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Chapter Forty Seven: Final Stand

Those in the Great Hall looked around, not knowing what was going on. However, some figured it out and cursed their luck. They knew there was not enough room in the castle to do much at the number they were. Suddenly, another hit resounded in the room, the doors buckling under the pressure.

"Damn it!" yelled Link, running to the back of the room, his breathing laboured.

He got to one of the tables and reached out for two of the objects on it. He strapped his sword onto his back and hooked the shield onto it as well. The extra weight did not help and he had more difficulty returning to the front. He swayed slightly as he reached his friends, his breathing heavy.

"Link, what do you think you're doing?" asked Zelda, shocked at the boy's actions.

"Protecting those dear to me," he replied, looking down at her scared face. "Besides, it's not like I haven't run on empty before."

"Don't be stupid! You can't fight now!"

"If I listened to them every time they said I can't fight, I would probably still be in the Kokiri Forest and Hyrule would not be the free land as we know it today."

Zelda bit her tongue, watching the tired boy in front of her. She clasped her hands together tightly, scared. Though, not scared for her own safety, but for that of her knight. She glanced towards the doors which buckled once again and then back at Link. She reached out slowly and touched his tired face. He looked towards her, smiling slightly, trying to reassure her.

"Be safe," she whispered, leaning closer.

She placed a soft kiss on his lips and pulled away. Link smiled at her and approached the doors, pulling out his sword and unclipping his shield. Meanwhile, Daisuke and Dark both glanced at each other and headed towards the doors as well. However, both Arisa and Saki blocked their path.

"Please, let us through," whispered Daisuke, looking at the blond girl in front of him.

"We'll protect both of you, we promise," added Dark, gazing at the dark haired girl.

"We know," whispered Saki, approaching the taller boy.

Saki did not look away from Dark's amethyst eyes and leaned into him, placing her arms around his neck and holding on tightly. He smiled and returned her hug, squeezing her tightly for reassurance.

"Be safe," she whispered.

"I always am," he chuckled, leaning in, their faces inches apart.

"Then I'll see you here again."

She stood on her toes and placed a soft kiss on his lips. Dark returned it and held on tightly. When they broke apart, she smiled at him and released his neck. He closed his eyes and jet black wings sprouted from his back. He gave one last look at her before walking off towards the front entrance.

Arisa had walked up to the red head, slower than her friend. Daisuke, however, approached her and held her closely. Arisa blushed but wrapped her arms around the boy. Even though she seemed to be tough on the outside, she was actually very worried about him. Tears filled her eyes, threatening to fall. Daisuke lifted his hand and wiped the edge of her eyes, smiling softly.

"I'll be back," he whispered, holding her tightly.

"I believe you Dai," she replied just as softly before they separated, the red head following Dark.

Daisuke caught up with his other half, taking a deep breath. Dark took notice and eyed the red head. Are you sure about this Dai? He asked through their link. I'm sure Dark. I want to fight to protect them, the red head replied softly. Dark placed a hand on the boy's shoulder, giving it a reassuring squeeze. Daisuke smiled softly at his other half as they met up with Link.

"Edward Elric, I swear, if you don't come back, you will regret it," whispered Winry, facing the short blond boy.

Edward chuckled softly, brushing away a stray strand of hair from her face. She blushed slightly, reaching for his hand.

"I promise Winry and I never break my promises," he replied softly, kissing her cheek.

She nodded, squeezing his hand tightly. He smiled at her and then turned to his brother, ruffling his hair. Alphonse laughed, shaking his head.

"I'm coming with you Brother," stated the younger boy, heading towards the doors.

"I guess I have no say in the matter," sighed Edward, following his brother.

After taking a few steps, a pair of arms wrapped around him. Edward stopped in his tracks, shocked. He turned his head slightly and spotted Winry, her face buried in his back. He sighed softly and turned around in her loosened grip. He embraced her tightly, closing his eyes.

"Trust me," he whispered, holding on tighter.

"I do," he replied, tears in her eyes.

"Damn it…, I made you cry again," he sighed, wiping away her tears.

Winry smiled sadly, kissing him softly. He blushed and it did not disappear as she let him go. He nodded slowly and followed his brother towards the doors. He took one last look back at Winry before he joined Link, Daisuke and Dark with Alphonse.

"Are you all ready?" asked Link, pulling out his sword and shield.

"Ready as ever," replied Edward, taking a deep breath, trying to control his blush.

"I just hope they don't reach the injured and others behind us," added Dark, looking back slightly.

"Especially Yuki, he's completely out of it. We have to win this, not only for everyone, but for him as well. He helped all of us," stated Daisuke, taking a deep breath.

The doors buckled once again under the pressure. Before long, the four of them were joined by their friends, all ready to fight as well. Edward looked at the group, taking a deep breath.

"Where's Allen?" asked Alphonse, looking back.

"He's setting up a barrier around the Great Hall to keep the akuma away," replied Russell, standing next to the young Elric. "The exorcists don't want any of the possible akuma to enter it."

"I hope they finish soon," whispered Link, eyeing the large doors. "These won't hold for much longer."

"We have to push the enemy outside," ordered Edward, looking back. "It's the only way there will be enough room to fight!"

"Yes, sir," called the military personnel, saluting the short alchemist.

The door buckled another time and splinters sprayed across the floor, a warning that the wood would soon break. Link gripped his sword tighter, praying to the Goddesses one last time before the battle begun. Suddenly, there was a cry from behind them and the sound of something breaking. However, no one had the time to look back since the doors broke open, revealing a large group of monsters led by a giant man. Over them, an angel with white wings hovered, smirking.

"Surprise, surprise," laughed the man, eyeing the boy in the front: Link.

"Ganondorf," growled the blond swordsman, lifting his sword and shield.

"Let's finish this, shall we?" he called, the monsters storming into the castle.

Link ran towards Ganondorf, jumping over the enemies, keeping his eyes on the man. The man laughed loudly, holding out his hand. Within seconds, a wisp of black shadow materialized and formed a long black blade. When Link brought his sword down, the sound of metal clashing echoed through the hall.

The two men were locked in place, both unwilling to give in. Link glared at the enemy, his arms shaking under the pressure. Ganondorf just smirked, knowing full well that the blond boy in front of him was weak from the previous battles.

"Your time is up, Hero," laughed Ganondorf, pushing on his sword.

Link tried to hold his ground but he was slowly being pushed back, his knees buckling as well. He was going to fall backwards when Ganondorf's weight was pulled off, making Link tumble forward slightly. Breathing heavily, he looked behind the large man and was shocked to see Edward, his metal arm changed into a blade, a side of it covered in blood.

"Link's time is far from over," growled Edward, taking a fighting stance.

Ganondorf whirled around, glaring at the person who dared interrupt his fight with his mortal enemy. Link could now clearly see the large cut Edward had made on the man's back and smirked. He lifted his sword as well, wanting to add to Ganondorf's injuries. However, when the taller blond boy was about to hit the back, the man whirled around, the hilt of his sword ramming into Link's stomach. He was knocked back, hitting the stone wall. He slid onto the floor, the breath knocked out of him.

"Link!" yelled Edward before blocking the attack Ganondorf aimed in his direction.

"I'll take care of you and then finish him off," growled the man, swiping his sword once again in Edward's direction. "It shouldn't take too long."

"Sorry to disappoint you," laughed the blond alchemist, avoiding another hit and swiping his blade, almost reaching the man. "I'm not that easy to get rid of. I keep coming back to kick ass!"

"Pesky human," growled Ganondorf, glaring at the boy as they continued to fight.


When Link had gone to attack Ganondorf, Dark had taken off into the sky. Daisuke did not even have the time to call after his other half before the dark angel had flown too far away. Dark had only one objective in mind: to defeat the white angel over the group of enemies, Krad.

The white angel, on the other hand, waited for Dark, a smug grin on his face. The two angels collided in mid air, Krad laughing loudly as they both fought. They quickly moved around the hall, trying to get the upper hand on the battle.

"So, Dark," called Krad, avoiding a punch, "how is that purple haired kid? I hope you put him out of his misery. He's better off dead anyway."

"SHUT UP KRAD!" yelled the dark angel, pissed off.

"I would like to see you try to shut me up," he replied, kicking the other angel in the stomach. "Oh, and just if it was not clear, after I'm done with you, your other half is as good as dead. I'll make sure of it."

"You won't be harming anyone any more Krad! I'll make sure of it," yelled Dark, slamming Krad into the wall.

"Good luck," chuckled the white angel, creating a sphere of blinding light, pushing the other angel away.


Before the doors to the Entrance Hall broke down, inside the Great Hall were the exorcists and the wounded were still found, another explosion shook the room. Allen, who was placing the last of the barrier with the help of Arisa and Fletcher whirled around, looking first towards the door and then to the ceiling. He closed his eyes and, when he opened them, a red glass appeared in front of his left one. Arisa and Fletcher, once they were finished, looked back at the white haired boy.

"What is it Allen?" asked Arisa, staring at his eye.

"Akuma!" he yelled, catching the other exorcists' attention. "On the roof!"

"What?" she cried, shocked, looking around.

"Well Arisa," called Allen, bringing up his left arm, "you'll now find out the reason behind my arm's deformation."

The cross on his hand glowed a bright green and, when he brought it down, his arm transformed into a large claw. Arisa and Fletcher stared in amazement before Allen smiled in their direction and took off, climbing his way towards the ceiling, higher than the top of the barrier. Suddenly, the ceiling caved in and akuma flew inside. Allen and Kanda were the first ones there and they started to take down the enemies, one with his claw like arm and the other, with his sword.

"Wow...," breathed Arisa, watching the battle.

She then spotted one of the akuma flying towards them. She was about to yell out when it hit the barrier, bouncing off of it. Then the barrier keeps those creatures out but we can still leave? She realized, remembering how Allen and the other exorcists were able to cross to fight the enemies. Useful.


Link blinked the black spots away from his eyes, stunned from the power of Ganondorf's previous strike. His arms shook as he tried to push himself up, keeping a doubtful grip on his sword. He took a deep breath, trying to fill his lungs since the wind was knocked of him and also to try and clear his vision. When he looked up, a chimera was charging in his direction, a few feet away. His eyes widened in surprise and, when the monster pounced, Link raised his sword. It was high enough to pierce through the chimera, killing it instantly. The blond swordsman exhaled attempting to pull his weapon out of the fallen animal.


Link's head snapped to the other side in time to see a goblin bounce off a barrier a foot away from the swordsman. Link pushed himself up and struck the stunned enemy, its body falling to the floor. The young man then looked around, spotting a hint of ruby red in the midst of the fighting and then the reassured face of Daisuke, his wand raised. Link nodded, a small smile on his lips before lifting his shield and sword, ready to defeat any enemy that stood in his way.

Meanwhile, Daisuke returned his attention to the fighting happening near him. He cast spell after spell at the enemies all while trying to defend his companions whenever he spotted danger near them.

Suddenly, he was knocked forward, stumbling onto the floor. His back ached where he got hit as he flipped over, his wand ready. He looked up at his attacker and was stunned for a moment.

"Surprise!" he laughed, lunging towards Daisuke.

The red head dodged to the side, rolling out of the way before getting to his feet.

"I wonder how much it would hurt my light if I killed one of his friends right now. Well, no time like the present to figure it out!"

"You're Link's shadow," whispered Daisuke, remembering how the blond swordsman had called him a while ago.

"Please, I'm more than that," laughed the man, adjusting his grip on his sword. "I'm better than that weakling. He's too soft for his own good."

Daisuke gritted his teeth in anger as he glared at the enemy. Dark Link smirked, charging towards the red head, his sword raised. Daisuke dodged to the side and cast a spell in the enemy's direction. Dark Link laughed, taking it head on before walking up to the student.

"You'll have to do a lot better than that," he challenged, bending down slightly, a large smirk on his face.

It didn't work at all! Thought Daisuke, jumping back as the man swung his sword once again. Dai? Called Dark, worried since he heard the younger boy's thoughts. I'm fine Dark, he replied quickly, not wanting to distract his other half as he fought Krad.

Daisuke continued to catch spells, hoping that one of them would hurt Dark Link. However, try as he might, nothing seemed to work against the enemy as he relentlessly attacked the red head. After a while, Daisuke was pushed onto a wall, far from the group. He gasped for breath, his wand still raised towards the man. Dark Link laughed slashing towards the student. However, the blade was aimed towards the wand and it cut it in half. Daisuke gasped in surprise as his grip on the wand loosened the rest fell to the floor. The red head glanced from his empty hand to the man in front of him, unsure of what he could do. Would he dare try to punch or kick him? The sword would probably cut him before he was even close.

"Ha! I'm going to enjoy this," chuckled Dark Link, approaching Daisuke even more.

Dark Link brought the sword up and, in one swift movement, aimed it towards the red head. He shut his eyes tightly and flinched when he heard the metal hit the wall inched from his head. His breathing was laboured when he dared glimpse to the side where the blade was imbedded. Daisuke tried to breathe deeply but it came out shaky as he turned his attention towards Dark Link.

"Where to start? Where to start?" wondered the man, smiling as he looked over the red head casually. "I hope you said your goodbyes before this battle because you aren't going to see anyone else once I'm through with you."

Daisuke could not help but start shaking as he stared into the man's crimson eyes. The red head took a deep breath before punching his enemy. Dark Link smirked, catching Daisuke's fist with his right hand before plunging the sword into the red head's outstretched arm. The student yelled out in pain as he spotted blood dripping down the blade. Dark Link laughed more before pulling out the sword and letting go of Daisuke's hand. The boy's arm fell to his side, pain throbbing through it. He gritted his teeth, trying to control the pain as he heard Dark Link laugh out loud.

"Well, that's what happens when you want to rush things," chuckled the man, swinging his sword around before looking back at the boy. "Now, I know I should not be doing this to you. I had sworn I would only torture my light but, for you, I will make an exception. You are a good friend of his, are you not?"

Daisuke closed his eyes as he began to shake even more. I will beat this fear. I will beat him, he thought, trying to take a deep breath. Dai? I'm fine Dark! Replied the red head, opening his eyes and glaring at the older man. However, it was just in time to see Dark Link plunge the sword deep into his left shoulder. Daisuke yelled out, sinking to the floor as the enemy pushed the sword as much as possible, laughing the entire time.


"Get them someplace safe!" yelled Impa towards a part of the knights who helped the injured move away from the fighting. "Blondie! Watch it!"

The three blond haired teenagers looked back at the same time towards Impa, wondering to who she was talking to. However, the three of them jumped aside when a piece of the stone ceiling fell near them. They looked at each other before returning to their previous task which consisted of holding the barrier and helping the wounded.

"All right, Fletcher, almost done," encouraged Alphonse, lifting another injured adult with the help of the younger boy. "Let's go."

"Okay," he replied, nodding while he took a deep breath. "We'll be right back, Arisa," he called back towards the older girl.

"No problem," she answered, nodding her head as she held on to one of the barrier emitters. "I got this, I got this," she repeated to herself, making sure that the light that came from the machine did not die out.

"There's one of them!"

Arisa looked up, searching for the source of the yell. She spotted three creatures floating a dozen feet above her. Her eyes widened in surprise, never having seen things such as those in her entire life. Are those... akuma? She wondered, her hands beginning to shake. They can't get in. The barrier is up. They can't get in, she thought, taking a deep breath.


"I call dibs on the girl!" cried the second akuma, soaring towards Arisa.

She gasped in surprise and held on to the machine tighter. The enemy was a foot away when it hit the barrier, bouncing off slightly. Arisa was about to sigh in relief when it attacked the shield repeatedly, trying to break it. She held her ground even as the attacks seem to bend the barrier closer and closer to her. Her throat tightened, when the two other akuma landed in front of her and imitated their companion, wanting to reach the people inside. One of their claws was mere inches from Arisa's face when the three enemies exploded in front of her. She gasped, unable to have any other sound come out. Once the dust cleared, she spotted three people where the akuma once stood.

"Are you all right, Arisa?" wondered Allen from the middle of the two of his friends.

"Yeah, thanks Allen," she replied, nodding.

"Yell out next time, we'll be here faster," suggested the red head next to Allen, Rabi, with a large smile.

"Be careful," called the only girl, Linali, as she took off to fight more akuma.

"You too," replied Arisa as she watched Allen and Rabi leave as well.

We're all in this together, she thought, concentrating on her task.


"Maybe next time, you'll keep your eyes open so that you can see the next attack coming," laughed the man, slowly pulling out the sword.

Daisuke took a short, shaky breath as he tried to control the intense pain coming from his shoulder. He stared at Dark Link who continued to smirk as he swung his sword in front of him once again.

"I guess you're the weakling of the bunch," he remarked after a moment. "You could only fire spells at me, which, by the way, none worked, and now, look at you, you're already injured and just looking pathetic there, slumped against the wall. I was expecting more," he sighed, his smirk vanishing as it was replaced by a bored expression. "I guess it was you're other half that was the real threat, you were just here by accident. Well, I'm not going to let that incident ruin this. I still plan on killing you."

During that time, Daisuke had listened to the entire monologue, his confidence breaking off as would pieces of broken glass from a mirror. On the other side, he could not see anything. That mirror was once Dark and, with him having his own body, Daisuke wondered if he would be the same. So far, there was no reflection as he watched more pieces fall. He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath, trying to think of something to do but the empty mirror kept staring back at him in his mind. The red head opened his eyes and glanced up, towards Dark Link.

"Goodbye, you pathetic human," he whispered, raising his sword and aiming it towards Daisuke's chest.

Daisuke shook his head, trying to get up as Dark Link laughed, bringing the sword down. The red head gasped and closed his eyes, waiting for the impact. After a moment, he felt a light touch on his shoulder and jumped, looking to the side. Next to him knelt a woman with short, brown hair and a tight, black suit with silver and white lining.

"Are you alright?" she asked softly.

"You're an exorcist," he gasped, trying to calm his racing heart. "But, what about..."

Daisuke looked up at Dark Link to see the man frozen on the spot, his sword inches from the red head.

"You don't have to worry about him for the moment, or for any of the fighting going on around us," she replied with a soft smile, motioning further away from them.

Daisuke followed her gaze and spotted that everyone around them had stopped moving just like Dark Link.

"How did you do that?" he wondered, amazed.

"That is the power of my Innocence," she explained, looking back at him. "Though, I can't use it to freeze only the enemies. Since our friends are in the mist as well, everyone is affected."

"You can alter time?"

"Only as long as my Innocence is activated. Once I stop, time goes back to normal."

"Thank you. You're name's Miranda, if I remember correctly," he whispered, surprising the woman.

"Yes, it is. But, I came here to help you. I heard what he said but you shouldn't listen to him."

Daisuke bit his bottom lip, looking away from Miranda.

"Whatever he said, I once thought as well," she explained, pulling out some bandages and began wrapping Daisuke's wounds. "But that is never true, believe me. You are not weak and you are not useless. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. To someone, you will always be important and you will always have meaning. And, from what I've seen, you are important to many people here. They are fighting to protect you as you are fighting to protect them. Do not forget that," she added, finishing tying the last bandage around his arm.

Daisuke eyed the woman next to him and then looked out into the midst of the fighting. He spotted Link, exhaustion showing in his face as he was in the middle of a swing towards a chimera. However, Daisuke could tell he was determined and that he would not give up. Further, Edward was frozen in mid jump, his right arm poised to strike. Daisuke remembered in how much pain the blond boy was previously but there was barely any trace of it left in his face, his willpower shining through. As he continued to look around, he spotted Alphonse, fighting side by side with Russell, two Zoras not far away lending their support. Finally, he looked up and spotted Dark, charging towards Krad. However, Daisuke caught the slightly worried face the angel had and then he noticed the eyes. Dark was looking in his direction. I will protect them, thought Daisuke, looking back at the exorcist.

"Thanks Miranda," he whispered, smiling warmly at her.

He looked down at the bandages and his smile grew wider and a small chuckle escaped his lips. The bandages were unsuccessfully done, some parts threatening to fall off. He looked up at Miranda whose eyes widened immensely.

"I'm sorry! I'm really sorry about that, I wasn't paying attention!"

"It's all right Miranda," reassured Daisuke, undoing part of it and rolling it around tighter. "It's the thought that counts. Thank you."

"I... You're welcome," she replied with a shy smile.

Daisuke nodded as he shakily stood, avoiding the brandished sword in front of him. Miranda followed suit and smiled at him before running off towards the Great Hall where the other exorcists were still fighting off the akuma. Daisuke eyed the man in front of him and concentrated. After a moment, time resumed, meaning Miranda had used her power once again. Dark Link fell forward, his sword scraping on the stone ground. His eyes widened in surprise as he looked around, wondering where Daisuke had gone.

"Looking for me," whispered the red head.

Dark Link whirled around in time to see a foot connect with his face. He staggered back, hitting the wall as he held his bleeding nose. He glanced in front of him and then up, spotting Daisuke hovering over the ground, blood red wings sprouting from his back.

"Interesting," murmured Dark Link, pushing himself off the wall, holding his sword in front of him.


"You're like a little monkey!"


Edward dodged another swipe of the sword, lunging towards Ganondorf once again. The man growled in frustration as he tried to hit the alchemist though the young man moved too much to actually get a hit.

"Stay still!" he growled in frustration, swiping his sword once again. "I have had enough of you pathetic human."

Ganondorf backed away a few steps and raises his hand, aimed towards the alchemist. Edward stumbled to a halt, his right arm poised in front of him as he tried to catch his breath. His head swam though he pushed the feeling back, concentrating on the task at hand. A smirk appeared on Ganondorf's face as energy began to concentrate in the palm of his outstretched hand. It then began to dissipate, swirling around the two men. Edward eyed the dark shadows cautiously, avoiding their touch though he did not want to run away now, when he was so close to beating Ganondorf.

However, the dark energy quickly solidified, creating a barrier around Edward, too fast for the alchemist to move out of the way.

"Trapped again, aren't we?" mocked Ganondorf, enjoying watching Edward struggle to look for a way out.

The man slowly began to close his hand, the dark matter around Edward imitating it. It gradually grew tighter, constricting the alchemist's movements even more until he began having trouble breathing. The dark energy around his chest was the tightest, making it extremely difficult to breath. Edward tried to bring his hands together and, once he did, placed them on his bindings. However, nothing happened when he tried to destroy them. Damn it... I have no idea what these are made of! He realized, trying to pull the dark matter off of him. Come on! Damn this thing! He cursed, trying to blink away the dark spots that began to swim across his vision.

"Well, well, at the end of your rope, aren't you monkey?" smirked Ganondorf, approaching the struggling alchemist. "Now, shall I strangle you to death? Crush you? Or stab you? Or cut you so that you bleed to death? This is a tough decision."

"Oh, just shut up," growled Edward, struggling to catch his breath and to glare at the man even though his vision grew darker by the minute.

"Well, either way, you will not be hearing anything soon," chuckled Ganondorf evilly as he raised his sword.

Before Edward could retort, the man gasped in surprise blood slowly dripped from his mouth and he crumbled to the floor. The dark matter around Edward disappeared and the alchemist fell to one knee, taking a few deep breaths. Once the black spots were gone, Edward looked up and spotted Link standing where Ganondorf once was. The blond swordsman was breathing hard as he leaned on his weapon, smiling softly at his best friend.

"Need help?" breathed Link, bending forward, his hand outstretched to help his friend.

"Thanks," panted Edward, grasping the swordsman's hand to pull himself up.

As they tried to catch their breath, they looked around the area, surveying the amount of enemies left. Surprisingly, the allies were outnumbering them and, when some of the enemies saw the fallen Ganondorf, they hastily made a retreat towards the exit. A smirk appeared on Edward's face as he took down any enemy that passed him as they tried to escape. Link also tried to take them down but, because of his fatigue, his attacks were not as fast nor as powerful had he had hoped.

After what seemed like an eternity, the fighting slowly died down. From the Great Hall, the sound of explosions caused by the destroyed akuma could no longer be heard and the yelling that had resounded throughout the area had become a low murmur of allies who were helping each other. Link slowly slumped to the ground, out of breath as he tried to focus on his surroundings. His vision had slowly been growing fuzzy from exhaustion and now, he could only make out some vague shapes and colours. Therefore, when he spotted a trace of gold and black tumble to the floor next to him, he knew it was Edward. The young alchemist returned his metal arm to normal before looking up at his friend.

"Good job out there," he breathed, lifting his fist towards the swordsman.

"You weren't that bad either," chuckled Link, lightly hitting the fist with his own.

"Remember I saved your sorry but."

"And I saved yours, we're even," laughed the swordsman, leaning onto the wall and taking a deep breath.

When he looked around once again, he made out a trail of white heading towards them. The person stumbled closer before tripping over some loose rocks and falling onto Edward from the back. The two of them ended up on the floor, the new arrival rolling off the alchemist who groaned in frustration.

"Sorry Ed," chuckled the person, titling his head back to look at the alchemist.

"You could have given me a fair warning, Allen," he grumbled, pushing himself back up to inspect the younger boy.

His black coat was torn and slightly bloody, as were his pants and shirt. He smiled warmly at the two friends, exhaustion showing on his face as well. He glanced towards the ceiling and smiled even more.

"Here come the others," he remarked, catching Edward and Link's attention.

They both looked up as well and spotted Daisuke and Dark gliding towards them, the red head supported by his other half. Once they reached the ground, the younger one gladly dropping to the floor, his bloody arm hanging motionless beside him. His blood red wings curled behind him before disappearing. As for the other angel, he slowly slid down, leaning on the wall and took a spot next to Link. The side of his face was scratched from where Krad had knocked him onto the wall. Also, his right leg was bloody, making it difficult for him to move around.

"We won, didn't we?" smiled Allen from his spot sprawled on the floor.

"I believe we did," breathed Daisuke, also smiling weakly.

"That was some battle," remarked Dark, looking around the area.

"Tell me about," murmured Edward, taking a deep breath.

Link closed his eyes and smiled at his friends' comments. He did not have the strength to add to them but he still enjoyed listening to them. But they're right, we did win. It's over for a while, he thought, taking a deep breath. He was about to face into a light sleep when he caught a dark aura somewhere near them. He struggled to sit up straighter as he blinked, trying to focus on his surroundings. As he searched, he felt it grow stronger and he quickened his search, catching the others' attention.

"What is it, Link?" wondered Edward, surprised by his friend's reaction.

"Something… Somewhere…"

Link finally spotted the source of the dark aura and gasped in surprise. A large sphere of dark energy was pointed in their direction, ready to be released. Behind it, Link could make out the satisfied smirk of his arch enemy, his eyes blood red as more blood spilled from his mouth.

"Goodbye, Hero," he coughed with his last breath.

He released the dark energy which shot towards the exhausted and injured group. Ganondorf collapsed, dead, before seeing the result of his last action. Link cried out, warning the others but he knew that they could do nothing about it. They were all too tired to move, let alone defend themselves. Therefore, the attack hit all of them head on. Their cries of pain echoed through the hall, catching everyone else's attention as they rushed to help.

The five friends were caught in the middle of the dark energy, pain attacking each of them all over their body. When it died down, none of them could move. Their friends rushed to their side, some of them falling to their knees in haste, trying to see if the five friends were still alived.

Princess Ruto was one of the first as she came next to Link who lay slumped on the ruined wall, his lifeless eyes staring into space as his mouth hung open slightly, his breathing irregular. His wounds had grown larger but he could no longer feel the pain since everything had gone numb. She gasped in shock before Zelda fell next to her, reaching towards her injured knight, tears filling her sky blue eyes before sliding down her cheeks, falling softly onto Link's hand.

Slightly further away, Allen was still sprawled on the ground though his smile had vanished. Rabi was bent over him, trying to think of something he could do but his mind went blank for a moment as he eyed his friend, his head titled to the side as his white hair partly covering his pain filled face, his eyes closed tightly.

Alphonse was the first to reach Edward who had been pushed to the floor by the force of the impact and he now laid there, his legs curled awkwardly under him. Alphonse stared in shock and fear at his brother whose hair had escaped the elastic that normally held it and was sprawled around him. His golden eyes were half-lidded, staring into space, only adding to Alphonse's worries. Winry soon joined him and chocked back a sob with threatened to escape her lips.

As for Daisuke, the young red head was had been tossed to his side when Arisa fell to her knees next to him. She lightly brushed his ruby red locks away from his pain filled face. More blood soaked his clothes and she was worried that he may have lost too much. Her tears fell freely as she leaned in and kissed the young man lightly on his cheek.

Finally, Saki came next to Dark, the Phantom Thief slumped against the wall, his midnight black wings twitching irregularly as the man tried to breathe evenly. His eyes were closed, his face pale. Saki gripped his hand slowly, hers trembling.

"Get them quickly to be healed," ordered Mustang, trying to keep his voice even. "Hurry."