground, twisting through different hallways as the growl got louder. Eventually, he made it to a vast room with a large gate on the other side of the room. Stepping forward to the gate he looked up and gave one of his famous grins and called out a name as loud as he could.

"Oi, Kyuubi! I need a little help!"

The room grew quiet until a demonic chuckle filled the room. Crimson red eyes opened and looked down at the blonde as a grin grew on its face.

"A little help, huh? What would that be, kit?" The fox watched amusingly at the boy. But Naruto kept his foxy grin on as well.

"I'm doing a test with my team where we have to hide ourselves with out being caught until the bell sounds. I need your help in hiding, what do you say fox-bastard?" The monstrous fox glared at the boy as its grin grew into a normal smirk.

"I see, what do I get in return?" Thinking, Naruto scratched the back of his head and made a serious face.

"Alright, here's the deal, you help me by hiding my Chakra signature and giving me a disgues, and you choose what I become and everything." Kyuubi smiled widely at what he heard, he even laughed a bit behind his enormous jaws.

"Alright, deal. All you need to do is use the transformation jutsu and then that's where I come in. simple, no?" Kyuubi chuckled as he disappeared behind the bars. Slowly, Naruto got a bad idea he did something wrong, but he didn't let it get to him. Making the tiger sign, he released the jutsu and he found himself still in the forest training grounds.

'Okay, all I need to do is the transformation jutsu, not too hard.' With that, the blonde made multiple hand seals at a fast rate. When finshed, he yelled the jutsu's name and a puff of smoke surrounded him. When it vanished, everything looked……weird.

Everything was bigger and different looking. Stepping forward a little bit, he stumbled on to the ground as he lost his balance. 'What the- what did Kyuubi change me into?' Looking down at his hands, he gasped, they weren't hands, they were small fuzzy paws!?

'Okay, so that bastard changed me into something cute and cuddly……I don't go by the laws of cuddly.'

Cursing under his breath (A/N: to human ears it's barking and yipping) Naruto looked at his entire body. He figured out he turned into a small fox kittling. No surprise there that Kyuubi would choose that. At least he didn't turn him into some ridiculous like a platypus or something. (A/N: the platypus is a sign that shows that god has a sense of humor XD)

Stalking around the area, he ended up back at the training ground, where they stared in the first place. Scanning the area, Naruto slowly walked to the alarm see as they had a few more minutes and somebody was already tied to a logs cursing under their breath.

Examining the person tied to the log, it was none other than Sakura her self. Trying to hide his laughter by giving on of his foxy grins until he heard a voice that surprised him.

"A fox? You look pretty young, What are you doing all the way out here?" the pink haired girl's eyes were now locked with Naruto's cerulean ones, Naruto grew even more happier to figure out that the fox inside him did something right with out messing it up for Naruto for once. His Charka signature was gone.

Thinking he had just a minute left, he felt it was okay to release the jutsu now. Yelling the release keyword in his head, nothing happened. Doing it a couple times more, still, nothing happen. Trying to summon up chakra to help release the jutsu, he didn't feel anything. No chakra. Not only was his chakra signature gone, but so was his Chakra, he was stuck as a fox.

-'Kuso!'- Naruto yelled but only came out as a yowl.

"What's wrong little guy? Are you lost?" Sakura asked dumbly staring at the fox. Naruto sweat dropped and gave up on her and looked at the timer. 1 minute left. He could just wait until it was finished so Kakashi and Sasuke to come and help him.

When the timer went off everything seemed to go quick. Naruto stood up on 4 legs getting ready for what was to happen next. Before he could even think, a Kunai went right past him and into the ground causing a state of shock in the blond. Everything seemed fine when a scorching pain went through Naruto right arm causing him to look down at the cause of the pain. What he found isn't what he expected. A bloody cut was placed on his fore arm causing him to flinch in pain as the cut continued to bleed.

Sakura screamed a little seeing the fox's arm and yelled out Kakashi's name quickly after. "Are you blind sensei, you almost killed that little fox! Its arm is bleeding real badly!" Sakura kept ranting as she kicked her legs when she was tied up to the log.

"Oh, my bad, I missed your vocal cords, I must be going blind." Kakashi said annoyed as Sasuke began to walk up from behind his sensei. "The poor thing must be in so much pain." Kakashi said as he went closer to the fox.

-'It was your fault sensei! I've dealt with worse.'- Naruto said but only can out in barks.

As his sensei got closer, Naruto backed away. "Doesn't want to be messed with huh? All well. Hey, have you guys seen Naruto? I'm surprised I haven't found him at all." The masked ninja stood up and started scratch his head as Sasuke looked curiously at him. "He looks familiar doesn't he?" Sasuke said out of the blue.

"Your right, it kind of looks like Kyuubi no Kitsune." Kakashi said observing the fox. Sasuke shook his head and crouched down to the fox. What surprised Naruto is that he didn't back away. Sasuke picked up Naruto and took off one of his arm band and steadily wrapped it around Naruto's bleeding arm. "He looks like Naruto." The raven said boldly as he finished wrapping up his arm.

"What makes you think he looks like Naruto?" the pink haired girl asked. Sasuke shrugged his shoulders and looked more at Naruto. "He's got the whiskered cheeks, big blue eyes and the stupid grin on his face." Sasuke said setting the fox down so it could walk around. Naruto glared up at Sasuke but was glad he was on the right track to who he was.

-'stupid prick. I can't help it, I smile no matter what.'- (A/N: seriously, I have that problem and I smile in every situation. I'm starting to think my family is using it against me.)

Kakashi looked at Sasuke then to the small fox that was glaring at Sasuke. "So, your gunna take care of him until his arm is better?" Kakashi asked scratching the back of his head. "I dunno, what ever it wants. The wound is pretty deep, maybe Sakura can take care of it." The raven said boldly.

Sakura was glared at the two then the fox. "I don't think so; my parents would never allow me to have pets. Besides, I'm kind of tied up right now." Kakashi looked at Sakura, "tied up? With what – oh, right, I'll help you out of there." The silver haired jounin walked to his student and cut the ropes. "Sorry Sakura-chan, forgot about that."

"Whatever. Not like it matters anymore." Sakura brushed the dirt off her clothes and ran over to Sasuke to begin her daily flirting. "So Sasuke-kun, you wanna go out?" Sasuke looked her straight in the eyes with a cold stare. "What in gods name makes you think I would wanna go out with a bitch like you?" Sakura looked at Sasuke's eyes, which strangly enough, his eyes seemed to have gotten colder. If that possible. (A/N: what's a good SasuNaru story if there isn't any Sakura Bashing? None, that's what. 3 )

"You don't have to be so mean Sasuke; I just wanted to know if you wanted to go out with me." She started kicked the dirt with her feet. "Haven't you got the picture that I never wanted to go out with you the first 1000 times? What difference does this time make?" Sakura seemed like she was about to cry when Sasuke looked away to look at the small fox. Naruto was trying so hard not to let out a foxy laugh; all that came out was snickering. "Seems like I made somebody happy." Sasuke said putting a grin on his face.

Naruto stopped his snickering and looked up at Sasuke. He could stay here for very long, one of them might take him. That's not on his list of things to do. He lived alone all his life, he can do it again as a fox.

"Are you going to go or not?" Sasuke asked arching an eyebrow. Naruto looked dumbfounded at him. Could he read his thoughts? "You seem like you want to go. Are you going or not?" he asked once more.

-'I'll go, and the next time you see me I'll be back to normal!'- Naruto barked as he bolted off in the other direction.

"I think it likes you Sas-gay" Kakashi snicker behind his mask. "Shudd up. Don't call me that, I'm not gay." (A/N: that's what you think. D )

"I'm going home, I'm sure that's what Naruto did, He'll be fine." Sasuke said as he started walking back to the village, the same direction the fox went. "I guess he's right, Naruto does do that a lot, usually we find him at the ramen shop. See ya Kaka' sensei!" Sakura said as she began to walk off. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, catch you tomorrow." Kakashi waved as he pulled out his porn book. (A/N: seriously, every time I read a SasuNaru fanfiction, my friend thinks I'm reading porno. She doesn't have the guts to say yaoi she's trying to humiliate me!)

-'DAMN YOU KYUUBI!'- Naruto howled out in the twilight sky.

Okay, now he knows its Kyuubi's fault, all her needs to do is get Kyuubi to change him back. But he doesn't have enough time, the wound is getting deeper and he's beginning to feel light headed. When he collapses to the ground; Naruto looks up to see a blurry figure crouched in front of him and picking him up softly. Before he passes out, he could have sworn he heard a voice.

"See, you can't go on your own. You lucky I found you while I was looking for a friend of mine." He said softly as he got up cradling the unconscious fox.

D Kyuubi: Plezz review because you know you want to

Sasuke: does that yellow fox have to go through with the review thing again?

Naruto: by the way, where is Aknoba? she promished to play halo with me wimpers

D Kyuubi: don't worry Naru-chan, Akoba just went to see Gaara

Naruto: why?

D Kyuubi: because, I asked her to get me some cookies, and Gaara owes me

Sasuke: for what?

D Kyuubi: for finding out about 3 Days Grace

Sasuke: what does that have to do with Gaara?

D Kyuubi: 3 Days Grace rocks! 3 i luvs their music

Naruto: What about Linkin Park?

D Kyuubi: Where!? i need LinkinPark!

Sasuke: I got the rope, you get the duck tape

Naruto: right...