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Tim in Australia.

Tm woke up and looked at the clock, 5:45. 'Oh why am I awake so early' then he remembered that it was his first day on the job with the marine. He picked up the folder to read directions to the uni where he would be working. Skimming the page he read the marines name for the first time, "hmm, Kody Rielly so you're the reason I am here"

He walked up to the office near the IT building and got directions to Kody's room. He walked in and looked around. There was only one man in the room so he walked up to him "hi, I am looking for Mr Kody Rielly?" Tim said holding out his hand.

"Then you have found me, ahh you must be my new worker, Timothy Apero isn't it" shaking Tim's hand.

"Yes, where would you like me to set up?"

Kody pointed to a desk on the other side of the room, "that my dear friend will be your desk; it has been set up by a friend of mine so you should find everything you need"

"thanks' and trust me I am not your friend' I will just go get started then"

"Ok so basically all we do is sit in this room on our computers and students will email problems or call you up, most of the time we wont need to leave the room but if we do, someone always has to stay in here, you know in case there are more calls."

Great sounds boring as Tim mumbled.

"Ok and to welcome you to the campus did you want to come out tonight with me and a few friends for beer?"

"Sure, no worries" Tim just wanted to trash this office and go home but knew that wouldn't happen.

Most of the day Tim just sat around emailing students and talking them through problems over the phone, easy problems 'why doesn't my mouse work' "plug it in", Tim nearly laughed when the calls came through even Gibbs was more computer literate then some students and that is saying something.

Thinking about Gibbs made him wonder exactly what was going on, back in his real life. So he checked his email and found one from Ziva it said

'Hey Tim, I am glad you made it there safe, Gibbs and tony just found out you are gone and he made DiNozzo and I go to your place. Even tony was sad when he saw your typewriter gone, Abby was a mess when she found out and Gibbs is looking to kill you for making her cry. Jenny must have thick skin because Gibbs has been up there at least three times today and each time we can hear him yelling. If you ever need to talk give me a call my phone is always on, just make sure you have your number off when you call.

Okay I have to go Gibbs is back down from the office

See ya Ziva'

Tim almost cried when he had heard that Abs was upset, it made him feel like a right bastard. He hit the reply button…

'Hey Ziva, please watch out for Abby I didn't think she would be so bad. I have started working today and have snooped around in this office. I think the memory stick is in here, he has about 100 of them all in the filing cabinet and unless I get lucky I don't think I will be back in the states for a while. Well I will keep you up to date

See ya Tim'

He pulled out his phone and looked at the picture the waiter had taken of him and Abby; he sent it to his email address. His old email address, if he knew Abby as good as he thought he did, then she would eventually hack into his account and look for clues, so he wrote underneath "sorry, I love you" and then logged out.


It had been one and a half months since Tim had arrived in Australia. He had checked almost all of the memory sticks. He had done so when Kody had a call out. He would go over to Kody's desk and grab the keys out of the draw. A few times it had come extremely close to him getting caught but he had managed to make up excuses to get Kody off his case.

He emailed Ziva at least three times a week and got a response ever time. She had told him that Gibbs was still mad as hell and tony was the same as always; he apparently still threw bits of paper at Tim's desk even though he wasn't there. That made Tim laugh. She told him that Abby had been snooping around his desk looking for something but she hadn't worked out what it was yet. Tim knew she must have found that picture he had emailed himself. They had worked a heap of cases and every time they went to the lab Abby had his shirt draped over the chair he used to sit on. Tony had made the mistake of grabbing it and trying to be funny by running around with it on his head and Abby had thrown something at him (she didn't remember what it was) but it had caused him to bleed and ducky had to give him stitches. He apparently never did that again. Ziva had also said that Abby hadn't left NCIS in over a month and the first few weeks after he had left she had stayed at Ducky's and Gibb's houses. That worried Tim but he knew he could do nothing about it.

"Hey Tim, I am just going out to grab a bite to eat, do you want something?"

"No I am good thanks I will go when you get back ok"

"Cheers see you in about an hour" and Kody left.

Tim waited about ten minutes before he went over to his desk to get the keys. He grabbed them out and grabbed out the last ten memory sticks.

He put the first one into the computer it turned out to be porn, he put the second one in it was just some training files. He put the third one in and opened up the files, his heart stopped it had all the data he had been searching for. It had the passwords to special operations and details on high profile cases.

"Yes" Timmy yelled but as he turned around he heard the door handle being turned.

He jumped up and grabbed the keys and threw them back in the draw 'thank god I left it open' he thought. He grabbed the nine remaining memory sticks and chucked them back in the filing cabinet.

"Tim, what are you doing, you seem really jumpy?" Kody actually sounded concerned.

"yeah I think I am just hungry, I might go grab some lunch now that is cool isn't it?" Tim managed to slip the memory stuck into his pocket without bringing attention to him.

"Yeah of course, see you when you get back"

Tim grabbed his phone and wallet and ran out the door. When he was far enough away he pulled out his phone and called up Mack.

"Mack speaking"

"Hey it is special agent McGee, I found the stick, the memory stick I found it" Tim could hardly breathe he was so excited.

"Really that is great why don't you come by now and you can drop it off"

"drop it off, hang on it says on my orders I am suppose to tell you but take it back to NCIS with me. So this means I am going home"


Tim hung up quickly it had sounded more like a threat to him then. the last thing he wanted was him tracking his cell. he dialed Ziva's number and forgot to put his number on unknown. "Ziva it is Tim, look I found the memory stick but I think I could be in some trouble. Can you call me back as soon as you get this." He hung up. His phone started to ring he looked down at it and it said Mack calling.

He didn't answer it. He let it go to voicemail. He started running to the nearest cab rank.

He got into the first cab and said "Hilton please" and the cabby drove off. He paid the driver and gave him a tip before running towards the elevators. He got to his room and ran inside, he had to grab one thing Abby's Shirt then he would be gone. He didn't care about his clothes or anything else. He grabbed her shirt and ran back out the door.

The elevator doors had opened before Tim got there and he could see the guys getting out meant business. It was guys from Mack's office.

Just before they saw him he scooted through the emergency stairs door and started running down.

Will Tim be alright? Will he ever see Abby again? What will Ziva do when she can't reach Tim? what is abby up to???

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