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First Night: Silent Promise

A young girl of about twelve-years of age ran blindly through the streets of Tokyo, Japan. She would have run into people but it was near midnight, so very few people were outside. Her shoulder-length black hair, streaming behind her while she ran, was wild. Her sapphire eyes glistened with tears not yet shed and her slight frame shook with exhaustion. Finally, she stopped at the city graveyard. She stopped at a gravestone marked with the name Kazuki Higurashi, her father's grave, and collapsed in front of it. The young girl's name was Kagome Higurashi, and she had just killed the only family she had left.

Kagome thought that she had cried all of her tears when she and her mother had found out that her father, her brother, and her grandfather had been killed in a carriage accident.

'They must think that I'm cold because I'm not crying at my own family's funeral. But the truth is, I don't have any more tears left.'

Bitter and sorrowful thoughts ran through Kagome's head as she watched them lower the three coffins into the freshly dug earth. Her mother, Kun-loon, sobbed beside her.

As she and her mother walked away from the graves, Kagome heard the whisperings of the others at the funeral.

" Isn't it shameful? The girl didn't even shed a tear at her family's funeral!"

"She must have a heart of ice. She didn't love her family at all!"

"She's probably even glad that they're dead!"

" Her poor mother, what did she do to deserve a daughter like that?"

These hateful mutterings followed the pair as they made their way across the graveyard. Mother and daughter were silent as they made their way home, which was located on a shrine. Kun-loon retreated to her room to grieve in solitude while Kagome quietly slipped out of the house.

Kagome came from a long line of mikos and had been born with the most spiritual power since Midoriko, a legendary miko who had created the Shikon no Tama. She had been trained by her grandfather, who had very little spiritual power himself but was a very good teacher. Now Kagome could sense auras, purify, create barriers, heal, and, strangest of all, see the souls of other people. The last power was extremely unusual and there was no previous record of anyone having this specific power.

When Kagome had first become aware of this ability, she had been scared almost to death. At first she couldn't control this power at all, so she was forced to see everyone's souls. Later, after training rigorously for months, she was able to "turn it off". Now, when she uses this ability, her eyes turn pupil-less and become an icy silver color.

'But what's the use of all of these powers if I couldn't save my family? I didn't get there in time to heal them and all I could do was watch their souls depart.'

Kagome gasped in horror, which wasn't a very good idea, as it roused her parent. Her mother's body turned to look at her while the soul of her father seemed to be crying in either horror or sorrow.

Suddenly a monster burst from her mother's body. The monster looked like a giant metal ball with guns on all sides.

'That looks familiar…wait, that's an Akuma! I've seen one in grandpa's books! But that means that mom made a deal with the Earl of the Millenium.'

These thoughts raced through Kagome's head in the space of a second, which was enough time for the Akuma to point its guns at her. Kagome was frozen as she felt death staring down at her.

'I don't want to die. I don't want to die!' This mantra repeated itself in her head as the Akuma fired at her.

Kagome screamed in fear and put up her arms in an attempt to defend herself. But the bullets never hit. Kagome cracked open her eyes just a bit and saw, to her amazement, that there was a glowing shield surrounding her. She looked down and was shocked to see a cross shape right over her heart, which seemed to be generating the barrier. Suddenly gloves and boots of glowing white wrapped around her arms and legs. These seemed to have a mind of its own since it pulled her towards the Akuma.

Now, if Kagome hadn't known anything about Akuma, she would have resisted the pull of the Anti-Akuma weapon. But she knew that an Akuma was a soul trapped in killing machine so she knew that it was best to destroy it. Even though she knew this, it wasn't an easy thing to kill the Akuma that used to be your father, or mother.

The weapons crashed into the Akuma with a huge explosion of light, which knocked Kagome out. When Kagome came to, she was lying in the wreckage of what used to be her mother's room. Her black dress was covered in plaster, turning it almost white. Suddenly, the aftereffect of what she had done hit her and she was overcome by despair and grief. Kagome couldn't stand to be in the house and raced out blindly into the empty streets, not stopping until she reached her father's grave.

Kagome didn't know how long she had sat there but it seemed like hours. During this time, thoughts of self-loathing and guilt flooded her.

'Why didn't I stay in the house? Why did I go out when I knew that mother was so grieved? This was all my fault! If I had just paid more attention to grandpa's lessons, maybe this wouldn't have happened.'

She also wondered about the cross that was now engraved into the flesh right under her collarbone. The cross twinkled with a faint green light that seemed to call out reassurance.

'Could this be the Innocence that the book was talking about? But that's not possible! I can't be an Exorcist! If I was, then wouldn't I have been able to stop mom from becoming an Akuma?'

Kagome knew that these thoughts were not doing her any good and that she had done the right thing, but she couldn't stop herself from wallowing in guilt.

At dawn, just when the sun was rising, a man stopped in front of Kagome. He was quite tall and had wild, red hair almost to his back. He wore all black and had a wide brimmed hat. He was wearing half a mask on the right side of his face. He was also accompanied by what looked like a flying gold ball.

The man kneeled down in front of the sad form of the young girl in front of the grave and said, "So you're compatible with Innocence. Well girl, would you like to become an Exorcist?"

Kagome looked up at the man, seemingly in deep thought, and nodded. "I want to become an Exorcist, so that other people won't have to suffer as much as I did. It would give me a purpose in life, when I have none."

The man smiled faintly. "Good girl, you'll become my apprentice. I have another one your age. His story is quite similar to yours. My name is Cross Marian."

With that, General Cross walked away. Kagome stood up and started to slowly follow him. Then she stopped and turned back to the grave and silently made a promise.

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