A/N: I dedicate this one-shot to my soeur enfant who calls Nando "the annoyingly polite vampire" and hates it when I imitate his voice.

Love ya sis!

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon. Otherwise Nando would fall in love with a tall brunette with an Abra who loves pink pajamas, reading, frappuccinos, and whose name is... anyway, I don't own it!

I also do not own Norah Jones' "Sinkin' Soon"

The other day, after finishing an interview with Willow, I decided to visit the Sinnoh region and attend a Pokemon Contest. I had never
seen one before, and thought it might be a good opportunity to "broaden my horizons." This is how I met Nando. It was love at first sight! Oh, that jet-black hair… those deep green eyes… drools

Anyway, I knew I had to tell him how I felt, so I wrote him this.

My dearest Naoshi,

I have admired you from afar for the past several hours. You are everything I have ever dreamed of in a man.

You're the oyster cracker on my stew
And the honey in my tea
You're the sugar cubes, (one lump or two?)
In my black coffee
The golden crust on my apple pie
That shines in the sun at noon
You're my wheel of cheese high in the sky
And I hope you're in love with me too.

You and your Roselia make a great team. I think we would too. Please say you're as madly in love with me, as I am with you.

Your destiny

Romantic isn't it. Two days later I got a letter from my dear Naoshi in reply to my own.

Here is what it said.

Dear Phyllis

I think I know who you are. You are the girl who eats the cheese yes? Were you not the one who stood up in the middle of the contest shouting "Je suis la fille qui mange du fromage?" If you are this same girl, stay away from me, if you please. You frighten me.


Isn't that sweet? He noticed me during the contest, and he knows French! You know he likes me!

A/N: You like? I'm thinking about doing more of these if I get enough requests. Make a request and, if I actually know the movie, and the character is male, I will consider doing one for that character.

BTW, Nando's Japanese name is Naoshi.

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