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Chapter 6: Gilgamesh

"I am a Magi,"

A shroud of silence covered the room as the revelation astonished them, master and servant alike. It was literally dead silent and all gazes directed at Archer

"A magi?" asked Rin, speaking very softly as if in danger of being caught doing something unreasonably evil.

"Yes," replied Archer, his gaze unfaltering. When no one said or asked anything, Archer furthered the subject.

"Have you not wondered what my history was?" he asked. "Have you never thought of anything about my skills and talents? Have you ever wondered what great hero, creature even, I was in my previous life?" he smirked slightly at this part.

No one dared answer his questions. None, in truth, have wondered about Archer's identity. They mostly regarded him as an unsung hero, brought back by the Holy Grail for the purpose of serving a master.

"Regardless, I believe you will not find the answer there. I am but a simple master of blades, forger of the finest weapons," he said, his words igniting anxiety, fear and curiosity in them.

Still, silence was observed as Archer spoke, and even afterwards. After a quick sigh, he continued. It was observable, however, that his hands were trembling.

"This conversation only seeks to annoy me…" he added, his eyes weary.

"Are you alright?" asked Saber, noticing the display of weakness in Archer. The snide servant merely nodded at the remark.

"I will take my leave. I need to scout, as I always do, in order to ensure our safety,"

With a quick flash, the mysterious servant vanished, baffling them once again.

"Well, that was a shocker," said Rin, sighing. Her heart had pounded fiercely as Archer spoke, in dread fear of what he was about to say. It was as if they were being chased by a murderer. She was worn and tired, likewise with the rest.

"Yeah, but I do wonder who he really is…" said Shirō. The rest agreed, all plagued with the curiosity of Archer's identity.

"I should not have done that," said Archer, regretting what he had said. "Regardless, it'll only be a matter of time before I disappear. I can barely take the pain from that witch," he said, his knee bent and gasping for air. He had fled to the rooftop of the Tohsaka estate. It was a nice getaway as nobody ever bothered to look at the rooftop.

"Darn that witch…" he added in spite. Disappearing once again from view, he fled the Tōsaka residence, embarking on a personal quest.

"Anyway, just leave the door for Archer," said Rin just before she entered her room.

"Well, if you say so…" mumbled Shirō as he entered his room, along with Sōichirō.

"Kuzuki-sensei…" started Shirō. He glanced to check if his teacher was listening. After confirmation, he continued.

"I was wondering about something…" he was apprehensive to continue the interrogation but thought it necessary to continue.

"You said that there were servants linked to these gemstones, right?" Sōichirō nodded, not bothering to speak.

"Couldn't they just link back to your master?" asked Shirō. Sōichirō sighed and shook his head slightly.

"Emiya, I believe you are aware how the Holy Grail War works?" asked Sōichirō. Shirō nodded.

"How are masters and servants involved in this?" he asked as a kind of review for Shirō.

"They make pacts?" he answered back in form of a question. Sōichirō nodded.

"In order for what you say to become true, the servant and master would have to make a pact again. And I doubt Saber or Archer would want to be connected to him again…"

"Who is your master, anyway?" asked Shirō, changing the topic suddenly. Though taken completely unaware by the question, he was able to answer it to as much as his knowledge allowed.

"In truth, none of us actually know. He always has his personal servant to make announcements and such when ordering us. The most we see of him is his hand since this is where the Reiju are supposed to be,"

"What do you mean you can only see the hand?"

"He resides in a room completely covered in darkness. The only time we see any part of him is when he gives absolute orders. The only thing we are familiar with of him is his voice and his left hand, where the Reiju often glows,"

Shirō nodded, signifying he understood. This mysterious opponent of theirs was very shady. Not even his own servants knew his identity.

"But you are sure your master is a he, right?" asked Shirō. Surprisingly, Sōichirō shook his head.

"No, not really. His voice is the only clue we have… And, from my observation, he tends to change them a lot but all are a variation of the masculine voice," said Sōichirō.

"Do you think Archer knows him?" wondered Shirō.

"Maybe, he was the first servant to be summoned. His power, as I have heard from the Holy Grail, is astounding. A clue from his past that was given to me by the Holy Grail was that he was an excellent forger of swords. He is capable of recreating Excalibur and Caliburn, Saber's most powerful weapons," said Sōichirō, being the lengthiest speech he had given all night.

"A forger of Swords? He materializes them out of nothing, he uses Tracing and Reinforcement, not the simple forge," retorted Shirō. Sōichirō glanced at Shirō for a while, slightly astounded by the boy's reply.

"I was not talking literally. I am aware of his ability to create weapons out of thin air. I find it surprising, but I do believe you have the same talent,"

"The only branch of sorcery I know, actually. Rin found it strange that I was only taught that out of the many types of magic out there," said Shirō, gazing outside into the starry night sky.

"Your father probably had reasons,"

"I never said anything about my father teaching me…"

"Emiya, do you honestly believe that I am as ignorant and unintelligible as that? I am aware of Kiritsugu's past. How he was drawn into this war and how he ended this battle. He fought countless duels with numerous masters, triumphing in every one of them. I do not speak without knowledge, nor act upon instinct," replied Sōichirō, frustration evident.

Shirō was stunned. It was astounding how Sōichirō knew about his foster father. It was also surprising to note how he knew all those things, particularly his involvement in the fourth Holy Grail War.

"You know…?" asked Shirō. Sōichirō did not give an answer. Instead, he fled the scene, leaving a stunned and curious Shirō behind.

Dawn came bright and cheerful the next day. The sun rose with a promise of another bright day. This was all seen by the bothered Shirō Emiya who had risen earlier than the sun had.

He had barely a wink of sleep as he thought about what Sōichirō had told him.

"About… my dad?" he mumbled, quite perplexed if he should feel happy or annoyed by the ordeal.

A soft knock came from the door and he hesitated to open it. Three knocks later, he decided to respect the person by at least seeing who it was. He was surprised to see Sakura, a person he had not seen in such a long time.

"Good morning, Shirō," she said brightly. A moment later, her expression turned rather worried, after which she continued to speak.

"Were you still asleep? I'm sorry if I bothered you or anything…" she said, her voice growing weaker with each word.

"No, not at all. I was already awake, just a little sleepy when you knocked so I didn't answer it right away," explained Shirō, yawning at that precise moment to make it sound believable. He really was still sleepy, having barely slept these past days. He barely knew the time, let alone the date.

"Oh, thank goodness. Anyway, breakfast's ready so if you want to eat, you can just come down," said Sakura, her cheerful smile evident on her face. Shirō smiled back and nodded, gently closing the door as Sakura departed

In a slightly unexpected turn of events, Shirō was the last person to appear at the dinning table. Even Archer and Sōichirō were there before him, despite the fact that they left the previous night.

"Morning," said Shirō as he took a seat beside Saber.

"Good Morning!" replied Sakura as she passed another bowl of rice to Taiga, who was eyeing the new guests of the house with utmost suspicion.

"Thank you, Sakura," she said as soon as she received the bowl. When no one bothered to explain why there were new guests, she decided to open the topic.

"Who the hell are these people?!" she immediately shouted, surprising a few of them.

"Oh, sorry. Another batch of guests," replied Ilya simply, after which she continued eating. This, of course, angered Taiga.

"What do you mean "another batch of guests"?!" exclaimed Taiga, almost directly in Ilya's ear.

"Shirō! Taiga-oneechan is being mean!" she exclaimed in a childish manner as she fled to seek Shirō's protection.

"Well, how about you introduce them, Rin?" suggested Shirō. Rin glanced side wards, looking at Shirō then at Taiga. She gave a soft sigh and spoke.

"She's Medea, an acquaintance," she said, pointing at Caster. Medea nodded in acknowledgement of her introduction.

"Next we have Archer. He's very shy so don't bother making direct communication," said Rin, pointing this time at Archer. He merely grunted and looked away.

"Finally, we have Mr. Sōichirō Kuzuki, my former homeroom teacher," said Rin. "With that done, how about we continue eating?"

It only took a second's notice before Taiga found her ability to speak. It was, however, not very pleasant.

"What the hell are you talking about?! Do you honestly expect me to believe that this man is Sōichirō Kuzkui! The school informed all faculty members that he was involved in some accident and passed on!"

"Yup, now he's here as a spirit avenging his gruesome death!" exclaimed Ilya from the sidelines. This earned her a good smack on the head from Rin.

"Well, he is a spirit!" retorted Ilya who was tending to her aching head. This, of course, went unnoticed.

"At any rate, he is a spirit from the war I was telling you," explained Rin.

"Do you really expect me to believe this?" asked Taiga. The rest of them quickly nodded, all but the stone-faced Archer and Sōichirō.

"Well, you've all got to be crazy!"

"I have a suggestion as to how we can solve this peacefully…" said Saber, speaking up for the first time.

"You call this peaceful?" asked Shirō, basking in the irony of the situation. They were at Rin's backyard, Caster, Archer and Sōichirō on one side and Taiga on the other. It was a three on one duel and neither side had any objections.

"Well, this is the only peaceful way they can settle this, right?" replied Saber. Shirō sighed and nodded.


"How long do you think this'll last?" asked Rin, speaking to Saber and Shirō.

"Probably a few seconds, ten tops," replied Shirō in a hushed tone for fear of being overheard by Taiga.

"Okay, so let's get this straight, you can attack any way you want and the objective is to force the opponent to the ground," said Taiga. The opposition agreed.

"'Force the opponent to the ground?' How is that kendo?" asked Shirō.

"She'd be at a disadvantage if the first person hit loses so she set that rule. I don't know how she'll win though…"

Already at battle stance, Taiga prepared to charge. The three were nonchalant about the situation, seeing it as a mere annoyance.

"Ready… Fight!" exclaimed Taiga and charged forward. Her shinai held tightly by both hands, she dashed forward, ready to strike.

"Take this!" she shouted and launched an attack that was assumed to come from above. It was, however, a fake. In a split second, she positioned her weapon so that the feet were her target. It was still, however, a miss.

"Too slow…" said Archer as he merely extended his leg, tripping the dashing Taiga, causing her to fall flat on her face and lose the duel.

"That was a dirty trick, Archer!" complained Taiga as she nursed her throbbing nose.

"Well, anyway, I guess I lost," said Taiga regrettably. Suddenly hearing a soft pounding, Sakura took a glimpse of the outside through the window.

"It's raining again," said Sakura rather gloomily. The others took a quick glimpse and saw the still weak downpour.

"Hey Sakura, weren't you supposed to go shopping today?" wondered Rin.

"Yeah…" she started.

"I'll come with you!" she said brightly. "Should we go? Before it starts to rain really hard, that is,"

"Sure, I'll get my coat"

The two left the room, ascended the stairs and entered their respective rooms in preparation for their departure.

"So, what do we do now?" asked Shirō. As if he wasn't there, the remaining people in the living room left, presumably separating in order to do what they wish. This left Shirō alone inside the living room.

"Great…" he mumbled as he left the room in a dejected manner. He ascended the stairs and entered his room to take a break from it all.

"Emiya, it seems you have stumbled upon this place again," said an ominous voice. He had returned to the place where flames burnt indefinitely, where the sky was always ablaze and the earth, always engulfed in fire.

"Who are you?" asked Shirō. He knew it was in vain but pressed on with his inquiry.

"Come show yourself!"

"Why should I, the landlord of this area, show myself to the pitiful gatecrasher?" taunted the voice. Still, Shirō had a feeling that if he pressed on, he would soon uncover the mysterious person.

"Where am I?" he asked this time, referring to his location. The voice snickered a little.

"You intrude yet you do not know where you are?" he asked, finding it amusing to taunt Shirō.

"I was placed here by mistake!" he reasoned, all the more humoring the person.

"Mistake? True, this connection was never supposed to have been established," replied the voice.

"Connection? What do you mean by that?"

"A connection that links your subconscious with mine. Every time I enter this plane, it would seem that you can break the barriers erected and enter without warning"

"But I don't have that kind of power…"

"The only person allowed to enter this plane is me…" said the voice, eerily reducing the volume of his voice.

"I see…" he suddenly said, finally figuring something.

"What? What is it?" asked Shirō. For the first time, he saw numerous blades scatter in this field.

"What is this? An armory?" asked Shirō, slightly kidding.

"Something like that," said the voice. Those were his last words. The plane suddenly faded out of view and Shirō was thrown into a dark abyss which caused him to wake up.

"Ugh…" he said, rubbing his head. It was too dark to see what Shirō's expression was at the moment but it was evident that it was already night.

"Shirō," called out a feminine voice from outside his door. He immediately recognized the voice.

"Saber?" he called back, standing up and walking towards the door. Turing the door knob, he noticed that his hands were perspiring a lot. He wiped them on his shirt and opened the door.

"Shirō, dinner's ready," said Saber simply. "Will you be heading down or shall I tell them to wait for you?"

"Just start ahead, I'll be down after a few minutes," said Shirō.

"Okay, but hurry up. You know how Taiga is with food," said Saber, smiling as she found that particular image amusing. Shirō, too, smiled.

"I'll hurry, don't worry," said Shirō. Saber left and he closed the door. He headed straight for the closet to change into something more comfortable as his shirt was slightly soaked with sweat.

He noted, as he changed shirts, that it was still raining. Sighing slightly, he opened the door to his dark room and descended the stairs to join the others for dinner.

"Hey Shirō," said Taiga, swallowing the piece of beef whole and downing it without even taking a single bite. "Hurry up or else all that'll be left of the Sukiyaki are the vegetables,"

"Err… don't you think you'll choke if you continue to eat that whole…?" asked Sōichirō. Taiga looked at him for a second before asking an odd question.

"Who are you again?" she asked. The whole room practically fell over from that very question.

"He's Kuzuki-sensei! How could you forget that easily?!" exclaimed Shirō. Taiga took another look at the person who they were referring to as Sōichirō.

"Oh, okay," she said and made a grab for another piece of meat. It was, however, intercepted by Shirō who decided to take the offensive.

"Give me that back!" exclaimed Taiga as she darted towards the meat. Through the Holy Grail War, Shirō had acquired exceptional reflexes.

"That was delicious," said Shirō, teasing Taiga. He had swallowed the beef and dodged the attack.

"Why you…!" she exclaimed. This went on for a while until everyone was full. Sadly, Taiga was still a little fumed since she was outwitted by Shirō every time she made a dive for the meat.

"Here you go," said Sakura as she placed on the table a two layer cake coated with rich, dark chocolate and topped off with a couple of cherries. It was simple enough, but the mere sight of it made their mouths water.

"Looks great!" quickly exclaimed Taiga. I was not surprising to find that at the exact moment Sakura placed the cake on top of the table, Taiga had already started slicing. Of course, she was now half-way eating her second piece.

As they were arguing, Rin heard the doorbell ring even in the midst of the heavy rainfall. She forced herself up and made her way to open the door. She was wondering who on earth it could be at the middle of the night.

"Who is it?" she called out once she was near the door. When no answer came, she opened the door slightly, checking the figure outside. Due more to haste and importance rather than impatience and disrespect, the figure forcefully pushed the door open for his entrance. Rin was pushed back, making a loud thump. This caught everyone's attention and the quickly raced to the door.

"W-Who are you…" asked Rin in a quivering tone. The visitor was clad in a pitch black cloak and its hood was completely covering the visitor's face. Drenched by the rain, he made his way in, not mindful of the mess being made.

"It has been a while…," said the visitor as he grabbed the hood covering his face.

"I know that voice," said Saber immediately, drawing out Excalibur. The person hesitated to remove the cloak, fearing for the attack of the mighty king.

"Relax, put down the sword and I'll explain," came the reply. The hooded figure was trying to alleviate the tension between himself and Saber. It was, however, to no avail.

"Wait a minute, that voice… it can't be…" said Shirō, suddenly realizing who that person was.

"I should have worked on my voice, shouldn't I?" he said and took off the hood. A sudden chilling blast of wind entered the room and shocked them.

"Gilgamesh…" said Saber with contempt. She was ready to launch an attack at him, regardless of what would happen to the house.

"I didn't come here to fight, I came here to explain," he said, his arms raised in such a fashion that meant surrender. "Please, I really didn't come here to fight,"

"Gilgamesh saying please? What has gotten into him…" was the snide reply of Archer.

"Archer? You know him?" asked Rin, finally composing herself.

"Yes, we've met…"

"Oh… I see…" replied Rin, still disbelieving of Archer's tale.

"Anyway, I'm here to tell you something very important," said Gilgamesh.

"Oh really… Come to tell us your master has sent you to kill us here and now?" retorted Saber.

"Please Saber, understand. I will explain everything, just put down the sword and let me talk calmly and securely"

Before Saber could reply to his plea, Shirō intervened, sensing that this may actually be the truth, or as far as his instincts could tell him.

"Let's hear him out first. If he draws out his sword or uses his Noble Phantasm, kill him," said Shirō. Saber, and the rest, let down their guard. Of course, this was only physically seen. Mentally, however, they were battle ready.

"Well, what is it that you want to talk about?" asked Shirō. A momentary pause was acquired by Gilgamesh as he drew breath.

"It's about the Holy Grail…"

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