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It went all too fast for him to realise. With the ridiculous amount of danger he had gotten his friends into, they would be really lucky if they all escaped with their lives. Sirius, Lupin, Tonks, Hermione, Ron, Neville, Ginny, Luna… As long as all the people he had gotten into his mess got out alive and safe, Harry pretty much didn't care what would happen to him.

Somehow they had managed to leave the room filled with all the prophecies. Neville had gotten injured and now his face was swollen to the point where he couldn't speak properly anymore. Hermione was unconscious and Ron was still in trouble, the earlier attack by the brains still taking it's toll.

When the members of the Order had entered the room with the mysterious veil, in which Harry and his friends and Death Eaters were now, Harry's heart had skipped a beat with relief. With this back-up, they'd win for sure. But when he saw how many Death Eaters there still were, his hopes melted away. However, Harry knew they'd be safe as long as he still had the prophecy Voldemort wanted so badly in his possession. The question was: how long was Harry able to keep it?

People were fighting battles all around him. His godfather, Sirius Black, was duelling against Sirius' cousin, Bellatrix Lestrange. Bellatrix had always been a proud Death Eater, relish the fact that she was the reason Neville couldn't be with his parents anymore.

Tonks was running around firing spells over her shoulder. Lupin was also in a fight, but before Harry could see with who, he heard Neville's voice shriek.


Harry turned his head in the direction Neville's finger was pointing too. When Harry saw the man standing across the hall, as calm and as regal as ever, he found his relief doubling. He was certain everything would be okay now. The Death Eaters wouldn't stand a chance in a battle against Dumbledore, but the expression on the headmaster's face was terrifying. A cold feeling raced through Harry's body when he looked up at the man whom he had admired so deeply. His head got dizzy with relief.

The room was still filled with noise. The Death Eaters were yelling from astonishment and their screams and curses were cutting through the air. A jinx was making its way to Neville and the moment Harry noticed, he ran towards his friend. But Harry tripped over the first step of the stairs and, to his horror, the prophecy slipped from his hand. The said object hit the floor in a crash and shattered into a thousand pieces. Smoke rose and a silhouette was formed. In a harsh voice, it started to speak.

Harry concentrated on the voice as much as possible, but he could only hear a few words.

"…end of July… boy to survive… not what it seems… to die sooner than might expect…"

Harry didn't have much time to think about what he just heard as he also saw two people who were in a battle. Neither had noticed Dumbledore's entrance, too concentrated on their duel to notice anything that had happened.

"Is this all you've got?" Sirius yelled to his cousin.

Said witch started to grin and fired another spell towards the last Black. As it hit him right in the chest, his eyes twitched from the pain. But when Bellatrix tried to fire a second flame, Harry scrambled up and ran towards the two. He ran as hard as he could, ignoring the pain his lungs were giving him.

"No!" he yelled.

Things seemed to move in slow motion. Bellatrix shot her jinx and without thinking, Harry threw his exhausted frame between the two cousins. The red light pierced through Harry's body as he crumpled to the ground, rolling down something steep. Harry felt the last of his power drain away, and as he rolled, his tired hand releasing his wand. And as he rolled lower, the stand with the veil approached. People around him seemed shocked, and a second before Harry reached the curtain, he heard Hermione scream his name.


The pain was slowly retreating. His hot and tired body was cooling down and a nice, calming breeze made Harry realise he was awake. He was awake. The pain had now vanished and this made Harry think. If he was awake, he wasn't dead, was he? But how could he feel this good? Every muscle felt okay and the ache in his chest was gone; either Madame Pomfrey had healed him or he was indeed… dead.

After a few more seconds, in which Harry tried to hear any sign of people around him, he dared to open his eyes.

There were no walls around him, yet the area was just big enough for Harry to fit in. A depressing, dark purple colour filled the air and he felt an invisible barrier was covering him.

Astonished, Harry stood up and moved his feet. He noted he could walk wherever he wanted, but the barrier would stay around him. Was this some wizarding protection Dumbledore had put over him? Nothing could surprise Harry anymore; with wizards, everything and anything was possible.

Hoping and waiting for someone to get him out of there, Harry sat down. How was it at the ministry? How was Sirius? Why was Hermione so terrified when Harry fell down? Would it be safe at the ministry already? Probably not, Harry answered the latter, since he was still stuck at this place.

Another hour passed, yet there was no sign of Dumbledore or any other witch or wizard. For the fourth time that hour, Harry closed his eyes firmly and tried to hear something. But for the fourth time, he heard nothing and he started to get more desperate by the minute.

Then got a different idea. He stood up again, ignoring the odd colours, as he said,


For a split second, Harry hoped he could see his wand. Then he remembered releasing it when he fell down the veil. The veil…

Suddenly, Harry's mind was racing over the event from the evening. The veil and the first time he saw it. He was automatically attracted to it, ignoring Hermione when she had warned him to leave it. She probably knew what this veil was. So, with her warning and her scream when he fell through… was he dead? Why would she be so worried if this was just made by Dumbledore? But how sure was Harry about this protection..?

All of a sudden, reality hit him. He had just died. That must be it.

In attempts to break the barrier, Harry's fists hit everywhere he could reach. Screams of fear and realisation left his lips and every muscle in his body ached and got hot again. Tears of desperation were making their way down Harry's cheeks. He didn't notice. He had to escape this place. He just had to leave, this would kill him.

Just when Harry realised he may had to be in this place forever, his body seemed to explode. It moved on its own as Harry thought he was loosing his mind from the pain. All of his energy collected in his arms and it floated smoothly into his hands and fingers. A warm blanket of confidence seemed to wrap itself around the frightened boy. And suddenly he knew what to do. With all his power, all the energy in his fingers, he managed to open the barrier.

Harry didn't know what would happen next. Every inch of his body was trembling. A massive power was pulling him towards the hole. Harry didn't know if he could trust it, but he had no choice. The stream of force pushed him close and closer. Harry shut his eyes and just waited for what might happen next.

While falling down, a few words repeated in his mind.

"…to die sooner than might expect…"


Dizzy, exhausted and shocked, Harry lay on the floor. He had scratches all over his face and his arms seemed to be on fire. He was inhaling lots of fresh air, and the blood which was bleeding from his chest had stopped.

Harry looked around. Luckily, the purple colour had disappeared. Instead, he was in a village. As he lay on the dirty ground, he noticed the houses around him were awfully run-down. He wondered how anyone could stand living in those houses.

He pulled himself up and checked his aching body. The scratches didn't hurt and he was sure they'd vanish in no time. He did notice that he was hungry. But, Harry knew, the most important thing was to discover where the hell he was now. He searched his pockets for his missing wand, he'd feel much safer if he had it.

As Harry walked around, he saw only a few people. Everyone seemed poor and their clothing was just in awful conditions. The weirdest thing about this place was that none of the individuals around him seemed to find it weird that a total stranger covered in blood had just appeared. Some people glanced, but then continued with what they were doing. What annoyed Harry about this, was the fact that nobody seemed to think about explaining anything to him. But then he felt sorry for the inhabitants. Sheets as clothes and no shoes… it would be hell to live like this. And now that Harry was paying attention to it, everyone seemed to be scared of him.

Harry tried to ignore both the glances and his hungry stomach as he stepped confidently towards a man who probably traded clean water. Harry raised his hand to get his attention.

"Excuse me, but do you know where I am?"

The salesman threw Harry a shocked glance. He observed the boy in front of him and started to grin.

"You're new, aren't ya?"

Harry knew nothing else to do, so he just nodded.

"Hehe. Welcome to Rukongai, rich-boy!"

"Rukongai?" Harry asked curiously. He understood the rich-boy part. With his clothes and shoes, he should look like it.

He wanted to know more about this place. Then Hermione popped into his mind. Would she know about this place? Harry stepped forward to ask more, but the man seemed to see this as a threat. He grabbed a wooden stick from behind him.

"Don't come closer! You're all high about yourself, huh, boy!? Disappear!"

Dangerously waving the twig around, yelling to Harry to leave, and said boy did. He didn't want to anger anyone… yet.

While running away, he knew one thing for sure: this place was weird.

On his way to nowhere, he saw a kind looking woman, probably around his age, walking with something in her arms. The girl had black hair and it fell not far under her shoulders. Some of her hair was falling over her face and her black eyes were filled with worried. And as Harry saw her, he wanted to get to know her. She seemed familiar with this place and she'd be able to tell him where this was. But after Harry got her attention, she turned around and started to run. Harry, taken aback, did the same. But the streets became too crowded and within seconds he lost track of her.

Harry scolded at himself. Why didn't he start to run earlier? Or faster? Was he ever going to see her again?

The day passed and slowly darkness was falling over the place Harry now knew as Rukongai. He didn't know much more, only that this was the 78th district, known as Inuzuri, out of eighty districts. But he still had no clue about what was going on.

There had been moments he tried some more spells, like 'enervatio', a spell which would let him wake up, or 'oculus reparo', which might repair an object whom caused his little trip to this world. But nothing had worked. And Harry didn't know whether this was because of the large distance between wand and wizard or maybe the fact that magic simply didn't work here.

But there also had been moments in which Harry did feel something, though it wasn't familiar. A different kind of magic. Hermione had once said that there was only one kind of magic in the wizarding world. But then again, Harry didn't know for sure if this was indeed his world.

After desperately drinking some river water to quench his thirst, Harry found a bunch of kids around a fire, baking fish. Harry did his utmost best to catch one as well; anything would do to ease his hungry stomach. But his failed attempts only amused the kids. After a while, one of them even came into the water to help Harry.

Half an hour later, Harry had finally caught one. With a huge grin on his face and a slimy fish in his hands, he turned around. The kids had all fallen asleep, but the fire was still burning.

And as Harry poked a large twig in his meal and placed it into the fire, he realised he was free.

He felt free for the first time in years.

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