The soft rustle of the dead brown leaves on the ground caught her attention. Her grip on the 6-inch knife tightened as it lay flat and turned upside down against her skin. Her eyes scouted the area; she silently thanked her parents for the great, peripheral vision that she had, and the way she almost could turn her head around with out moving the rest of her body. She was standing in a clearing, leaving herself wide open for attack; it was best and most dangerous way to invite any predator. She slowly turned herself, keeping in mind she had two other people it could be, making the noise that she had heard. Although, the chances of that were pretty slim, seeing as they had trained her to be stealthy. So her partners thrashing about, was unlikely, unless they were in trouble.

Deciding, that staying in open view maybe making her quarry uncomfortable, she silently walked to a patch of brush, gingerly she bent down. Her eyes trying to stay fixed on the area she had just been, plus trying to keep an eye on her surroundings. Her knife was still posed and ready to strike. She could only hear her heart beating, she then heard the rustle again, and this time it was behind her.

Turning on her heels, she flipped her wrist around, thrusting the blade out towards, whatever was coming at her. Before her eyes could adjust, she was thrown heavily to the ground. Stars started to dance around her vision, she swung her balled up fist and connected with, and who ever attacked.

" Jesus Christ Marty!" A familiar voice cried out. Dean Winchester

Marty opened her eyes and stared at the man, who was bent over on the ground with his hand over his eye. The creature that was creeping up was no other than one of her partners. Dean Winchester.

Dean Winchester, 28, dirty blonde hair, freckles that had been sprinkled likes sand across his face. Standing 6'2, completely ripped and totally cocky. And hot. Marty smirked, as he started to get up. He glared at her as if he couldn't believe; he was an inch away from getting flayed by her. He held out his hand to help her up.

"Thanks, sorry you startled me. I thought we had a code or something before sneaking up on people" she told him as she gently jabbed him with the tip of her knife.

" I was walking pretty loudly, I figured that was enough, come on lets go see if we can't find my geeky brother and your brother. I'm sure the two of them have bagged out dog by now."

Marty had to roll her eyes, and was thankful; she was now immune to Dean's charm. They had spent the night together at Crossroads; it was her that said they had to get it out of the way. Who was Dean to not go along with it? One night of just absolute sex. It wasn't that horrible either, to be honest it was down right amazing, and she made sure to tell Jo too. After that night 2 years ago they never approached each other like that again. She had guessed it was because they both knew how good the other one was. A small smile grew on her face and she heard Dean asking what was so amusing.

"Sorry I was just remembering something, that's all. Anyway, like you said, lets go find our brothers so we can get cleaned up, I'm ready for a drink and dinner, and a my laptop is calling me"

Dean looked over at his friend, in some ways they were very much alike, but she was also very much his brother, with the research. Although sometimes he didn't think she was really researching at all.

Before dean could say anything, he heard the voices of his brother, accompanied by Eric.

" Hey, guys its okay, we bagging the black dog, no reason for you to doing anything… Dean what happened to you?" Sam asked after seeing the bruise beginning to form under his eye. Eric started to laugh, he got a glare from his sister that shut him up, he guessed that Dean once more got the end of Marty's punch.

"I accidentally, mistaken Dean for the thing we were hunting and well attacked him, after he snuck up on me though" Marty admitted sheepishly, she looked back down at her knife as she waited for one of them to lecture her. Amazing how she was the oldest out of all of them by a month but they could make her feel like a little kid when one of them wanted too.

Sam snorted as he looked from his brother to Marty " So, while Eric and I were out looking for this Black dog, you guys were wrestling on the ground?"

Eric nudged Sam " Come on, it doesn't matter anymore, we got it, Dean got a fist in the face. All done in a days job. Besides, I could use a shower, beer and the remote." He looked over at his sister, walked over, and took the knife out of his sister's hand, before Dean actually got the pointy end of it for real. For some reason, Dean loved to push his sister's buttons.

The four of them walked quietly to the Impala, each in their own little world, until Marty piped up.

" So what time are we blowing this pop stand tomorrow?"

Dean looked in his rear view mirror at his friend.

" Why, you gotta be some place?"

"Well after you boys drop me off at my door, I'm thinking I'm going to go to the bar down the road, from what I remember, the bartender was a hottie" she smiled into the mirror as Dean rolled his eyes.

" What? Like you guys never pick up girls from any of the places we go to, come on don't roll your eyes at me. I know for a fact that my brother does, and Dean you go through girls like water. And Sam, you aren't so innocent either. I'm going to the library… yea okay."

The car was silent for a second or two before Dean started to laugh, his brother did like the library a little too much, and he laughed even harder when he saw his brother turning red. Dean pulled into the motel parking lot, he rolled up to Marty's room, which was right next to theirs, just in case she needed them or vise versa. Usually they all bunked together, but this time she went and got a separate room. She needed a break from the boys. Marty waited for Sam to get out so she could push the seat forward. As she was getting out of the car, her brother grabbed her hand.

" Be careful."

"Always" she smiled at him.

The three of them watched as she unlocked her door and walk into the room, turning all the lights on and closing the door behind her. She watched as Dean slowly pulled away from the room and over to the parking lot. She knew he would pick a spot under a light, not for safety reasons, but he wanted to show off his car.

Marty looked over her room, turned off all of the lights, and broke out her large black light flashlight; it could light up the whole room. Since some spooks gave off invisible crap, that one couldn't see during the day. She always put on the light just to make sure nothing was going to mess with her at night. Spooks could do crazy shit at night. After she made sure that nothing was there, she shut off the light and headed towards the bathroom to take a shower and wash off the dust that settled on her.

Marty, finished up her shower, she was sure there was a recording device looking into the bathroom, so it was a good thing that she was in shape. And she was use to people peeking at her; she did live with three guys, check those two guys and her brother. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and yawned. She was too old for this crap; maybe the guys could bounce her down to research. Marty yawned once more before walking into the main room. She didn't bother to towel off, she found that the air drying approach worked best.

After dressing, primping and make-up Marty thought she looked pretty damn hot. She grabbed the money out of her wallet, and her id, put her boots on grabbed the car keys and headed over to her truck. Dodge rams 1500. Her baby. She did of course make a point to walk past the window to the boys room on purpose, her brother would flip over the clothes she was wearing, Sam would have to calm him down and Dean would tail her and tell her that he just wanted to make sure she was safe.

Marty, hopped up onto her truck, brought it to life with a turn of her wrist, put it in drive, and headed off to the bar down the road. She looked in her rear view mirror, but there were no headlights. Maybe this time they were letting her go on her own. She did have her weapons in the bed of her truck. She was also wearing her sterling silver bladed knife, just in case. Marty pulled her truck up to the last spot in the lot. She hopped down and put on her best smile, along with tiny sprits of her favorite perfume 'Lovely'. The minute she opened the door and walked inside she saw that it could be a place she'd like. She looked the bartender over and he was pretty hot. She chuckled to herself as the female bartender glared at the guy for looking at her.

It wasn't a bad little bar, for Southern PA. The place was well lit for an off the beaten path place. She took a spot at the bar and counted down the time until Dean would be walking through the door. Marty wasn't wrong much but this time she was. It was Sam, who walked through the door.