Chapter 1: Abduction

Gus arrived at the office at about nine in the morning, surprised to find it empty. He was sure that either Shawn would have spend the night in the office or at least beat him here. They were close to the end of the case that they were working on. There had been a rash of burglaries down at some of the stores on the pier and the Chief asked for some help finding the perpetrators. Shawn had some theories about who was behind the crimes and they were going to spend the day checking them out. Gus unlocked the office and walked over to his desk. He started up his laptop, hoping that Shawn would waltz in at any time. The office phone rang, "Psych, Burton Guster speaking."

"Mr. Guster, this is Chief Vick. I need you to come to the station immediately." Gus was puzzled that she said 'you' and not 'you and Mr. Spencer'.

"Well, Chief. I can do that. I need to find Shawn first. He's not here yet." He heard her sigh softly.

"That's why I need to see you. Shawn has apparently been abducted from outside his apartment building and whoever took him sent me a message this morning." Gus was shocked by what she said, but he knew he had to get to the station fast.

"I'll be right there. Wait, did you call his dad?"

"He's on his way," she said quietly.

About fifteen minutes later, Gus arrived and headed straight to Karen's office. Henry was sitting a chair in front of the Chief's desk. Gus walked to the door and knocked lightly on the open door.

"Come in, Gus," Karen said as she stood up. Gus moved to other chair, and sat as he nodded to Henry.

"What message did you get about my son?" Henry asked. Karen reached into a box that was next to her desk. She pulled out a motorcycle helmet that Gus and Henry immediately recognized as Shawn's.

"This box was left here by a courier this morning. We're investigating who sent it, but the name given to the courier was a fake ID. Inside the box, we found a helmet inside with a note. 'Chief, We have a certain psychic friend of yours. He will be setting an example for all you pigs. You back off on the pier robberies or you'll end up like him. Don't bother coming to find him. It will probably be too late. It's not signed." Karen glanced at both of the men in front of her. Gus appeared to be shaken up and frightened. Henry looked about the same, but she could see the wheels turning in his head.

"Who do you have on this?" Henry demanded.

"Lassiter, O'Hara and all the officers that patrol the pier. We'll find him Henry." Henry stood up and pointed at her.

"Really Karen? If you could have found them before, you wouldn't have needed my son's help."

"Mr. Spencer, the Chief is doing everything that she can," Gus said.

Henry realized that he should be cooperative if he wanted the Chief to share any information she had. He needed to find Shawn. "I'm sorry. I'm just a littleā€¦" Henry struggled for the next word.

"I understand Henry. Don't worry about it," Karen told him.

"His apartment, did you check there? If that's where they abducted him from, there's a camera on the front of the building," Gus said. Henry smiled at his son's friend.

"Gus, you're a genius. Let's go get that tape," Henry said moving toward the door, but stopped when Carlton Lassiter and Juliet O'Hara entered the office.

"Actually, it's on DVD. That's what we have right here. You can see the whole thing. The time stamp says it was about 10 p.m.," Lassiter said. Juliet sat quietly on the couch, looking quickly at Gus. Karen popped the DVD in her TV and pressed play. (Reader note: The video is described below in Italics. While you have the benefit of Shawn's POV and sound, the viewers in the office can only see the action.)

Shawn climbed off his motorcycle in front of his apartment building. He took off his helmet and he was humming a song he had heard earlier. He started walking to the door of his building when a young man who appeared to be barely twenty years old stepped in front of him. The young man was fairly tall and well built, Shawn looked at the younger man puzzled for a second. Then Shawn realized that this kid was one of the people he suspected of robbing the stores on the pier. Shawn said, "Excuse me" as he moved to walk around the younger man.

"Where you going psychic wonder?" The kid asked as he stepped in front of Shawn again. Shawn heard something behind him and was about to turn around when two men grabbed him from behind holding his arms. He struggled to break free from them. His helmet smashed to the ground. The man who blocked his path earlier grabbed Shawn's chin as the other two held him still. This kid appeared to be boss of the other two.

"Boys this is the psychic that the cops have tailing us. It's funny that you didn't see this coming. Josh, Jeff and I are going to use you to teach your cop friends to back off." Then he savagely slammed his fist into Shawn's abdomen. Shawn grunted as he doubled over in pain.

"Big man, hitting a person your friends are holding," Shawn said as he straightened up as much as he could with the other two holding him. When the leader got real close to him, Shawn head butted him. The leader fell back stunned. Then Shawn stomped on the foot of one of the men holding him. That man let go and howled in pain. The other guy was caught off guard and Shawn landed an uppercut that his father would have been proud of. As the guy fell, Shawn rubbed his sore hand and said, "Ow". He was about to take off running when the leader grabbed his collar and spun him around. The next thing he knew he saw a fist flying towards his face, and then he saw darkness.

The leader laughed as Shawn fell to the ground unconscious. "Get up you morons, before someone calls the cops. We can take our friend here home with us for some fun. Then we can send the big bad lady police chief a message to tell her that her psychic is coming home in a body bag." They hauled Shawn up and dragged him to their waiting van. The leader picked up the helmet and followed. The van drove off.

The four people in the room sat in silence. The fifth, Juliet, had seen the video at the apartment superintendent's office, so she walked out about half way through it, not sure that she could stomach it a second time. Gus felt sick. "Shawn could be dead all ready," he thought.

Henry, while impressed that Shawn still had some defensive skills, was horrified to see his son abducted like that. Karen and Lassiter shared a glance. Henry was formulating his plan in his head. He still had a few friends that were once part of vice. They may still have some contacts down at the pier. He needed to leave. This was the one time in his life he knew that he had to abandon proper procedure and protocol if he ever wanted to see Shawn alive again.

"Well, we'll keep you both posted if and when we find anything out. I think it would be best if you aren't involved in the actual investigation," Karen said.

Gus was about to object, when Henry stood up and said, "Thanks for everything you're doing Chief Vick. Please keep me posted." He turned and walked out of the office.

"What just happened?" Gus asked. "Where's he going? You know he is not going to let it go?" Karen and Lassiter looked at one another. Gus got up and ran after Henry. He saw Henry about to get into his truck.

"Mr. Spencer, wait," he yelled. Henry stopped and turned toward Gus.

"Gus, just let me go. I know what I'm doing."

"No, I want to help."

"Okay. Who was Shawn investigating?"

"There are a bunch of kids, late teens, early twenties that all hang out down at the pier. A couple of the shop owners said that they believed that is was some sort of gang. They constantly are calling the cops to stop this group from hanging out and disrupting business. They think that the robberies are in retaliation for that. We didn't have any names yet. We were going to do that today."

"So how did they know you were investigating them?"

"I'm not sure. We were talking to a lot of shop owners. Maybe a couple of gang members work at the stores too."

"Thanks Gus. That's helpful. I'll call you if I need anything else. I've got some contacts that I'm going to talk to. Now go back to your office and wait to see if Shawn calls you," Henry climbed into the truck, closed the door and drove off.

Gus decided to head over to the office and see if there were any other clues that might help. He hated being shut out of this and hoped to find something to get his own hunt going.