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Flames engulfed his body and he let out a horrible scream of agony.

"NO!" Rukia covered her face with her hands, sobbing harder than ever. Renji grimaced and looked away.

The Soukyoku returned back to its blade form and went back to its stand. Everybody looked up to the top of the scaffold. Some eager, some apprehensive.

There was nothing left. Not even a drop of blood. Loud jeers interupted the shocked silence as those who knew Ichigo only as a traitor rejoiced in his death. Those who cared about him turned away sadly and made to leave.

"My my, such a comotion."

Though the words were spoken calmly and softly, everybody stopped shouting and turned wide-eyed to where the speaker stood.

"A-Aizen Sousuke!"

Indeed Aizen stood impassively on top of the execution stand. He held something under his arms. Something with bright orange hair.

"Ichigo!" Renji was seething with anger. Here was the bastard who ruined his friend's life. Here was the bastard who tried to kill Rukia. Here was his chance to get revenge.

He ripped Zabimaru out of its sheath and lept furiously at the traitor.

"Give him back! Hoeru! Zabimaru!" The whip-like blade came crashing down, but Aizen dodged it and delivered a swift blow to his back.

"Renji!" He turned, shocked. Ichigo was staring at him, golden eyes wide and terrified. Relief spread through his body. Ichigo was still alive!

"Ichigo? But how? We all saw the Soukyoku go right through you!"

"That would be my doing." Aizen smirked and looked at the Soukyoku. Everyone else looked at gasped.

The Soukyoku had been completely demolished. The blade ripped right off and smashed into a thousand pieces.

"I simply used my illusions to make it seem as though he died. But," his smirk grew bigger. "The agonizing pain he felt was quite real."

Renji felt cold fury coil in his gut again.

"You bastard!" He lunged again. Aizen just smirked and drew his sword.

"It's the traitor! Attack!" Yamamoto roared. He glared at Aizen. "Do you really think that even you can beat all of us!?"

Aizen's smirk just grew bigger. "Sorry, but I don't intend to fight you."

"What are you--AH!"

Aizen grinned sadistically as the negacion field trapped all the shinigami and laughed as they fought to break free. "With that much reiatsu, the negacion won't hold for long, but that ought to hold them until I finish." He turned and frowned. "Looks like I missed one.

Rukia glared at Aizen as she helped Renji struggle to his feet.

"NO! Renji, Rukia, just run away!" Ichigo screamed as he struggled against Aizen's hold. But he was still too weak from all his reiatsu being drained.

"Shatter, Kyoka Suigetsu."

Ichigo clamped his eyes shut but it was too late. He was already under Kyoka Suigetsu's spell. He cautiously opened his eyes. What he saw nearly made him want to vomit.

About ten feet away from wear Aizen was holding him lay Renji's corpse, or what was left of it. His head had been severed from his body and laid a few feet from the rest of him. There were several stab wounds in his chest. Not far from where he lay was Rukia. Her heart had been ripped from her chest and her eyes were wide and blank, staring into nothing.

"Renji! Rukia! NO!" He clamped his eyes shut again. It isn't real, it's just an illusion, it isn't real! Dear God, please don't let it be real! Tears began to stream down his face. It's okay, it's just an illusion, Renji and Rukia are fine, just open your eyes dammit! They need your help! But the fear of what he had seen kept them closed. Illusion or not, he couldn't bear to see his nakama like that.

Aizen smirked at the trembling boy. His plan was working perfectly. Renji's eyes narrowed as Ichigo screamed.

Aizen undid the illusion and reached down and wrenched Ichigo's eyes open. When he saw Renji alive and intact, Ichigo let out a sigh of relief. Then he frantically searched for Rukia. She wasn't by Renji's side anymore. Where was she? He didn't see her anywhere!

"Dance, Sode No Shirayuki! Second Dance, Tsuki Shiro!"

Ice began to creep up Aizen's legs, trapping him. He let out a curse and tried to break free. Ichigo was still looking wildly around for Rukia. He saw her land lightly next to Renji.

"Renji you idiot! Grab Ichigo now!" She kicked him in the head.

"Oh, right!" Renji lunged forward and wrenched Ichigo out of Aizen's grasp just as he was encased in a pillar of ice. Aizen let out a piercing scream.

"Ichigo!" As soon as Renji put him down, Rukia grabbed him in a bone crushing hug. "I thought we lost you, I'm so glad your alive! And I'm sorry! It's all our fault that this happened to you! Really it's my fault, if I hadn't been careless and transferred my powers to you none of this would've--"

"Rukia calm down! It's okay!" Ichigo forced a laugh and hugged her back. Renji frowned as he noticed that Ichigo was still trembling. Just what did Aizen do to him when he released his zanpaku-to?

"Ichigo, are you--" he stopped talking, eyes wide. Slowly, he looked down, and numbly grabbed the sword that was shoved through his stomach. He looked up at Rukia and Ichigo's horrified expressions. He gave them a small smile and collapsed. Rukia and Ichigo looked to see who stabbed him. It was Aizen. Shocked, they both looked up at the pillar of ice that they thought Rukia trapped him in. There was nothing there.

Not thinking, Rukia tried to attack him again. Aizen smacked her hard and sent her crashing into Ichigo.

"Rukia!" He grabbed her. "Are you okay!? Answer me!"

She gave a shaky laugh. "Fool. Don't yell so loud, you're giving me a headache."

Ichigo turned and glared at Aizen. His reiatsu flared around him. He gently sat Rukia on the ground. Then he turned back to Aizen. "You sadistic fucking bastard! I'll kill you!"

The black energy encased him like a cacoon. Aizen quickly switched to a defensive stance. With Kurosaki Ichigo, you never knew what to expect.

The energy disappeared and Aizen couldn't help but gasp. In the place where Ichigo had been standing was a vicious looking lizard-like hollow. It had strange red markings on it arms and tail, and around the deadly looking spikes on it's back. Its mask also had red markings on it. But the most prominent feature was its long, bright orange hair.

"Ichigo?" Rukia looked terrified. The hollow turned to her and she flinched back. But when it spoke, it was Ichigo's voice.

"Don't worry Rukia, I'll beat this bastard and fix this whole mess." "Ichigo" turned back to Aizen.

"Beat me? Is that so." He eyed the hollow. "You don't even have your zanpaku-to!"

"I don't need it!" Using Sonido, Ichigo disappeared and reappeared behind Aizen and tried to behead him from behind. Aizen turned swiftly and cut his arm off. Ichigo screamed and jumped back.

"Ichigo!" Rukia tried to get up. She stopped when she heard Ichigo laughing.

"What the hell's so funny?" Aizen's eyes narrowed.

Ichigo said nothing. Aizen and Rukia stared in shock as his arm regenerated. Then Ichigo launched three cero simultaneously at Aizen. He looked at Rukia. "Go help Renji!" She nodded and ran to wear Renji lay barely conscious with a hand over his wound.

"Hey, are you okay?" She moved his hand to get a better look at his wound.

"Yeah. What about Ichigo? Don't worry about me, just go help him!"

Rukia looked over to where Ichigo and Aizen were fighting. She watched for a moment as Ichigo blocked an attack by Aizen with his claws, then whipped his tail around to knock his feet out from under him. She smiled and turned back to Renji. "Don't worry, I think he can handle this by himself. Remember, this is Ichigo we're talking about." She gently place her hand over his wound and used her kido to heal him. Renji groaned as his wound closed.

"Damn girl, you're sure gettin' good at that."

She smiled at him. "Well with you two morons to look after I knew I'd better practice my healing kido." Renji glared lightly at her. Then he tried to get up, swearing when he failed.

"Renji, what the hell are you doing!? You lost way to much blood! Just stay the hell put for once!" Rukia glared at him.

"I've gotta help Ichigo!" He tried to get up again.

Rukia sighed. "Sorry about this Renji. Bakudo number one. SAI!"

Renji swore as his limbs were paralyzed. "Dammit Rukia let me go!"

"No. You're gonna stay put for this one." She drew her sword. "I'm sure Ichigo doesn't need it, but if he does I'll help him." She ran over to where Ichigo and Aizen were still going at it.

"Rukia, get your ass back here dammit! ARGH!" Renji continued to struggle against his bindings.

Ichigo smirked as his claws managed to get past Aizen's guard and slashed his stomach. Aizen grunted in pain but brushed it off and launched a counter attack. He slashed wildly at Ichigo, who quickly jumped back.

"Hado 99, Kuro Hitsugi."

Ichigo swore as he was encased in black energy, this time created by Aizen. Unnocticed by Aizen, Rukia tried to sneak up behind him. She paused when she heard Ichigo scream.

The energy disappeared. Ichig was still standing, but he was covered in blood. Aizen frowned.

"Hm, I still can't summon its full power without the destruction chant. Oh well." He smirked as Ichigo struggled to remain standing.

"Bastard, you forget that I have instand regeneration in this form." Ichigo closed his eyes and his wounds began to heal.

"Oh no you don't!" Aizen lunged at him.

"Ichigo!" Rukia shrieked. "Look out!" Ichigo opened his eyes and dodged just in time.

Aizen turned to look at her. His eyes filled with fury. "Little bitch!" He disappeared.

Rukia looked around, desperately trying to find him, when he appeared in front of her and brought his sword down on her head. She closed her eyes, but death never came. She felt a drop of blood hit her face, but it wasn't hers. She heard Aizen's sadistic laughter and wrenched her eyes open.


At the last second before the blade came down on her, Ichigo had jumped in front of her and took the blow. Aizen's sword was sticking straight through his head. He groaned as his hollow skin began to fall off him. When it was completely gone Rukia and Aizen gasped. The hollow mask on the side of his head and the hollow hole in his throat were gone, and his eyes were back to their normal chocolate brown color. He was back to normal! But, Aizen's sword was still sticking through his head.

Gasping, Ichigo raised a shaking arm and gripped Aizen's chest. His other hand grabbed the sword in his head and held it there, preventing any escape. With his last remaining strengh, he focused all his energy into the hand holding Aizen's chest and launched a cero powerful enough to make Ulquiorra jealous. Aizen screamed as he was hurled through the air. Ichigo wrenched the sword out of his head with a scream of agony. Then he collapsed and all the light left his eyes.

"NO! Renji, come help me, quickly!" She undid her kido and he quickly ran to where Rukia held Ichigo in her arms.

"Dammit Ichigo don't you dare die here! Rukia our healing powers aren't enough to heal this! We need Unohana or even Inoue to--" he stopped speaking, staring wide-eyed over Rukia's shoulder. She turned around and gasped.


"You foolish shinigami! Do you really think a cero like that could kill me!" Aizen glared at them, his face full of hatred. "You couldn't kill me in a thousand years!"

"Maybe they can't be we can."

Aizen whipped around. The other shinigami had broken free of the negacion. Yamamoto stepped forward. "Kurosaki Ichigo risked his life to save one of the members of the Gotei 13, and it also seems that he has turned back into a shinigami. He is no longer branded a traitor. You however," he glared at Aizen. "will die here."

Aizen only smirked. "Sorry, but that will have to wait for a later time." He looked at Ichigo. "I've completed my plan, for now." He stepped through a portal back to Los Noches.

"Unohana-Taichou! Can you save him!?" Unohana ran to where Ichigo lay and placed a hand on his chest.

"There's still a chance for me to save him, but we must act quickly! Isane, Hanataro, come with me!" She gently lifted him up and flashed to the relief base, Isane and Hanataro struggling to keep up.

"Ichigo!" Renji tried to go after them but he lost too much blood. He dropped to his knees as a wave of dizzyness came over him. Rukia knelt by his side and put an arm around his shoulder.

"Rest Abarai-Fukutaichou, Kuchiki-san. Both of you did very well today." Yamamoto walked over to them.

"Yamamoto-SouTaichou, is Ichigo--"

"He is no longer guilty. To be honest I didn't want to execute the boy in the first place, but the welfare of the Soul Society comes before the welfare of one individual, and with his hollow out of control that boy was a liability. But now that he is back to normal, he is cleared of all charges, and I shall personally apologize to him when he awakens."

"SouTaichou, do you think he will be okay?" Renji asked worriedly.

"I trust in Unohana-Taichou's skills. I'm sure he will be fine. You two should be worrying about yourself. I suggest you go to the relief station and be taken care of as well. I must go now. This is just another huge mess that needs to be taken care of." With that he left.

Rukia helped Renji to his feet and let him lean on her for support as they trudged towards 4th company.

"Renji, do you really think Ichigo will be okay?"

"I don't know. Ichigo's a tough kid. But I guess all we can do is hope for the best."

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