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Stranded on Ariralue

Chapter 9: S#! Hits the Fan

Sprx's eyes fluttered open, but he quickly closed them. The heat, smell, and itching were driving the red monkey up the wall. He was surprised he hadn't cracked by now, his discomfort was so unbearable. But something kept the red monkey from despairing, from losing all hope. In fact, it was only four words.

"I love you, Nova." I actually said that to her. And she feels the same! Hoo-cha! Sprx smirked weakly as the room's temperature increased yet again. "What, I can't even think happy thoughts?" Sprx's reply was a sudden drop of liquid on his head. As the red monkey watched it slide down his nose, he noticed it was brown. Another drop came, and then another.

"Great." Sprx began humming to himself, trying desperately to cling to the hope Nova gave him.

Gibson tossed and turned, desperately trying to get to sleep. He attempted counting sheep, but when he reached 1,234,987, he realized it was useless. The blue monkey lay on his back and stared at the ceiling, his mind not letting him sleep.

What if Nova loses? We'll lose both her, and Sprx. And where has Mubra been today? We were supposed to visit the archive together. And what is this terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach? I need to take a walk, clear my mind. Gibson got out of his bed and made for the door. Upon opening the door, Gibson was surprised to see Mubra about to knock. Gibson smiled happily.

"Good evening, Mubra. I missed you today." Mubra blushed furiously.

"Good evening, Gibson. I'm sorry I missed our appointment today. Yitai needed assistance with her training, and as her friend I felt it was my duty to assist her." Gibson simply nodded, an awkward silence forming between the two. After a couple seconds, Gibson cleared his throat and spoke.

"Well, I was just going for a walk to clear my head. Um, would you like to join me?" Mubra brightened considerably at this, looping her arm through Gibson's as she replied.

"I thought you'd never ask." Smiling, the couple made their way down the hall and out of the castle.

The moon shone down brilliantly, the night being perfectly clear. Thousands upon thousands of stars filled the sky, adding to the beautiful picture. Gibson lost himself in the spectacle, and had to be brought back by a nudge from Mubra. Gibson blushed.

"Er, sorry about that." Mubra laughed and kissed him on the cheek.

"Don't apologize, Gibson. Your love of science and nature is one reason I'm attracted to you." Gibson smiled at this, pulling Mubra closer to him as they continued walking. The blue monkey couldn't believe how lucky he was to have found somebody like Mubra. The very thought of spending the rest of his life with somebody as perfect as her filled the blue monkey with-wait. Gibson gasped, attracting Mubra's attention. "What's the matter, Gibson?" The seriousness that Gibson's eyes carried when he turned to her caught Mubra off guard.

"Mubra, a terrible thought has just occurred to me. What happens when I have to leave with the team" Mubra's eyes widened.

"Oh dear. I had forgotten about that." The two monkeys stood there in silence for awhile, not really sure what to do or say. Finally, Mubra worked up the courage to speak. "You…could stay here…with me." Gibson sighed, shaking his head sadly.

"No, that could never work. I could never leave my family. I am sorry." Mubra smiled, despite her disappointment.

"No, I understand, Gibson. I couldn't leave here either." The two lovers stood in silence once again; all theirs hopes and dreams seemed to have faded in the last minute. Why did fate have to be so cruel? To unite these two monkeys, and then to tear tem apart; it was almost unimaginable.

"Well, there is one thing." Mubra looked at Gibson.

"What is it?" The blue monkey smiled.

"Our robot is broken. It will probably be at least a month before Otto can fix it, probably more." Mubra brightened slightly at this.

"Well, that's something." Mubra placed her head on Gibson's chest, taking in his scent. He smelled of an assortment of chemicals with a smattering of that library smell. Mubra absolutely loved it. "You smell nice, Gibson." The blue simian blushed at the compliment.

"Why thank you, Mubra. I haven't bathed in two days now, so I'd assumed I was pretty ripe." The only answer Gibson received was the sound of Mubra's soft breathing. The blue primate looked down to see that Mubra had fallen asleep. Smiling, Gibson lay down on the ground and soon fell asleep himself. The sound of Mubra's breathing proved to be much better than counting sheep.

The sun rose blood red over the city of Paradise, an ominous omen that was not missed by many of the citizens.

"A red sun! You don't think that Miss Yitai will…?" This was the question on many of the citizens' minds as they flocked to the palace, eager to see the duel. It promised to be an epic one, which only increased the interest of the people. However, not everybody in the kingdom shared this enthusiasm.

"Do we have to do his, Antauri?" Chiro looked at the silver simian, a small hint of hope entering the teenager's blue eyes. Antauri nodded his head solemnly.

"Yes, Chiro, this is something we have to do. Right now the people of this kingdom are our allies. It would be most unwise to violate their cultural traditions, thusly earning ourselves a new enemy. And without the Super Robot on backup, we wouldn't last very long." Chiro sighed, nodding his head in agreement.

"Yeah, I guess you're right, Antauri. Still, I don't like the idea of losing Nova and Sprx forever." Antauri placed his hand on Chiro's shoulder, trying hard to hide his own misgivings.

"I know, Chiro. But we must have faith that the Power Primate will guide Nova to victory." Chiro tried to smile, but it wasn't easy.

"Well, I think we should go wish Nova luck." Antauri nodded, and then the two made their way towards the yellow female's room, where they met Otto. When he saw his two friends, Otto grinned goofily and smiled.

"Morning, guys! This is exciting, huh? We get to see Nova totally destroy somebody!" Chiro couldn't help but feel a bit better; Otto's enthusiasm and faith were just so infectious. Antauri simply smiled and nodded, knocking on Nova's door as he did so.

Nova was awakened by the sound of knocking on her door. The yellow monkey snapped awake, the events of yesterday all coming back to her. Nova placed her hands on her head, taking great gulping breaths in an attempt to calm down.

Easy there, Nova. This is what you train everyday for. You can do it. Still not thoroughly convinced with herself, Nova stood up and went to the bathroom, quickly rinsing her face in the sink. She had just gotten to the door when a second round of knocking began.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm coming! Sheesh!" The yellow primate opened the door to see the smiling faces of Chiro, Otto, and Antauri. Before Nova could say anything, Otto kissed her on the forehead.

"You're going to be great, Nova! I'm going to get a front row seat so I can see the fight better!" Nova blushed both from the kiss and the praise, hugging Otto and the others close. The fact that this might be the last time she ever touched or talked to these guys wasn't lost on her.

"I just want you guys to know that you're the best family a girl could ask for." Chiro smiled, picking up all three of the monkeys in a mighty hug.

"The same goes for you, Nova."

"Except for the girl part." Everyone laughed, causing Otto give them a confused look. "What? We're not girls, right?" Nova lightly smacked Otto in the back of the head.

This might be the last time I ever witness one of Otto's stupid moments. Nova mentally shook her head, driving such thoughts from her mind. Indecisiveness and self-doubt were deadly to a warrior. A sudden thought struck Nova as she memorized the faces of her dear friends.

"Where's Gibson?" At this everybody went silent, nobody having an answer. Nova just looked at the ground, hurt that the blue monkey wasn't here. A sudden shout caused Nova to brighten up.

"Morning, all." Gibson walked towards the group with Mubra by his side, the pair having just turned the corner into the corridor. Nova smiled and hugged Gibson close, the blue monkey returning the favor.

"You've been a great friend, Gibson." The blue monkey released Nova, smiling slightly.

"Been? I'd like to think that we'll still be friends later on." Nova smiled punching Gibson on the shoulder.

"Count on it, Gibson." Just then, two red monkeys walked up to the group, bowing to Mubra when they noticed her.

"Morning, Esteemed one." They spoke and moved in perfect unison, slightly unnerving everybody except Mubra, who just nodded and smiled.

"Morning, R.E.Ds. How are you today?" The pair looked at each other, and then back at Mubra, still in perfect unison.

"We are adequate, Esteemed one. We have come to escort Duelist Nova to the arena." Nova nodded, hugging all of her friends for what very well might be the last time.

"Well, this is it, guys." Chiro smiled, giving Nova a thumbs-up.

"See you after the fight, Nova." Otto chimed in here.

"Yeah! We'll get pancakes at Dan's pancake…uh, place!" Nova smiled, turning to follow her red escort. Mubra called out after Nova had taken a few more steps.

"I…wish you luck, Nova." Nova was surprised, but nodded graciously to Mubra. She must really care about Gibson to offer support to her best friend's enemy. As Nova and the R.E.Ds turned the corner, Mubra cleared her throat. "If you all would follow me, I'll lead you to the arena." Mubra spun on her heel and went in the opposite direction of Nova, the remaining Hyperforce members following suit. The group walked in silence for awhile, Gibson eventually breaking it.

"Why did you call those two monkeys R.E.Ds? Besides the obvious, I mean." Mubra smiled as she answered.

"It is an acronym that stands for Really Excellent Defenders." Gibson raised an eye-ridge at this.

"Isn't that a bit cliché?" Mubra laughed at this.

"Yes it is. But I wouldn't tell a R.E.D. that. They don't like people insulting their name." Gibson smiled, but Antauri spoke out in response.

"They seemed perfectly in-tune with each other." Mubra nodded in response.

"I would hope so. That is the result of spending every moment of everyday of their lives together since they were born." Everybody gasped at this, Chiro being the only one who could find his voice.

"Their whole life? You mean they've been trained since birth?" Mubra only nodded in response. The group marched on in silence, digesting this information. To train for one's entire life would undoubtedly lead them to be a great warrior team. But one's whole life was quite a price to pay for greatness.

"Welcome to the Arena entrance." The Hyperforce was brought back from their thoughts by Mubra's voice. The group stared in awe at the spectacle before them. There were several large archways, each filled with a vertical portal. Writing above each of the archways identified what section each gateway led to, much like a modern-day stadium. Masses of citizens swarmed into the archways, except for one that said 'Nobility.' This was the one the Hyperforce was currently standing in front of. Mubra was about to speak when a voice called out.

"Hey guys!" The group turned around to see Arbum, Dan, and Ingant approaching them. Arbum smiled and waved to Otto, Dan smiled happily, and Ingant simply nodded. Otto waved to Dan and Arbum, but Chiro had a different response for Ingant.

"Greetings, Miss. My name is Chiro, leader of the Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce. May I ask who you are?" Ingant smiled politely, bowing to Chiro and the group graciously.

"I am pleased to meet you, one called Chiro. My name is Ingant, mother of Yitai." The group fell silent at this, the feeling of unease palpable. Here stood the two parties representing the opposing duelists, so it was not the easiest of situations. Arbum cleared her throat and grabbed Otto by the arm.

"Well, we'd better hurry if we want good seats." Without another word, the dark brown monkey pulled Otto through the portal after her. Gibson and Mubra followed soon after, then Chiro and Antauri, and lastly came Dan and Ingant.

Nova walked down the hallway in-between her red escorts, lost in her thoughts. She played out Yitai's movements in her mind, planning out her responses in anticipation. However, she kept losing focus, becoming attracted to the red fur of the guards. It reminded her of Sprx's fur, the fur she had always longed to snuggle up against. And now that she had finally gotten that chance, some tramp had to come in and ruin it. Nova fumed inwardly, her hate and contempt for the purple Yitai burning strong.

"I'm going to kill that bitch." The sound of laughter brought Nova back from her thoughts.

"Good luck with that, one called Nova. Miss Yitai is one of the greatest warriors in the kingdom. Don't think that you have much of a chance." Nova glared at the guard who had spoken, who only smirked in reply. "And glaring won't do you much good either. I'm sure either me or my brother here could take you easy." The other guard smirked and nodded, which threatened to set Nova off. The yellow warrior felt that familiar feeling of intense heat building inside of her, but she wasn't about to take it out on these two clowns. The group marched on in silence until they reached a small wooden door, which the guards opened, beckoning Nova in.

"When the room suddenly lights up, you enter the portal. Understand?" Nova only nodded, entering the dimly lit room. The guards closed the door none-too-gently after her, and Nova heard the sound of a lock clicking. Undeterred, Nova stretched out and warmed up, and then got into a meditative position, trying to clear her mind.

The Hyperforce emerged into a scene of utter amazement. They were in a building very similar to the Coliseum in Rome, except this building had a slightly more monkey-esque feel to it. The three symbolic monkey statues stood in a triangle at the top of the building, looking down with their emotionless faces. Hordes of cheering citizens lined the lower and upper rows, not to mention food and merchandise vendors. Otto grabbed three bags of peanuts and a giant yellow foam finger before Arbum dragged him to their seats. Antauri, Chiro, Gibson, and Mubra took seats nearby, while Dan sat next to Otto. Ingant seemed to make a point of sitting next to Arbum, but nobody noticed this. King Grom, who sat in the middle of the Nobility row stood up, the whole arena falling immediately silent. The giant gorilla cleared his throat before continuing.

"Citizens of Paradise! We are here today to witness an epic struggle between two women for the heart of one man! Are you ready?" The crowd roared in response, making King Grom smiled. "Very well then. Please put your hands together for the first combatant, Nova!" King Grom pressed a button on his throne as he spoke.

Nova snapped out of her meditative trance as a blinding light appeared in the room, followed by a voice.

"Very well then. Please put your hands together for the first combatant, Nova!" The yellow female sprung up, took a deep breath, and marched through the portal located in the room.

Nova emerged from the portal in the center of the arena to be greeted by a chorus of boos. Nova scanned the crowd for her friends, but soon found Otto's voice guiding her.

"GO NOVA!" The green monkey's voice resounded over all others, amplified by a small device he had created the night before. All the people near Otto had their hands over their ears, their eardrums thumping in pain. The rest of the Hyperforce waved to Nova, he returned the gesture. King Grom cleared his throat once again, causing the entire place to fall silent yet again.

"And now, put your hands together for you very own, Yitai!" The roar of the crowd was deafening as the purple monkey emerged from the portal, waving and blowing kisses to everybody in the crowd. Many of the male members of the audience wolf whistled. Yitai finally turned to Nova, green eyes meeting pink one. The contempt and desire to kill was evident to the crowd, which made them eager for the duel to start. King Grom cleared his throat a third time; the response was immediate.

"Know, we reveal the prize these two shall be dueling for." The crowd held their breath as something began to emerge from the portal.

Sprx was awakened by the sound of somebody entering the room. The red monkey cracked open an eyelid to see a strange brown monkey approaching his cube. Sprx smirked as he spoke.

"Are you real, or are you just another hallucination?" The brown monkey didn't reply. Instead, it placed its hand on the crate, shutting its eyes in concentration. Sprx was about to ask what the stranger was doing when he felt the box begin to rise. Sprx felt himself and the crate rise, and soon found himself in the arena.

Everybody gasped as Sprx and his crate rose from the portal. The cube continued to rise until it came to a stop about twenty yards above the combatants. A couple of the young female crowd members whispered to each other and giggled. Nova stared up at Sprx, worried. He looked tired, plus he was covered with sweat and some disgusting brown liquid. Nova didn't want to know what the red monkey had been going through. King Grom spoke, addressing Sprx in particular.

"Master Sprx, you are allowed a few words, in case you wish to say something before your mind is altered." Sprx cleared his throat before he spoke.

"First of all, let me say that this has been a fun time. You should try it, your highness. Secondly, I just want to say that-" Sprx looked Nova straight in the eye as he spoke "-love you, Nova. I love you more than anything in the entire universe." Nova smiled and replied before anybody could stop her.

"I love you to, Sprx. Always and forever." Sprx smiled, but it was driven from his face by Yitai.

"Enough of this!" The purple monkey cracked her knuckles and then pointed at Nova. "I'm going to make you suffer first, bitch." Nova smirked and got into a fighting stance.

"My thoughts exactly." King Grom's voice boomed over the crowd.

"Let the duel begin!" Quick as a flash, Yitai shot forward and kicked out at Nova's stomach. Anticipating the move, Nova grabbed Yitai's foot in her hands. In one fluid motion, the purple monkey spun her body, bringing her free foot crashing into the left side of Nova's face, sending the golden warrior flying. The crowd cheered the maneuver, only to be blotted out by Otto's voice.

"Foul! I call a foul!" Dan gave Otto an are-you-insane look, while Arbum just laughed. Nova picked her self up off the ground, pouncing on Yitai and tackling her to the ground. Nova managed to score a few good blows to the face before Yitai kicked out with her feet, catching Nova right in the stomach.

"Oof!" The yellow female flew backwards, landing a few feet away. Yitai picked herself off the ground, looking at Nova slightly more wary. A dark mist began to form around the purple monkey's hands, and her voice was venomous as she spoke.

"What do you say we stop playing around?" Nova smirked, bringing out her giant fists as she replied.

"Thought you'd never ask. Boom Boom Wakeup!" Nova smashed her fists into the ground, sending a giant wall of earth smashing into Yitai. The purple monkey was carried by the wave of earth, and it appeared she was going to be flattened against the arena wall. Suddenly, Yitai lashed out with her shadowy hands, breaking the earth as if it were paper. Nova stared as her opponent brushed herself off, smiling contemptuously.

"Neat trick. Now try this on for size!" Yitai punched her fists into the ground, sending a super fast shadow wave to ensnare Nova's feet. The yellow monkey found herself unable to break free as the shadows traveled up her legs, across her body, ever nearing her throat. Nova felt icy chills of fear and shadow mixing in her body, and that's what saved her. Nova's heating circuits went into overdrive, burning away at the shadows ensnaring her body. Yitai screamed in agony as the shadows rushed back to her, rubbing her arms as if she had been burned. Nova smirked as she watched the pained monkey, allowing all her hate to enter her voice as she spoke.

"What's the matter, sweetie? Can't take the heat?" Yitai snarled, rushing Nova blindly. The yellow female rolled out of the way of the charge, kicking out with her legs as she did so. Yitai's knee buckled as Nova made contact with the joint, causing the purple monkey to fall to the ground and wince in pain. Nova smiled as she stood up, walking over to the crippled primate. But as Nova raised her fist to finish Yitai off, she hesitated. That was all the time Yitai needed.

"Weak fool!" Nova was thrown back by a wave of shadow energy. When she picked herself off the ground, it was to find a completely different Yitai. The purple primate was surrounded by a dark shadow aura that was similar to Chiro's Inner Primate Form, only this one didn't radiate that warm, hope-giving feeling. This one just radiated hunger. Hunger for Nova.

"And I thought you were ugly before." Yitai laughed coldly, snapping her shadow hand out and grabbing Nova by the throat. Nova's feet flailed as she struggled to free herself, but it was to no avail. The shadow form was too strong. Yitai brought the pair face to face, speaking in a malevolent tone.

"I told you I'd make you suffer. Now witness the future!" Nova screamed as the shadow engulfed her face.

Sprx sat in a lavishly decorated room, holding a pair of newborn monkeys in his arms. Multiple younger monkeys of varying ages filled the room, playing more or less harmoniously with one another. Nova didn't really understand what she was seeing until somebody entered the room.

Yitai. The purple monkey made her way over to where Sprx sat, taking on of the children and kissing the red monkey passionately.

"How are you today, my husband?" Sprx smiled and pulled Yitai close to him.

"I am fine now that you are here, my love." Sprx kisses Yitai and Nova felt the world crumble around her.

Nova gasped as the shadow left her face. The yellow monkey was light headed from the lack of oxygen, but she was still able to understand Yitai as she spoke.

"That is the future, except it." Nova made a strange noise and then spat in Yitai's face. The purple monkey shrieked, hurling Nova against the stadium wall. Nova crumpled to the ground amidst the rubble.

"NOVA!" The entire Hyperforce was on their feet, not believing what was happening. Nova couldn't lose. She just couldn't. Otto watched as Chiro clasped Antauri's hand, and Gibson did the same with Mubra. Otto was about to do the same with Arbum when he noticed she wasn't there. Neither was Ingant.

"Is there a reason you drew me from the fight, Ingant?" Ingant looked at Arbum with sympathetic eyes, a dark aura gathering around her hands.

"I am sorry, Arbum. But you have been tainted, and must be cleansed." Arbum's eyes went wide.

"No! Y-You can't!" Ingant pressed Arbum against the wall, drawing back her hand.

"Oh yes I can, dear child. Remember, this is for your own good." But as Ingant brought her hand forward, she screamed in pain. She looked at the hand she was holding Arbum with and found it was pierced with needles. Arbum frowned.

"And this is for you own good." The brown monkey attacked.

Nova came back to reality when a rock fell on her head. The yellow female rubbed her cranium, picking up the large rock. She was struck by a sudden idea.

This could be my only chance. Nova hurled the rock at the oncoming Yitai. It penetrated deep into the shadow form, but did not strike the owner. Yitai laughed.

"What was the point of that?" Yitai's response was a sudden and intense heat. Nova stood next to thee wounded shadow form, her flaming hands inside the hole created by the rock.

"It gave me an opening." Yitai screamed and fell to the floor, her shadow form dissipating. Nova stood above the fallen monkey, ready to end the fight. "This is for Sprx, bitch." A sudden explosion caught Nova's attention. A portion of the Arena floor crumbled and fell to reveal a lone figure, but others soon rose from the hole. Nova couldn't believe her eyes.

"Mandarin?" The undead monkey smiled malevolently. And he wasn't alone.

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