Summary: Sasuke had no choice but to learn to cook... Guess who his mentor is.

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Chapter 1:



Three mentors. That's how many quit on him. Apparently, in a hidden village, burnt clothes are dangerous, especially when on one's person. He huffed a sigh to himself. He liked eating home made meals, unlike Naruto's 'just add water' stuff. 'Real food,' he thought to himself. 'Food I make for me.'

He crammed back another sigh and leaned back on the bench, outstretching his long legs comfortably. He crossed his ankles and closed his eyes, relaxing for a few moments.

At that moment, Hyuuga Hinata walked down the streets, arms loaded with groceries, ready to fill the kitchen to her new apartment with new cooking supplies. The frail girl, small as she was, couldn't see over the bags to see a certain Uchiha's extended legs. She tripped over him, her bags tearing from her arms and the groceries inside of the bags rolling out and falling all over.

She pushed herself up and looked at the ankles her own feet seemed tangled in. She untangled herself and began to chase her groceries, only to be surprised by a pale hand, that wasn't hers, picking up rolling cans and placing them in bags.

She flushed crimson when she looked up to see who it was. "Uchiha-san…" she breathed.

After a few moments of watching him pick up her stuff, she broke in to help. "Th-thank you, Uchiha-san. How can I ever repay you?"

The groceries were finally in their bags, a few fruits and vegetables bruised. For some reason, Uchiha Sasuke offered to help her carry the bags home. After a short-lived argument, he was carrying most of the bags, and Hinata only one. He started towards the estate, only to be stopped by her giggles. He shot a look at her, one of anger covering up his confusion. She pointed a different direction.

"I moved."

They walked side-by-side to her apartment. It didn't look like living material on the outside, but when she unlocked the door, handing him the bag she held, she revealed a quaint living space.

She pulled a bag from his arms and walked into her home. He followed closely behind her into the kitchen. They both unloaded their arms onto the island in the kitchen. He helped her put away the groceries, not remembering what he had to be looking for. He'd hand her items and ask things like 'where does this go' and 'what's that'.

After folding up the paper bags, Sasuke let his brain work properly. He saw how perfect her kitchen was. He saw how much cooking materials she'd just bought for this perfect kitchen. He spurt out a question, not stopping himself at all.

"Will you teach me?"


All right, I started this thinking I should go for three chapters, now I'm thinking between four to five chapters, maybe four with an epilogue. So, tell me what you think.

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