Gus entered the office about a week after the Martin incident. He knew Shawn wouldn't be back for another few days. The doctors and therefore Shawn's father wanted Shawn to take it easy for a little longer yet. And surprisingly, Shawn wasn't arguing that much, yet. It was an indication of how sore he still must be. Gus had finished his route and wanted to stop in the office to get the mail and check for messages. He found a rather large package in front of the door to the office. "What did you order now, Spencer?" he aloud. As he was scooping up said package, he noticed that it was for him.

"That's weird," he said. He deposited the box on his desk and pulled out his letter opener. He cut into the tape sealing the carton and opened it. There was a card on top of the Styrofoam. He opened that. It read, "This gift is to commemorate the act of valor of Burton Guster. It is bestowed upon him by his loyal best friend and business partner, Shawn Spencer. Thanks a bunch, dude. You saved my tail. Your pal, SS."

Gus laughed. He was now curious to see what was in the package. He opened up the Styrofoam and pulled out a replacement desk lamp. Just then his cell phone rang, he answered it without looking at the caller ID, "Burton Guster."

"I figured you'd want a new one. You know, without a bad guy's brains all over it."

"Shawn, where are you?" Gus said turning around. He saw Shawn standing by a bench outside the office window. He was leaning against the back of it and waving at Gus. His posture appeared to be relaxed, but Gus could see that his best friend wasn't his normal, bouncy Shawn-like self.

"Why aren't you at your dad's?" Gus asked. Then Gus realized how silly it was to still be on the phone. "Get in here."

"I would, but if the old man catches me, I would consider meeting Martin again way less scary."

"Did you ride your bike? That's so incredibly stupid, even for you. You have a bad concussion," Gus ranted.

"Relax, funbuster. I got a ride from a beautiful copper who sprung me from the joint for a little ride. Wave Jules," Shawn said, as he turned and touched the shoulder of the person on the bench behind him. She turned and waved at Gus. Then she said something to Shawn. "Okay, we have to run. Come bust me out for lunch tomorrow."

Gus smiled, "Okay, I'll see you then. Oh, and Shawn?"


"You're welcome." Gus said. He heard a chuckle and then the call was ended. He smiled and plugged in his new desk lamp.