Fandom:Ghost in the Shell

Rating: PG…I think

Summary: If anyone ever found out about this, he wouldn't live to see the end of it.

Disclaimer: Not mine T-T

A/N: Still from Germany…still using bad English. And still no beta-reader…And it's so short again, but please bear with me.


Chapter One

Of birthday presents

"What the hell is this?!"

Batou was finding himself face to face with a big, plushy teddy bear.

It had a pale blue fur, a red ribbon around its neck and two puppy-dog eyes seemed to stare right back at him.

"Well, it looks like a bear to me" Togusa snorted while holding the thing in Batou's general direction.

"I know that! I mean what are you doing with it, is it for your children or something?!" Batou asked – because really the image of a grown man running around with a plush teddy was just too ridiculous, even if said person was Togusa – before he poked a finger at the animal's soft belly.

Togusa gave one of his sweet smiles. "It's for you! My daughter thought it a good idea to buy it for you, because she said you always looked so lonely. And since you really are a big softy at heart I got it for you. It's a present"

Batou looked incredibly dumb at this comment, or at least that was what he guessed he must look like, because his human partner – who could be an ass really, and had decided to be just that – was laughing to himself and had, in a moment Batou's mind had accidentally drifted of to la-la-land, handed him the stupid bear.

"I never told anyone…" Batou mused aloud.

"Never told anyone about what?" The smaller man inquired.

"I clearly remember never telling anyone that today is my birthday, especially not you. So how come you know about it?!" the cyborg asked suspiciously.

"I didn't", was the only answer Togusa threw at him over his shoulder before rounding the corner, a smile on his lips and in a much too good mood – at least in the taller mans opinion.

Leaving him alone with an incredulously stupid big, fluffy teddy bear.

And really, if anyone ever found out about this, Batou wouldn't live to see the end of it. If he didn't drop dead of embarrassment first – but he would at least make sure that he got the human first.

Well, tell me what you think about it