Chapter 1:


I heard the roar of her truck and knew that my Bella would be with me soon. As I walked down the stairs I could already hear Emmett's laughter echoing through the house. Then I caught site of my true love, her face red with blush. Next I was by her side, arm around her waist. She stretched up to kiss me lightly on the lips.

We walked at human pace towards the couch. As we sat down Alice went on about shopping and wedding plans to Bella, as Emmett thought of ways to get a good laugh out of my fiance. Finally he settled on going bowling. We decided to pair up and invited Rosalie and Jasper to come.


"Please, Edward this is so unfair! You know how bad I am at sports," I begged him for the hundredth time.

"You've never tried bowling," Edward teased. I finally agreed to go but knew it would be a disaster. Edward and I rode in the Volvo and followed Emmett, Rosalie, Alice, and Jasper.


Wow, I can't wait to watch Bella try to bowl this will sure get me a good laugh. I saw Edward glaring at me and knew he was reading my thoughts. We walked up to the cashier and bought three games. As we went to our bowling lane I thought we should make this interesting.

"How about we make a bet," I suggested.

"You're on," Jasper agreed.

"Sure," Edward added happily.

"Okay so we have the teams Edward and Bella, Jasper and Alice, Me and Rose"


Okay well I knew me and Alice had a chance, I just felt sorry for Edward. Why was he so confident, did he actually think he could win?


Well I knew that Bella wasn't the most coordinated person but it didn't matter to me I would gladly lose a bet as long as I was able to lose with her. It was Rosalie's thoughts that bothered me the most. Ha, this should be funny. Edward actually thinks he has a chance.

"Okay" Emmett announced. "What shall be the winner's prize?"

'Winners get to give the losers one ultimate dare." Rosalie suggested.

"Agreed," Emmett added. I could tell that Emmett and Rosalie thought they would be the winners without even reading their minds.

"Let the games begin" Alice chirped.