Hermione's POV

While she didn't regret one moment of her night with Remus, she wasn't exactly thrilled with having to face the outside world. It wasn't that she was ashamed of Remus – it was the exact opposite. She was actually a bit ashamed of herself, ashamed it took her so long to act on her feelings. For months, she'd denied they were anything more than friends, while wishing the entire time that she had the courage to make a move on him. It wasn't behavior befitting of a Gryffindor, and she was sure her friends would be quick to point it out.

Hearing Ginny Weasley say 'I told you so' wasn't something she was looking forward to, but glancing at the handsome werewolf beside her, she knew it was still worth it. Remus was the most incredible man she'd ever met, and having a chance for a relationship with him was literally a dream come true. No one could compare to him.

As they flooed to Grimmauld Place, she berated herself for nearly forgetting her destination. She was so caught up in her excitement over her burgeoning relationship with Remus that everything else was slipping her mind. Trying to shake her distracting thoughts out of her head, she turned to the object of said distraction, Remus. "Do you think we should wait before we let others know we're dating?"

She hadn't wanted to ask the question, but she knew they needed to discuss it. In truth, she was hoping he wanted to wait, mostly so she could gather her thoughts and prepare a defense if necessary. The Weasleys alone would be a force to be dealt with, as well as Harry and especially Tonks. She'd been focused on her feelings and emotions when she was with Remus, so she needed a day or two to start thinking with her brain again.

"Actually," Remus started, wrapping his arms around her waist, pulling her flush against his chest, "I think we should tell everyone as soon as possible."

"Oh?" Hermione could barely manage to say anything, losing herself once again in Remus's touch. It felt so good to be in his arms, she barely remembered to breathe. "Why?"

He grinned at her, looking at her as if he knew something she didn't. She wanted to question him, but his next sentence completely silenced her. "I want us to live together."

Remus's POV

He knew it was a big step, but there was absolutely no ambivalence or hesitation on his part. He wanted her with him every minute of the day if possible. After only one night with her, he was convinced he could never survive another night without her beside him. Waking up next to her had been incredible, and he knew in that moment he was ready.

"W-w-what?" Hermione stuttered, her eyes the size of saucers as she stared at him, her mouth hanging open.

He expected her to be shocked by his revelation, although a tiny part of him was hoping she would readily agree. "I know this seems a bit sudden, but we've been dancing around each other for months now. I know I'm ready to be with you, and I don't want us to be apart, even for one night."

Sitting down on the couch, he pulled her next to him, placing her by his side. He looked at her expectantly, trying to be patient while he waited for her response. Her face showed no reaction other than her initial shock, and he couldn't get a read on her thoughts. Was she happy? Did he scare her off? Doubt started to creep in his mind as he realized he might scare her away by moving too fast. There was a reason it took them so long to admit their feelings – they liked to think things through, and here he was, practically forcing her to move in with him as if-

"I'd love to," she whispered breathily, her face finally breaking into a grin.

As quickly as they entered his mind, the doubts vanished, leaving him to enjoy holding her in his arms.

Tonks's POV

As soon as Remus and Hermione walked into the Burrow, she knew they had finally admitted their feelings to each other. They weren't holding hands or even touching, but it was still obvious by the way they were grinning like madmen. Hermione was positively glowing, and Remus looked happier than she'd ever seen him. She felt just a slight twinge of jealousy knowing that Hermione could make him happy in a way she couldn't, but she quickly pushed the feeling away.

When the two lovebirds finally sat down at the table, sitting conspicuously close together, the rest of the group in attendance seemed to notice their closeness. Ginny gave her a wink as she nodded her head in their direction. Tonks grinned back, thrilled to see her friends were finally happy.

"Anything you two would like to tell us?" Ginny asked over the noise of the table.

Molly froze in the middle of levitating potatoes to the table, turning to stare pointedly at Remus and Hermione. It was clear she was excited at the prospect of the two of them being together romantically, and she wasn't surprised to find knowing smiles on Harry's face as well as the twins'.

Remus cleared his throat, glancing nervously at Hermione. They were still smiling like fools when Remus turned to address them. "Hermione and I are officially dating," he explained in a proud voice.

Tonks let out a loud whoop the same time Ginny did, while the others clapped and cheered at the announcement. Ron was the only one who seemed somewhat subdued, but he managed to smile at the happy couple. Tonks felt relieved, knowing he wasn't going to cause any trouble for them. Ron had quite the temper, and she knew no matter what he'd said, he wasn't quite over Hermione.

"Congratulations!" Harry said, lifting his glass in salute. Everyone else followed suit, bestowing well wishes on the new couple. "When exactly did you two finally make it official?"

"Two nights ago," Hermione answered, her cheeks still a little flushed from the excitement.

"It's about time!" Ginny said with a grin, laughing as nudged Hermione with her elbow.

"I guess that means I'll be seeing more of Hermione around the house now," Harry piped up.

"Actually," Remus began slowly, sending a sidelong glance at Hermione, "you probably won't see as much of her as you think." Tonks frowned in thought as she waited for him to elaborate. "Hermione and I are moving into a flat together."

While others began shouting questions at them, wanting to know when they were moving and where they would be living, Tonks felt like she'd been blindsided. She knew Remus and Hermione would be happy together, and she knew there was a chance they would become serious – she even wanted it to happen. She just wasn't expecting it to happen so soon.

Rationally, she knew they didn't owe her an explanation, and she wasn't entitled to be privy to the details of their relationship. On an emotional, irrational level, though, she felt a little betrayed, wondering why they hadn't thought to warn her beforehand. She knew her feelings were a bit unreasonable, but the shock of finding out Remus and Hermione were moving into together left her a little off-balance.

She and Remus had dated for years, and he'd never given the slightest hint that he wanted to move in with her. When she'd broached the subject a few times, he'd always brush her off, saying he didn't want to live with someone until after he was married. Now, after dating Hermione for only forty-eight hours, he was moving in with her.

She realized Ginny had been casting her worried looks, and she quickly placed an enthusiastic smile on her face, not wanting others to know what she was feeling. Regardless of her hurt feelings, she wasn't going to ruin Remus and Hermione's day – she'd done that before, and she still regretted her childish behavior on that day.

"Well, I hope you have some dessert, Molly, because I'd say we definitely need to celebrate!" She piped up, sending a wink at the Weasley matron.

Molly beamed back, thrilled that her desserts were thought worthy of the celebration. "Of course, dears!"

Ten minutes later, Tonks quietly excused herself as she headed outside. Everyone was still enjoying their desserts, and the raucous conversation was in full swing. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to escape, so she didn't let it pass her by.

She'd only been outside a few minutes when Remus appeared beside her. It used to unnerve her how he would suddenly appear out of thin air without even apparating, but she'd gotten used to it after they'd dated for a while. "So where's Roger at tonight?" He asked in a casual tone.

"He's working," she replied, trying to keep her tone light. She doubted Remus meant to do it, but just saying Roger's name put her in a slightly better frame of mind. She and Roger weren't ready to move in together, but the relationship was progressing nicely, and it reminded her that it made no sense to worry about her ex's new relationship.

The silence between them stretched out for several moments before Remus broke it. "Tonks, you aren't mad at Hermione, are you?"

Tonks blinked, surprised at the question. "Why would I be mad at Hermione?"

He gave her a wry smile. "I'm not entirely sure, but she said she noticed you weren't quite yourself tonight. I think she's convinced it's her fault."

"It's not her fault," Tonks said quickly, cursing herself for not covering up her emotions better. She should've known her observant roommate would notice even the slightest changes in her behavior. "I'm not mad, I'm just…" she floundered, not knowing how to express her feelings.

"Upset?" Remus guessed.

"I'm a little out of sorts," she finally replied.

"May I ask why?"

She took a deep breath, fighting back the irritation. She knew Remus meant well, but she didn't want to discuss her feelings on this particular topic with him. Knowing he wasn't likely to leave her alone any time soon, she responded, "I was just a little surprised that I'm losing a roommate."