Saving 06

Summary: the five pilots get a new mission, join with the others, locate, and secure 06 before OZ finds it.

Pairings: HeeroXDuo, QuatreXTrowa

Rating: T may be going up later not sure yet.

Many thanks to my beta WeissAngel24 and Duo's scene is her's so if you guys notice a written difference it's probably because of that.


L4 colony, 7 am.

"Trowa! Your computer is beeping!" Cathy called from the trailer they shared.

"Coming!" Trowa answered from where he was feeding the lions.

He finished his chore before taking the empty meat bucket over to the camper. Going inside, the teen sat down at the table and pulled over the laptop. With a few quick commands and password entries he had the mission data on the screen. "Rendezvous with the others?" Trowa muttered to himself as he reread it. "If I leave within the next two hours I should be there by mid-morning tomorrow. I'll send my love an e-mail with my ETA.".

After sending the message, he turned off the computer and took it to his room. The banged pilot quickly packed before sneaking out of the circus to where Heavyarms lay safely hidden.


Japan, Tokyo, 12.30 pm

Heero had just finished making a sandwich after he had gotten Wing ready for transport.

When his laptop beeped alerting him to a new mission.

He walked over to the table and quickly typed in his passwords. He scanned his data and pulled up the schematics before simply saying "Mission accepted!" as he took a bite of his sandwich.


China, Xan Liang providence, 2 pm

beep beep

Wufei's eyes snapped open at the annoying sound as he promptly lost his concentration, making him end up face-first in the sand. He had been trying to reach a new level of awareness through meditation that would help him in battle. "Ta da me! Damn computer! I was so close too!"

The Chinese teen picked himself up and went to check the data.

When he had read the data he simply shook his head and went back to meditating waiting for the call from the others he knew would come.


America, San Francisco, 10 am

Duo groaned as he flopped onto his stomach, burying his face into a musty pillow. He had just returned from a difficult recon mission. It was late. He was filthy and ached all over. For days he had crept through forest undergrowth, in muddy terrain, surveying the layout of the OZ base that he and Heero were to attack next week.

The braided teen had almost managed to doze off, when the persistent sound of his laptop alerted him to an incoming mission. Swearing under his breath, Duo pushed himself into a sitting position as he retrieved the computer from its satchel.

Typing in his passwords, 02 scanned the mission details. "Arighty then, so we're regrouping..." Smirking, he stuck the machine back into the bag, grabbed his baseball hat and pulled on his boots. "Would 'a been nice if they at least gave more info. Stupid Scientists."


Arabian dessert, around 11 am

"Celia! You can't honestly expect me to just drop everything and rush over there just because you can't figure out who's on what colony or in which city! I haven't even met most of them if I know six it's a lot!"

"Actually I am expecting you to drop everything and rush over here, as you put it, and by-the-way, it would be a good change for you to meet the others."

Quatre had just opened his mouth to reply when he was interrupted by his laptop's beeping.

What's that sound?" His sister demanded, trying to peer around her younger sibling

"Just my laptop." Quatre said making a move to stand up.

"Don't you dare! We haven't finished this conversation yet." Celia said.

With a huff, the Winner heir sat back down, glaring at the vid-phone as Rashid investigated the new message.

"That's better." The woman smirked triumphantly. "Really, your manners are horrible."

The blond teen rolled his eyes before his bodyguard caught his attention. Curious, the pilot raised an eyebrow. 'Mission.' The giant of a man whispered, before leaving the room.

Nodding, he turned his attention back to his ranting sister. "You know, Celia, you're right." Quatre purred, smiling sweetly, as he reached to disconnect the call. "I'm so terribly rude..."

The older Winner flushed with anger as she began to scold, "Quatre Raberba Win-" before being cut off.

"FINALLY!" The teenager sighed with relief "Really sometimes, I wonder why I even try to talk with one of my sisters. It's impossible to hold a civil conversation without ending up in an argument. It seems to be all they want to do!" Quatre complained before reading his e-mail.

Once he was finished he grinned and went back to the vid-phone, this time to call the others pilots. The strategist's expression softened as he noticed the e-mail from Trowa

They quickly agreed on meeting with 04 at his location in the Arabian dessert sometime over the next two days. After the blonde had completed the arrangements he walked out of the room in search of Rashid in order to inform his loyal friend of their company's pending arrivals.