Title: The Vow
Characters/Pairings: Jack/Will, some prostitutes
Warning: some slashiness, ridiculousness
Summary: A certain blacksmith is rather innocent...or is he?
A/N: This takes place after "The Confession"

There was always men coming in or going out of the tavern, but it was unusual when a young man entered, went straight to the bar to get a rum, and took up residence at the table in the corner. It was odd due to the status he once held in society, but lost when he turned pirate unexpectedly. Everyone still knew him as the loyal blacksmith who never drank. Strange indeed to find him consuming the alcohol greedily from his mug.

His chiseled handsome face did not go unnoticed by the strumpets present. They flocked to him right away and commenced working their charms on him. The heavily intoxicated men around him envied the attention he was receiving and were bewildered at the lack of interest he showed.

"Why, I haven't seen you here before, handsome," one of the women said. "My name is Mary and if you'd like, I can provide you some fine company. You look like you could use it."

He smiled shyly and replied, "No thanks. I'd actually prefer to be alone if you don't-"

"Nonsense!" another interjected. "Someone as attractive as you – surely you must be wantin' a lady's touch."

She stroked his hair while one stroked his cheek. He swallowed nervously and laughed slightly.

"Well, you don't understand. I took a vow of……abstinence," he ended in a whisper.

The five women looked at each other in surprise before erupting into giggles.

"Oh, how charming!" Mary exclaimed.

"Not only that, but I…..I.…."

"Bless you, lad. Are you a virgin?"

His silence and the reddening tint to his cheeks provided the answer.

The prostitutes had another bout of giggling.

"You must break it for tonight! You should experience pleasures of the flesh at least once in your lifetime," a brunette stated.

"It's more complicated than that. I…..I don't want you to see."

"See what? Darlin', we've seen it all."

He lowered his voice to such a soft volume that when the females cried, "Aww! You poor thing!" it seemed incredibly loud. Most of the people present turned to glance at him, and the man who had been watching it all unfold quietly several tables away spewed out the mouthful of liquid he had. He pressed his forehead to the table top and visibly shook from his laughter.

When he was finally able to collect himself, he treaded lightly out the exit to wait.

A few minutes later, William Turner emerged, and the sight of him set Jack Sparrow into another fit of laughter. Will shook his head and tried to scowl, but a smile remained on his face.

Jack at last regained his breath and grinned mischievously.

"Eunuchy; snip, snip, ay?" he voiced jokingly.

"I've proved it wrong for you time and time again, and now I've suffered another blow to my pride for your ludicrous enjoyment."

"Ah, don't be that way, love. If it'll make ya feel better, I'll help ya break that chastity vow of yours, savvy? What say you?"

"I say you're going to be up for a good amount of the night beneath me as I do so, Captain Sparrow."

Jack chuckled at the statement, but was hushed as Will pressed his lips against his ardently. If Jack was so bold as to commit such an act in public, he would be as well.

When he pulled away from the tanned pirate, Jack placed his arm across the blacksmith's shoulders and they headed back to the ship.

"Perhaps buggering me all night will give you some inspiration for your next dare of me," Jack said pleasantly.


Truth be told, Will knew his mind would be preoccupied with the vision and sounds of Jack in utter arousal; there would not be any ideas tonight.