Chapter one

McGee was gob smacked!

All he could think was Wow, It was 3 pm and Gibbs had just told Tony, Ziva and himself to go home because they had finished solving the murdered marine they had been working on. Now he was in the director's office being told he was going undercover in Australia. Orders had come through so he couldn't decline the offer, not that he was sure he wanted to. 'Gibbs will be proud' McGee thought.

"Um, I don't really know what to say ma'am" Tim managed to get out so the Jenny would stop staring at him.

"Well special agent McGee that is not all of the orders. Let me read the first page and then we can discuss ok?"

"Sure, what does it say?" McGee was curious now.

"Ok, first off your assignment is to try to establish a relationship with a Marine, who has skipped the country and gone to Australia. He has valuable Intel and we really need to get him back here. For skipping the country with the memory stick he has earned himself 5 years jail time easily. Anyway you are to report to a Mr Anthony Mack, in Australia at 1000 hours on Sunday…"

McGee cut her off then "excuse me director, but are you telling me that I have to leave tomorrow morning at 0500 hours, and also why can't we just arrest the marine and bring him back?"

"Yes I am telling you that you will be leaving tomorrow morning early and the reason we can't just arrest him and bring him back is because even though we have been tracking him it seems he has hidden the memory stick, which means you have to go in and work with him as an IT specialist and try to find out where he has hidden the Stick." Jenny walked around to the back of the desk, there was no way she was going to stand next to him and tell him what else it was that he had to do. She knew Tim wouldn't hurt her but she also knew that she couldn't comfort him either.

"Ok, so is that all?" Tim asked thinking god that means that I will have to tell Gibbs, but Abby will be worse.

"No, Tim the other part is that you can't tell special agent Gibbs, DiNozzo or Ms Scuito.

"WHAT, are you serious?"

"Yes the orders state that the only person, that is allowed to know other than you and I, is Officer David." With that said she pushed on the page button. "Cynthia, send Officer David in please"

The door opened and Ziva stepped in, "McGee, Director" she knew that Jenny had just told McGee about his orders and could see the frustration building up inside.

"Tim, it will be ok, it won't be forever and I'm sure we will all be here when you get back." Ziva said kneeling next to him.

"How long am I going for?" he asked ignoring Ziva.

"We are thinking along the lines of three months, in order to establish a relationship and get close enough to find the stick." Jenny answered.

"Three months, how the hell are you going to break that news to Gibbs, Director?"

"Simple' Ziva stood up pacing across the room, 'I will meet you at your apartment to help pack things up for storage and you will type up an email saying that you have resigned effective immediately. But you must set it up so that Gibbs, Abby, Tony, Jenny and myself get one but not until Monday, by then you will be out of the country so it will be too late for Gibbs to say anything. After you arrive in Australia you will receive a new email and phone and will be able to contact me."

McGee just sat and stared trying to take it all in.

"Tim, we are not doing this on purpose, it is just that orders are orders and you are the only one that can pass off as an IT specialist"

"Yeah right ok, anything else I have some things to sort out before I leave" with that he left, he heard Ziva yell out that she would see him at 4pm at his apartment. But he just wanted to go and see the one person that he wanted. Abby……….