Wings Around My Heart

By: DOLLface

Disclaimer: I do not own anything or anyone other than Hailey 'Hatred' Fertig.

/ - The younger sister of the Fanged Freak; what does that supposed to mean? Absolutely NO touching! Every guy trying to get any where close to her, is going to have to have a little 'talk' with Kevin himself.

Is there any man worthy enough for Kevin's approval? - /

Pairings: MattHail, KevAriel, and more

Chapter One: BABYSITTER? You're kidding!

I was furious. I couldn't believe he was actually treating me like this!

"Kevin, I am old enough to drink, I am aloud to legally vote, I can drive; I am a FULL GROWN ADULT. I can take care of myself!" I ranted on.

"I don't give a baker's fuck! Since I can't be here to watch out for perverts like that shit-for-brains Kennedy; Kane will!" Kevin argued with me.

His girlfriend Ariel was standing next to him watching the two of us bicker.

I groaned out of anger and frustration. "You're so FREAKING IMPOSSIBLE!"

I stormed away from him into the women's locker room. In there, I hoped I could get at least five minutes of peace.

"I'll handle this." Ariel said to Kevin.

Slamming the door open, I walked in and sat down on one of the benches. I was starting to get a headache from all the stress and drama.

I swear, sometimes being Kevin 'Thorn' Fertig's little sister is the worst thing in world history! I never have had a steady relationship with a man without Kevin screwing it all up. Ugh, he just makes me so angry! I mean, sure; so I lost my virginity to Mr. Kennedy. But I am twenty five-years-old damnit and I can do as I wish! He needs to let go already and stop treating me like I'm thirteen.

Not only being angry at Kevin for having Kane watch me; I was also mad at him about another thing. He had me transferred from RAW to Smackdown! Now I was apart from all my friends. I hate this show! Most of the wrestlers are either old or untalented. There is a handful that are, but not many!

Ariel walked and a greeted me with a quiet 'hey'. I responded with a regular 'hi'. She sat behind me and worked on braiding my hair.

"Listen sweetie, Kevin is only looking out for you. It's what brothers do." She said. "So please don't be mad at him alright?"

"Yeah well, I'm sick of him looking out for me." I grumbled. "I'm old enough to know right from wrong."

"Then why'd you let Kennedy have sex with you?" Ariel asked.

"We were having a relationship and I felt ready and trusted him." I answered honestly.

"Four months doesn't count for having relationship where it's safe enough to have sex." Ariel told me. "You should at least wait a year."

"Well, I don't have to wait any more. I can't date anyone else. Because if I do, Mr. Wondrous will find out and break us apart." I said.

"Try taking a break for now. May be things will calm down and something good might happen." Ariel replied.

She was right. Taking a break did sound like a good thing for now. I decided to take a breather, and focus everything all on the ring.

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