Sounds of Spring


Faramir pulled the covers over his head. It helped for an instant, but eventually the horrible sound penetrated that too.

Perhaps he had left the window open…

He checked. It was shut.


He tossed and turned in bed a while longer, until he knew sleep left him completely.

Sighing, Faramir got out of the bed and walked into the hallway. The hellish sounds could be heard even there.

He saw light coming from beneath the door to his brother's chamber. Grinning, he walked towards it and entered without hesitation.

The scene that welcomed him was perfectly homey and cozy. Boromir was sitting at the table with their father, a chessboard and two goblets between them.

Boromir looked up at him. Denethor kept his eyes on the pieces.

'As I told you, Boromir,' said the Steward, 'he is here too. Come, Faramir.'

He reached for the third goblet, placed a little aside, and poured wine into it.

Faramir took a chair and sat down.


Denethor winced and looked at him.

'You know, son,' he said, 'every time spring comes, I think that I did not quite realize the dangers of allowing you to keep that cat years ago.'