1. Patrol
She had been assigned, along with other shinobi, to scout the village at night; she didn't know that meeting a blond Akatsuki Member, amidst her duty, wouldn't be so bad.

2. Gifts
When Ino arrived home, her father greeted her by handing her a small sculpture of a bird with a rose in its beak and a letter tied to its leg; "You've been getting a lot of these lately, Ino."

3. Sweets
There was a small amount of cookie dough on Ino's bottom lip, and Deidara took the liberty of licking it off for her.

4. Tease
"How old are you, anyway?" Ino asked innocently; Deidara smirked, "I'm at a legal age, Ino-chan."; Ino's eyes widened, understanding what he's implying; "Hmph." she said, pouting.

5. Conspicuousness
On the 3rd Tuesday of every month, Ino's father would bring a bouquet of freshly-picked wild flowers to her room with a note that read: Un.

6. Devotion
He was supposed to meet her by the meadow before sunset, but seeing that he was 4 hours late, stained with blood, and scraped all over, he expected her gone; yet, there she was, waiting eagerly for him.

7. Affection
There were nights when Deidara would visit Ino's room, via clay bird, and leave her a kiss on the forehead; and when she wakes up in the morning, she would always feel like she had missed something very important.

8. Smile
Ino had given the world a million different kinds of smiles, but there was one distinctive smile she only gave to Deidara.

9. Gender
"I could've been a very pretty girl."; Deidara chuckled at the thought.

10. Fluff
They were sitting on a rooftop when Ino caught Deidara staring at her, "What?" she asked, feeling quite weird; Deidara smiled, "You're very pretty."; A small blush crept up Ino's cheeks, and that was what Deidara found to be the cutest thing ever.

11. Misinterpretation
Deidara carelessly molded clay, not having any artistic ideas, "I'm bored, Tobi. Entertain me."; "You look more like you badly miss someone, senpai."

12. Confession
"I don't like it when you're with that Shikamaru person, un."

13. Games
Ino had her back facing Deidara when she felt a light peck on her cheek; she turned and saw him accusingly point to one of his hands.

14. Symptoms
The usual sight in Deidara's room would be a variety of sculptures and him, sculpting; Sasori entered his room one day and saw a massive number of sculpted flowers, and him lying on his bed, giving the ceiling excessive attention; "Your brain exploded?" Sasori asked, but it sounded more like a statement; "Danna, I think I'm sick."

15. Fate
Life's an unpredictable story; she never would've guessed that an Iwa-nukenin would someday take part in her life.

16. Witness
Blood mixed with the rain as a katana pierced through Ino, shielding Deidara from a fatal blow; by far, it was the most painful thing he had ever seen.

17. Peaches
Peaches reminded him of her lips; smooth, soft, and luscious.

18. Obstruction
Deidara would, every now and then, place a clip on his and Ino's curtain of golden locks that covered half of their faces; it gets in the way of intimacy, as he likes to put it.

19. Possessiveness
Deidara wanted to blow up the head of every-single-male-shinobi Ino got paired with on missions.

20. Loss
Deidara had lost his enthusiasm in everything, even art, and was constantly staring blankly at a purple hair tie ever since Ino didn't return from a mission.

21. Truth
There is no together in the future, and they're aware of that; they just wanted together to last for as long as they could, wanting to be happy for as long as they could.

22. Unwritten
Ino's patrol reports had always excluded: An Akatsuki Member was spotted at the village outskirts.

23. Gamble
Ino knew that only bad things await if people were to find out that she was associating with an Akatsuki Member; but to her, having pull it off this far only meant that luck was genially on her side.

24. Seduction
A certain feeling flooded Ino's senses when Deidara placed his hands on her shoulders and whispered in her ear against the room's silence.

25. Hidan
Hidan's shampoo smelt, somewhat, similar to Ino's hair; Deidara found himself borrowing it everytime.

26. Insomnia
Very late at night, or early morning, Deidara would be on his bed, fully awake, lost in thought about a certain blonde.

27. Forgiveness
She had never forgiven Akatsuki for the death of Asuma-sensei, but whenever she sees Deidara, her fury just seems to die away.

28. Jealousy
A torn photo of Ino and Shikamaru was left burning at a campfire; courtesy of Deidara.

29. Flowershop
The flowers listen to Ino's whispered prayer for Deidara, before they get handed to the customer.

30. Blessing
He was a killer, a traitor, a sinful man; yet she embraced all of his misdeeds and accepted him; Deidara wondered what he had done to make God smile at him; wondered what he had done to deserve someone like her.

31. Neck
Ino couldn't help but moan at the sensation Deidara gives her when he pins her arms and nips at her neck.

32. Nukenin
Ino wandered the forests in fear after leaving Konoha, having been accused of an alliance with Akatsuki; but seeing Deidara holding her hand, like he'd never let go, was more than enough to make her feel secure.

33. Control
No matter how much his body screamed for her, he kept his cool, knowing that she wouldn't like it that way; Ino wouldn't need to worry about Deidara pouncing on her anytime soon, now will she?

34. Hug
Just feeling the warmth of her body makes him want to go wild.

35. Heaven
Deidara had never once shed a tear after joining Akatsuki, but the thought of never being with her after eternal sleep was just too sad to keep in.

36. Linger
The taste of her lips was all he could make out whenever he licked his own.

37. Warning
She grimaced at her reflection on the river when she recalled what her father said during her younger days, "Remember, you must never fall for the bad boys."

38. Attention
Everytime Deidara went to see Ino, he'd make sure he had at least 3 wounds or gashes for her to heal.

39. Insight
Time spent with her was fleeting, pure bliss that only lasted for minutes; much like how his art was fleeting and how pure beauty only lasts for a very short while.

40. Revelation
When Deidara died, she wasn't there; yet the moment Deidara had stopped breathing, unconciously, a tear rolled down her left eye.