"So what can we do," Questioned Bei, his face stern

"So what can we do?" Questioned Bei, his face stern. Nine figures sat cross-legged around the fire, discussing what they had dubbed "peace talks."

Three from Shu: Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Yue Ying as a replacement for Zhuge Liang, who was far too ill to even leave his bed. Three from Wu: Sun Ce, Zhou Yu and Ling Tong and finally three from Wei: Cao Cao, Cao Pi and Sima Yi.

"There are enough dangers on this island, without us fighting amongst ourselves," said Yu, watching Yi sneer at his comment

"We are talking about the others!" Stressed Ce, "They attacked us, killed my brother, killed Jiang Wei." At this Yi gave what looked like a small smile, although it was instantly covered up with his usual look of disdain.

"You propose that we form a truce?" Asked Cao slowly.

"Yes," answered Bei, "So long as we are stuck on this island, we will fight amongst each other."

"And if we refuse," drawled Pi.

"Then we'll kill you all!" Snarled Yu but Bei cut across him,

"Yu, be quiet! What is the point of fighting here? Surely you can see that we are in danger from the others as it is."

"You think our people will get along?" Asked Cao.

"It will not be easy," conceded Ying, "but I believe we can work together and achieve some form of peace. At least for now."

Pi, Cao and Yi exchanged unconvinced glances.

The Wei fighters sat in the centre of the beach, surrounded by armed officers on all sides. Dun stared angrily at Tai and Fei whilst Zhang He traced lines in the sand with his finger. Wei, however, was more focused on Cai.

"I missed you," Cai whispered in Ping's ear, feeling the fluttering of his heartbeat as their chests touched together.

"I thought about you every night," Ping sighed back, licking her earlobe as he pressed himself closer against her.

"You're taller," she giggled, "and even more handsome."

"You're just as pretty as ever," he smiled.

Running her hands through his spiked hair, she tilted her head up to kiss him. With her eyes closed, she felt his wet lips stroke across hers, one hand caressing her cheek. Her tongue peeked out, exploring Ping's mouth nervously, before finding a companion in Ping's tongue. The two friends turned and twisted together, taking in every inch of the other.

Suddenly Ping felt himself get wrenched away from Cai by an enormous hand. Wei roared angrily as Fei and Tai struggled to control him.

"What the hell are you doing?" Yelled Ping, jumping back up to his feet.

"Leave Cai alone," Wei snarled as Cai looked on incredulously.

"Get back!" Roared Fei. Tai and Fei wrestled Wei back into the circle with the rest of the Wei officers.

"So do we have an agreement?" Asked Bei.

"No fighting, so long as we're on the island, agreed," replied Ce. Both men turned to look expectantly at Cao Cao.

"Very well, no fighting," Cao conceded, "but you are not allowed to keep us as prisoners."

"Of course not," said Bei, although Yu gave him a questioning look. Bei ignored it, "I trust you will be staying at our camp."

After a moments thought Cao replied with a small smile, "Sure, how could I refuse?"

The three generals went to shake hands when suddenly a figure came sprinting into the circle.

Wei Yan, gasping for breath, hurried to Yue Ying, "Lady Ying, your husband, he sends for you, it is important."

"Forgive me gentlemen," said Ying sweetly; rising to her feet, "I must go see my husband." Ying walked slowly and calmly away from the circle.

Then, her breathing beginning to race and she broke into a sprint, Yan struggling to keep up to her. Her heart was in her throat, but not because she was tired. Liang would never interrupt a meeting for a small matter.

"My lord?" She whispered as she knelt down beside her ashen-faced husband. Yan stood just behind her, not wanting to get in the way.

"My beautiful wife," he rasped, "did you manage to get peace?"

"Yes, yes!" Ying laughed happily, realising that's all he wanted.

"Wonderful," he sighed, "this island needs peace, one needs to escape the chaos of the land in these times."

"What are you talking about?"

"My beautiful wife, my wonderful Ying, you are too good for me," he whispered, coughing loudly in between clauses.

"No…" Ying mumbled, realising where he was going.

"It is good, that I can see some sort of peace before I go."

"NO!" She shouted, tears beginning to well up in her eyes.

"Shhhh…" he soothed, taking her hand in his trembling one, "do not cry, do not scream, I am going to a better place."

"NO!" She screamed once more, pulling her hand away from Liang's. Tears now streaking down her face. "You are not dying now," she whimpered. "Remember this?" she asked, placing his hand on her pregnant stomach.

"This is your baby, you have to be there, you have to be its daddy!" she insisted.

"My dear Ying," he croaked, his eyes dry, "I am sorry that I shall miss our baby's childhood, but do not think that you shall be alone. Yan…"

Yan stepped forward, sheepishly.

"Look after Ying, help her through this, I trust you." He whispered. Yan nodded slowly, bowing low.

"Goodbye Ying," he said quietly, his eyes slowly closing as though he were falling asleep, his hand going limp. He almost looked as though he were smiling.

"No! No! It's not fair!" Ying sobbed, her whole body shaking from the emotion, her hands clasping at her hair.

Yan watched her, unsure of what to do. He put his arm around her and drew her closer. Ying wept into his shoulder and Yan stroked her air in a futile attempt to console her.

"The greatest mind under heaven," concluded Bei as Liang was slowly lowered into the ground, in a grave beside Jiang Wei's.

Ying watched from afar, preferring not to get involved with all the other people. She did not sob; she had used up all her tears. However a single tear began the weary descent to the bottom of her cheek. That was all she could spare. Her husband was gone. She was alone.

Well, not quite. Stroking her stomach, she whispered, "You shall be a child worthy of carrying the name Liang. You shall make your father proud."

"My lord," said Sima Yi as he marched over to Cao Pi, "our plan has been 100 percent successful, both Jiang Wei and Zhuge Liang are dead."

"And Pang Tong as an added bonus," laughed Pi. "These fools believe that we will play their little game of peace, they are quite wrong." Pi drew his sword and began to slash through the air, "First, I will take my place as head of the Cao family. Second I will take power over these buffoons known as Shu and Wu!"


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