Important update! Some of you have expressed an interest in reading something original by me. Well, I've finally done it! I've spent the past year or so writing an original story called Hannah's Rainbow: Every Color Beautiful. It's gone through several edits and is currently being read by a few friends in its final draft before I submit it to agents. My goal is to get this story published. I'm already working on a spin-off novel. You can find more information on my website here: wordpress.c o m (username "sindie11"/remove spaces) and sign up on my Facebook page for my story here to get updates: facebook.c o m(slash)grandmasrainbowbook (remove spaces) . You can also find my story on Wattpad (username "CyndiHilston"). I will be adding a new chapter each week, up to ten chapters. Since links won't post correctly on here, you can also go to my profile page and find the links near the top. Thanks!

Here is a description of the book:

Hannah's Rainbow: Every Color Beautiful - Description:
(formerly Grandma's Rainbow)

Set in twentieth century Cleveland, Ohio, Hannah's lifelong story is painted with the colors of her relationships with her family, from an alcoholic brother, to a fatherless husband, to a career-focused son, creating a picture that shows life's hardest lessons are the most worthwhile.

Family-devoted Hannah Rechthart learns at a young age that family dynamics are complicated as she discovers that her child-hating aunt and uncle are more than just caricatures and that jealously over losing Amy, her confidant and oldest sister, to marriage are just the beginning of the path that leads to an unexpected close friendship with her brother, Harry. A few years later, caught up in the world of double dating and extravagant, wild parties during Prohibition, Hannah and Harry's relationship is forever changed when his alcoholic tendencies threaten to tear their family apart.

As the Depression looms, Hannah's life takes a positive turn once she falls in love with and marries Edward Grunner, but she soon discovers that Edward's deep-seeded loathing of his absent father while growing up will haunt them as they become parents and find heartbreak when their son, Glen, chooses his career over his family.

In every generation, Hannah struggles to be the strong one to hold her family together, but as she faces her own mortality, she is left wondering: what remains when everything else falls away?

Hannah's Rainbow: Every Color Beautiful is a women's fiction novel that is loosely based on my late grandmother's life, complete at 109,000 words.