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Marty really did try to hide her amusement as Sam walked up to her at the bar. She could only imagine why Sam drew the short straw.

" So, what happened that you get to baby sit me tonight" she asked as she sipped her beer.

Sam lifted up the bottle to his lips before answering her " I actually volunteered to come out and hang out with you. Dean and Eric are watching some movie; a guy action packed movie and well I had enough action for tonight. So how did my brother end up with a black eye?"

" He startled me, he came up behind me and brushed my shoulder I thought it was the beast and well over reacted that's all."

Sam, actually got the job only because, her brother didn't trust the bartender one bit, they had been there for a couple days and the bartender was a little to curious for his own good. Dean on Tues told the guy to back off his sister-in -law. To which Marty got pissed off at Dean and Eric, telling them that it wasn't up to them to protect her from getting laid. In retaliation she told the waitress down the road that her brother and the Winchesters were gay.

Tonight, the bartender kept his distance, even after Marty told him that Sam wasn't her husband. Sam stared at the good-looking bartender; something was off about him. Sam studied him and was unaware the Marty had been talking to him.

" Or you and Jack would like to get to know each other" she chuckled.

"Sorry, my mind started to wander what were you saying?" Sam apologized to her. He looked at her, she looked tired and worn out just like his brother did. Her amber eyes expressing just how tired she was. Sam looked up at the clock, when he saw the time he realized how tired he really was as well.

" Well I'm going to go to the ladies room and then head back to the hotel room, you can get a head start if you want Sam I'll be there in a little bit and yes by myself." Marty stood up and headed towards the door that read Ladies room. Sam watched her goes to the bathroom, he sort of had a tiny crush on her, and thankfully she didn't know it. Or if she did, she never said anything about it.

Meanwhile, Marty stood staring at herself in the mirror. Why did her brother send Sam? Did he know that she had the hots for Sam? That she couldn't take her eyes off of him after he took a shower, and strolled out with only his jeans on? Well there was only one thing to do. See if he liked her.

She reached for the door and walked out of the bathroom, she didn't see Sam still waiting at the bar. Marty scanned the room, it wasn't like Sam to just up and leave her behind. She made her way back to the bar, where she had been sitting. The bartender walked over to her and handed her a napkin.

" Your friend told me to give this to you before he left" the bartender went back to his customers while she read Sam's note.

" Marty, it looks like this place is dead so I'm going back to the room, call if you need anything and be careful. -Sammy."

Marty rolled her eyes as she crumpled the note up and tossed it back on the bar. She looked at the bartender and lifted up her empty beer bottle. The hot bartender walked back over to her and removed the empty to replace it.

" It's on your friend."

" Thanks, Sammy."

Marty looked around the place some more wondering why Sam had left her in the bar with the hot bartender. Maybe he decided that she didn't need to be to be baby -sat tonight. She looked back over at the bartender, he was hot, and he just smiled over at her. Marty walked down to the end of the bar and sat down. It was still early and she had no place else to be so she decided to make the most of it. She took a wade of money out of her pocket and placed it down on the bar. The hottie walked slowly back over to her and looked at her with a crooked smile.

"What can I get for you honey?"

"Well looks like I'll be here for a bit, want to set up the shots?" Marty requested. She gave him a perfect dean-ish smile as he set the Southern Comfort down with rock glass as a shot glass. Marty looked at the bartender, back at the rock glass, shrugged her shoulder, poured the amber liquid into the glass, and threw it back. The amber liquid didn't burn as much as it uses to, the last wasn't any better but then again she just needed time away from the boys. Marty watched the rest of the occupants in the bar as se sat and pondered of maybe she needed to be just a watcher. The thought slowly left her mind as two people walked into the bar, they had a certain something about them, that made Marty put down her shot glass turn back to the bar and watch them through the mirror, only to realize only one person had a reflection.


Sam threw the keys down on the nightstand, making enough noise to wake up Dean and Eric, who some how looked like they were napping together. Sam tried; he really did try to keep the smirk off of his face as they blinked sleepily at him.

" Hey Sam, back already? Marty had an early night?" Dean asked as he pushed himself off of Eric's chest.

" No the bar was dead and she seemed to be enjoying the bartender too much for my taste so I left. I'm sure she is fine. So did you two enjoy your little nap?"

Eric smiled at the comment because he knew Dean would get all upset that is manliness was being attacked.

"As a matter of fact Sam it was a great nap, but I'm more than willing to sleep on the couch tonight, you and Dean get the beds. I'll wake Marty in the morning" he added as he disappeared into the bathroom.

Dean sat up more and looked at his brother " So, do you think this will work. I mean Amanda can cure her I f anything happens right?"

Sam nodded " She said she could, she has a team ready in case anything goes wrong. And if it does Ellen will kill us. Come on, let's get some sleep."

Dean nodded at his brother " Never mind Ellen, what about Eric?" Sam only gave him a knowing look as he pulled his jeans off and slipped into bed, mumbled something about they should have told Eric about the plan.


Marty, placed her shot glass down for the last time, she was starting to feel the buzz. She ordered a beer and after she finished that she was going to be on her way. The two people who had walked in earlier had long but left. Most of the customers had left, except for one man sitting a table by himself. He was a dark skinned man with many tattoos on his arms, could have been symbols. He looked over at her and smiled, she took another sip of her beer and nodded at him. She placed a twenty on the bar as a tips for all night, looked at the bartender and told him she was leaving but the next time she was in town she would look him up. He kissed her hand and watched as she left.

Marty, walked out of the bar, she headed towards her truck that sat there in all its glory. She slowed down as she could feel a presence behind her. She placed a hand slowly into her jacket; she fingered the stake that was in her pocket. She turned on her heel, to face that ever was stalking her.

There was no one there. Her eyes scanned the parking lot; there was not a soul so to speak there. She chuckled to herself for being so uptight. She loosened her grip on the stake in her hand, and pulled out the keys to her truck in the other. She never saw man in the darkness with the tranquilizer gun, never heard the dart exit the gun and enter her back, but she felt the pavement, as she hit the ground.

Gordon smiled as he squeezed the trigger, and even laughed as Marty fell ungracefully to the ground. He nodded to two men who walked over, loaded her into the truck.

" Take her back to the motel, and make it look like she packed up and left early, then leave this note for her loving brother. I will meet you and the "hospital, where we can start her transformation. The Winchesters will be too busy playing the blame game with Eric, to ever notice us."

Marcus looked at his brother " Do you really think turning her will start a war within the group? Won't Ellen or Jo realize what is going on?"

"You let me deal with Ellen and Jo, just take care of Marty" Gordon laughed. He had a plan for them, leading a crew of the most dangerous Vamps in the world into Ellen's new Roadhouse. It would be a slaughter to remember.


It wasn't the first time that a vision entered a perfectly good dream and turned it into a nightmare. A pair of coal colored eyes opened and turned white as the vision exploded in her head. After the vision past, Missouri sat up in her head and sighed. She was more than angry at the Winchesters for planning this trap. They hadn't a clue that Gordon was back and behind this evil turn of the word. Before Missouri could get out of bed to call Sam to tell him to get to Marty's room, and pain blast through her skull and she dropped unconscious to the floor.

A Shroud clad woman stepped over Missouri, she took the phone out of her hand and placed it back on the table. She pulled out her own cell phone and smiled.

" I don't think you have to worry about Missouri for a while, I knocked her out for a long while. I'll see you in a little bit."

The woman hung up the phone and left Missouri, where she fell, next stop Ellen's New Road house.

Okay so it took me a while to decide which way I was going with this story, but now that I have, it's a go.