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Chapter 1: The Dream

All was quite throughout Trebond. Zara was checking to see whether or not two small children were sleeping. The maid checked the girl's room. Ten year old Alanna of Trebond was sound asleep, clutching a small wooden sword. Next door her twin brother, Thom, was working with his magic. Zara knocked on the door and opened it. Thom was glittering with purple: the color of his magic. Also the color of his sister's magic.

"Time to go to bed young master," she whispered.

"All right Zara," Thom clapped his hands and the floating ball disappeared. There was a great amount of commotion outside.

"What are the guards yelling about?" Zara wondered out loud. Thom followed her outside.

"Wake up the lord!" a guard yelled at her. "Bandits are attacking!"

"Of course they would plan a surprised attack at night," Thom muttered to himself. He ran to Alanna's room. Zara was already waking up Lord Alan.

"Ana! Wake up!" Thom yelled pounding on the door.

"WHAT?!" The door flew opened. Alanna was dressed in a shirt and breeches. "You can't keep the guards quiet. I can hear them from here."

Thom glanced down the hall. He knew something wasn't right. "Come on. The guards said that bandits are attacking. They would do a night time attack,"

Alanna swore loudly. The twin's father, Lord Alan, came running down the hall.

"You two stick by Coram," he ordered. Alanna rolled her eyes. She suddenly screamed. A huge bandit had come up behind Alan and slashed his sword at his neck, cutting his head off.

"RUN!" Thom yelled. Alanna stayed where she was. Thom clapped his hands and flames shot out of his hands, burning the bandit.

"Nice one kid," Hadiko growled. He raised his sword and ran him through without a second's warning. Alanna turned and ran. She froze horrified. Trebond was ablaze in blue, yellow and red flames. People were being killed in front of her. It was clear the bandits showed no mercy. Zara ran up to her.

"Orders my lady," she gasped. Alanna was sill quiet, surveying the scene. Hoof beats sounded. The noble girl and maid turned. The bandits fled, carrying with them whatever they can. Zara curtsied low as a man jumped off a horse.

"Check for survivors," he told the men behind him. They bowed and left. He looked at them. "Are you two all right?"

"We are fine your majesty," Zara answered. With a start Alanna finally recognized Roald, the king of Tortall. She bowed low with a muttered, "your majesty,"

King Roald glanced around. He was checking for any more bandits. "You two will stay at the palace," he told them.

"Um…I can't-" Alanna stammered.

"The least I can do," the king told them firmly. The two girls nodded in agreement.

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