A dancer living in a big city ready to out stage the world comes out of her studio. The Hollywood dance rehearsal just finished. But today she felt extra peppy. Kathryn had met a boy there. He had spiky hair, and dark skin. Looked normal by comparison to any hot boy. But he was hiding something.

"Oh no! I forgot to get that boy's name!" thought Kathryn. But I'm sure I'll see him again. Kathryn did notice that this guy that she just met always seems to be in one place and than the next. But she thought it was best to leave this mystery for later. What was important now was to find out why her sister, Carmela, was acting so strange these past few days. She was hiding something. Finally Kathryn arrived at Carmela's apartment. The door was open. Kathryn slowly crept inside. "Carmela! Are you here? Your door was open. Hello? Kathryn was worried. Thoughts of Carmela swirled into her head. She checked every room. Finally, she came to the kitchen. Bump! She had tripped over something solid. Kathryn got to her knees and found her white Hollister t-shirt cover with mounds of blood. I think you know what came next. A scream came from the door!

It was Carmela's boyfriend, Chad! "What did you do to her!" yelled Chad.

"What are you- (Kathryn looked down, and dropped her mouth) I didn't do this, you have to believe me!" breath Kathryn. The next moment 4 policemen were at the door followed by Mr. Conman, Carmela's neighbor. "What in the blazes is—Oh my…" Mr. Conman said no more. The officers locked Kathryn in handcuffs, and drove her down town.

(Questioning time)

"How many times do I have to tell you I didn't murder my sister!" cried Kathryn. "Don't you lie to me! Tell the truth," yelled the officer named Greg. "What possible motivation would I have to kill me own sister?" said Kathryn defensively. After 2 hours of arguing, beating, and crying, Kathryn was to be given a chance to go to trial. Her lawyer was contacted the next day.

"I will help you solve this mystery," promised the Lawyer. 3 days have past. Kathryn had been getting these awkward dreams. "Carmela is dead, and Kathryn is in jail. She is to be trial next Friday, and I'm a witness. What should we do now?" asked dream Chad in a dark alley. A man was standing I front of him. He had spiky hair, probably in his 20's. Unfortunately, it was too dark to see his face. "Make sure Kathryn loses the trial. We can't take chances of having her be let free. If Matilda finds her, we will be history," said the man with spiky hair "She will know that you were the one that killed Carmela and we will cease to exist."

Awaking with a shudder from her mysterious dream last night, Kathryn started thinking. Could that dream be real? If it was, then who was that man and who is Matilda? Did Chad really kill Carmela and frame me? Why was this woman looking for me and why did they want to stop me from meeting her?

To be continued…