Once in a lifetime
means there's no second chance
so I believe than you and me
should grab it while we can

"I don't feel well."

Those were the words that had started everything. She had felt a bit sick, that was all. She had thrown up a few times, but it was probably the flu or something.

"Well why don't I take you to the doctor's?" Ms. Montez suggested to her daughter Gabriella.

"You know, Gabi, if you and Troy ever did anything, now is the time to tell me, throwing up is a sign of pregnancy…"

"Mom! No, I already discussed that with you, I'm, not ready for that!" Gabriella whined through her sore throat, then clutched it. Everything hurt.

"Well, let's just go the hospital, find out what's wrong with you."

The slim, exotic looking brunette went into the car next to her Mom. She was just hours away form her life changing forever.

Make it last forever
and never give it back

'So she isn't pregnant?" Ms. Montez questioned Dr. Kuros.

"No. She doesn't have a common illness either. Ms. Montez, you're going to need to sign this release. We think something more…serious might be happening to Gabriella. We're going to give her a catscan to find out exactly what is wrong."

'Alright." Gabriella's worried mother signed the release, then opened up to a magazine. She hoped her daughter would be alright. After all, it was the only thing she had.

It's our turn, and I'm loving' where we're at
Because this moment's really all we have

Gabriella was nervous. She had never done anything like this before. The doctor had made her get into hospital robes and she was sitting in a small tunnel. She wasn't exactly thrilled by small spaces either, so this was sort of a nerve wracking experience for her.

Everyday of our lives,
Wanna find you there, wanna hold on tight

She decided to think happy thoughts. Happy thoughts of her and her boyfriend, Troy. She had just come back from her best summer ever. She was a senior now at East High. She had been through so much with him and all their friends. It all had started when she had moved here last year, and then her and Troy had gotten the leads in the musical. Then they were hired by Sharpay's country club…these were the things that she loved best. Spending time with her friends, surrounding herself In their presence.

Gonna run, while we're young

And keep the faith

Then, finally, after over 45 minutes, she was done with the catscan. She changed back into her normal clothing, then followed Dr. Kuros out of the room. "I'm sure everything will be alright, Gabriella. Now, if you'll just follow me back into the waiting area where your mother is, we'll have the results back in no time, I'm sure."

Gabriella trusted the doctor, but she felt as if he spoke nervously, just a little bit. She hoped she was okay. She hadn't been feeling well for days. But she'd be fine, she had to be! She had even talked to Troy about auditioning for the musical again! And anyway, nothing really could be worse than getting pregnant, and now that she had the doctor's assurance from pregnancy, she had proved to her Mom that she could be trusted.

Every day, from right now

Gonna use our voices and scream out loud

Finally, after a long wait, Dr. Kuros came out again. He looked as if he'd not slept in days, he was so nervous. "Look, Gabriella, we have a theory, but we just want to clarify everything, rule everything else out. Right now, it looks like the only thing possible, but just to be sure…well…we think you might have something bigger than the flu. Much bigger. I don't know how to tell you this, but…"

Take my hand

Together we will celebrate, celebrate.

Oh, everyday

Note-sorry for leaving you all hooked, that is if anybody is reading this. Don't worry it'll get good. I hope to send East High into turmoil haha.