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(A.N: Thanks to Flower Of Paper for the idea. Your random discarded plotbunnies are always so fun to play with!)

By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Yomi couldn't help but privately think that Sakaki had been slightly mad to invite all of them, including the Numbnuts to a bookshop. Tomo had hidden herself in the manga section and was being no help whatsoever, Kagura was looking decidedly bored, and Osaka was doing what Osaka did best – staring into nowhere with a completely absent look in her eyes. Which left Yomi and Chiyo to do all the work and try to help Sakaki find the book she wanted.

"Why do you need a book on lilies anyway, Sakaki?" Yomi asked and the taller girl just smiled in reply.

"I think it's for a school project," Chiyo piped up. "Isn't it, Sakaki-san?"

Sakaki nodded, "Yes, that's it."

Yomi couldn't remember them having been assigned a project that had anything to do with flowers, but she had been ill a lot recently and Tomo, who was supposed to have given her all the work she missed hadn't been of any help whatsoever.

"Oh, ok." Yomi shrugged in response and continued looking. "Found it! Is this what you want, Sakaki?" She pulled out a large book with brightly coloured pictures of lilies on the front of it. Sakaki nodded.

"Thank you, Yomi."

Of course it was then that Tomo decided to reappear, half-hidden behind a massive stack of comic books.

"Hey guys, had any luck finding the book you were lo…" she stopped mid-sentence upon spotting the book Sakaki was holding, then all the manga she was carrying slipped out of her arms and scattered across the floor.

"What on earth are you doing this time, Tomo?" Kagura asked, shaking her head in exasperation. "You just dropped all you comics!"
Tomo however didn't appear to have heard her.

"Yu… yu… yuri!" Tomo gasped, looking at Sakaki in astonishment. "Damn Sakaki, I never would have pegged you as that type!"

Everyone blinked, then Sakaki turned red, Kagura looked like she was about to burst out laughing, and Yomi gave Tomo such a deadly look that it would probably have killed the girl at twenty paces if she wasn't already immune.

"Tomo, not in front of Chiyo," she hissed. Tomo didn't pay any attention to what Yomi was saying, just grinned at the other girl and said, "You know you can make a move on her now we know that's she's be…"

Yomi had grabbed Tomo and hissed, "Finish that sentence and I'll kill you," before Tomo had the chance to complete whatever it was she was saying. Tomo smirked, Kagura snickered, and Yomi and Sakaki both turned even deeper shades of red.

Chiyo looked at her friends, her expression one of utter confusion. "Ummm… so is that the right book then?"

Tomo grinned, "Oh yeah, that's definitely the right book, isn't it Yomi?"

. Tomo fell backwards onto the floor, glaring up at her friend.

Osaka blinked and snapped out of the weird thoughts that had been consuming her mind. "Did I miss anythin'?"

"No," Yomi replied. "We were just looking for a book on lilies."