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A Never-ending Cycle

'Only three minutes left…' Georges sighed, quickening his pace as he headed towards his current destination – a tall oak tree, currently swaying gently in the breeze.

He knew he would be there, right on schedule, as he was everyday at this exact time. It was a routine now for the blonde to check one particular oak before his next lesson.

"Robert…." His voice was soft, like the ocean lapping gently at a sandy beach.

"Ditching." The tree's inhabitant didn't need to confirm the owner of the voice by looking down. It was a routine now for the dark-haired teen to wait for the school's 'angel'. And right on time, there he was, looking up at the tree with an almost pleading expression on his effeminate face.

"Please come down, the lesson starts in a minute. We don't want to be late…" Georges shuffled from one foot to the other. The things he did for Robert. He was definitely going to miss the start of the lesson if the older teen didn't hurry up.

"Why? It's only English." Robert argued, stretching out his tired limbs. The gentle swaying had almost lulled him into a peaceful slumber.

"Robert!" The voice gained strength, determined to win Robert over. It was always a battle. One that Robert always seemed to lose, because of that voice…

"All right." Jumping down the tree with grace, Robert flashed the blonde a small grin. "Always coming to get me…What is it with you?"

"If I don't come, you won't show up in class." Georges scolded the dark-haired teen as they walked side by side back into school.

"Hmm…" Robert sighed. He looked down at his shoes. The ground had been wet, and therefore quite muddy.

"Oh, class has already started!" The blonde panicked, as the bell rang, signalling the beginning of next period. "Oh, Robert…what's wrong…?" The older boy had stopped walking, his expression unreadable. Worried, Georges went to his side immediately.

"…Georges…my sole's dirty." He mumbled, avoiding eye contact with the shorter teen.

"Robert…." Georges knew he had to say something. The older teen rarely spoke about himself, but he had been through so much, it wasn't surprising. Past events involving a girl called Grace was as much as the younger boy knew. Georges had to stop the other's line of thought before something bad happened. "I don't believe that. You're a good person, I know you are. Your soul is pure, believe me…" He took Robert's larger hand into his own and squeezed it gently. Before the blonde could open his mouth to say another word, sharp eyes met his own green orbs.

"My sole." The elder smirked. "The grounds are muddy today, so I've mucked up my shoes." He lifted up his foot as if to prove the statement.

Georges blushed, turning away.

"Oh…well, err, we better get going…"

"I guess we must." Robert sighed again, rubbing his shoes on the ground to remove some of the mud stuck underneath. "And Georges…"

The blonde stopped walking when he felt Robert's hot breath tickling his ear.

"Y…yes…?" Georges stammered, unable to force his legs to move forward.


Tomorrow, the routine would begin again, a never-ending cycle.


And there it is…my second attempt at a La Esperanca fic. This was actually written very late last night, but I didn't have time to post it.

The 'story' behind this is to capture a little moment between the pair. Did I do a good job? I fear Georges is very OOC here, but I'm feeling brave enough to post this. I'm sorry for the lack of plot, but I really wanted to add to the La Esperanca section. This is fic 10! I hope it was worth your time to read.

Thanks everyone!

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