A/N: It is essential that you understand the background of this story- Bellatrix & Voldemort had a sort of 'one night fling' before his downfall, because she slipped him a love potion. Lyra was born in Azkaban, and has grown up there. She has inherited her father's magical ability. Voldemort has no more affection for Bellatrix, and did not know he had a daughter before Bellatrix got out of Azkaban. Hope you enjoy!

Bella's eyes darted nervously from side to side, before finally resting on the man who stood before her, his height intimidating all those around him but her. Slowly, Bella walked

up to him, her head bent down in respect. "My Lord, you have returned to us!" she whispered exultantly. Without hesitation, she ushered the young girl behind her forward. "Our

daughter" she said proudly, looking into his scarlet eyes for a trace of gratitude. She found none. His eyes scanned the girl up and down, taking in her bony body and skelatal face

with it's sunken eyes. Twelve years in Azkaban was known to destroy a grown man, let alone a child. "She has never seen the outside world, my Lord, its all rather overwhelming

for her." Bella said apologetically, noticing his disapproval. Still he said nothing. He drew up a chair by the fire with his wand, and gestured for the girl to sit down. He waved his

long white fingers for the other Death Eaters to leave, but Bella continued to cling to the back of the armchair, where her daughter sat. He glared at her. "Let me stay, My Lord,

she needs me to stay!" Implored Bella. Voldemort sighed. "Very well Bella, but do not interrupt me while I am speaking to Lyra" he said. He turned to face Lyra, who was sitting

on the edge of her seat gazing stonily at the wall opposite. "Do you know who I am?" He asked. She raised her sunken grey-blue eyes to meet his own. He felt an eerie jolt of

recognition, as he realised they were the very same eyes he had possessed during childhood. He scanned her for any other characteristics she had inherited from him. But her thin

lips and tall pale body were her mothers through and through, save for the waterfall of scraggly blonde hair that lay tangled past her shoulders, which reminded him disturbingly of

Narcissa, Bella's sister.

"Tom Marvolo Riddle" she murmured. Her mother gasped.

"How dare you speak to your father like that?" she hissed furiously. Voldemort did not feel angry though. The fact that she was deliberately provoking him was highly inosolent,

and yet, he found himself suddenly very curious. "And why do call me that?" He said softly, watching her for any sign of fear. There wasn't a trace. How bizzare! He thought in

bewilderment. She tilted her head to the side and her thin lips twitched slightly.

"To see if what mother said about you was true" she replied teasingly.

"And what, may I ask, is that?"

"That you show no mercy." She said bluntly, her gaze still locked onto his, challenging him. Voldemort rose from his chair and walked lazily over to where Bella stood. Despite

the fact she was tall, he still towered over her.

"You have raised an insolent child, Bella, you should be punsihed" he said softly. Bella collapsed on her knees, trembleing violently.

"M-m-my Lord, I b-beg you-" Voldemort let out a small laugh.

"But like she said Bella, I show no mercy. Crucio"

As her mother's screams echoed around the chamber, Lyra made no attempt to get up and help her. She merely watched on, her features betraying her evident boredom with the

situation. Noticing this, Voldemort lifted the curse and stowed his wand back in his robes. "You do not care that I hurt your mother for your mistake?" He asked her. Lyra did

not reply, but instead pointed her wand at her mother who still lay cowering on the floor.

"Crucio" she murmured, and Bella's screaming started anew. Voldemort looked on in abseloute shock. "I couldn't care less if she were in pain" she said absently, and removed

the spell with a flick of her wand.

"You are more like me than what meets the eye" he commented truthfully. She grinned properly this time, an awful twisted leer that sent shivers of fear down his spine. She was

powerful. Too powerful.

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