I for some reason keep getting masses of emails of people alerting, favouriting or reviewing this despite its upload 3-4 years ago. Why, this is bad. I'm even rereading it and it's pretty bad.

Though, the reason for this update, as rereading the fanfiction to find the appeal in it, I have been really ignoring what people want. I've had a few offers of people wanting to finish this. If you want, hell, rewrite the whole thing! Take out all the bashing I did to Sakura, get rid of the silly header/footer conversations, and even add some Characters or more to each page and how you wanted it to be. Make this better then what I wrote. If you are interested in taking the story off my hands give a review to this chapter. I'm debating on giving it to first come, first serve basis or someone who I think deserves/really wants it, might to the latter.

I will probably never write fanfiction again, sadly. I'm not that big onto anime anymore or even shipping characters that aren't my own. If people are still interested in what I'm doing now, I'm a digital artist and do original work and I have a new account on deviantart, Ten-Days-Till-Sunday

I'll make another update of who is redoing the story if I get any takers.