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Chapter 1: Friends?

It was a week before Christmas. Two boys of about eighteen were sitting on a couch in a rather dim house on Grimmauld Place.

"Harry?" asked one of the boys questioningly.

"What, Neville?" replied Harry, bored with, but still half-absorbed in, a Quiddich book sitting on his lap. He looked up at Neville when no response came.

"Has anyone ever told you that you have the most beautiful features?" Neville asked shyly.

"Umm…thanks, Neville." Harry was bored and tired and he figured Neville was too, so he didn't make anything of Neville's comment and continued reading.

Neville inched closer to Harry, making sure he didn't notice.

"Harry?" he asked again, rather more nervous but emboldened than before.

Harry looked up again, this time sitting up fully so his face was mere inches from Neville's. He could have sworn that Neville had been farther away before, but dismissed this as a trick of the light.

"Really, I mean it. And not just your face either, you have the most perfect figure. And you're probably one of the nicest people I know."

Harry was slightly uncomfortable with the way this conversation was going. What was Neville playing at? In an instant, Neville had leaned forwards and connected his lips to Harry's. Harry's eyes flew open, all traces of tiredness forgotten. He jumped back to the far end of the couch and touched his finger to his lips, almost as if he was checking to see if he had imagined what had just happened, though there was no doubt in his mind that it had, in fact, been real.

"Bloody hell! You're gay! Aren't you?" Harry exclaimed in shock and alarm.

"I'm not gay!" Neville retorted, trying to subdue Harry's reaction. "Well, maybe a little…" he trailed off, looking disheartened. This had not gone the way he had wanted it to. He had to try to fix this. He couldn't lose Harry as a friend. "Can you deal?"

Harry sighed, trying to decide how to react. "Look, Neville, I'm okay with it as a fact, but…umm…" Harry began, not wanting to hurt his friend's feelings. "I'm sorry; I just don't swing that way. I see you as a friend, a really, really good friend who I'd trust with my life, and that's it. Nothing more, nothing less. Understand?" Neville nodded meekly. "And I hope I don't lose you as a friend because of this."

"Yeah, don't worry. I understand," Neville replied, heartbroken and downtrodden.

They sat in an awkward silence for a while. Harry took out his wand and cast the Muffiliatospell on the room around them and a locking charm on the door, placed it back into his pocket, and finally addressed the other boy again.

"Neville?" Harry asked. He couldn't believe that he was about to do this, but, as much as he tried to ignore it, he felt that some part of him wanted to do it.

Neville looked up just in time to see Harry lean in and kiss him. Neville was shocked, but elated nonetheless. He immediately took control of the kiss, licking Harry's bottom lip ever so lightly. Harry's lips parted slightly at the new sensation and Neville took his chance, his tongue darting into Harry's mouth and swirling it about in a snake-like fashion. Harry gasped and giggled as Neville managed to find every spot in his mouth where he was even the slightest bit ticklish.

Harry ran his fingers through Neville's hair, and Neville moaned slightly into Harry's mouth. Still locked in a kiss that they both never wanted to end, Neville pushed Harry flat against the couch and ran his hands down Harry's sides and up under his shirt, his fingers gliding over the other boy's chest.

Neville broke the kiss only for an instant. He pulled off both of their shirts and drank in the sight of the boy beneath him. Harry gazed up at him, almost longingly, and he took this as a sign that Harry wanted him to continue. Neville moved so that his legs straddled Harry's waist and continued to kiss him, down the neck, across the chest, giving a noticeable amount of extra TLC to Harry's nipples, biting and sucking on them until they were raw and hard. Harry's breathing shortened and quickened.

"Oh, god! This is so wrong," moaned Harry.

"Mmm, but it feels so right," replied Neville, dipping his tongue into Harry's navel, causing him to squirm and giggle.

"How in the hell did you get so fucking good at this?" gasped Harry.

"Long story, tell you later," replied Neville.

Any response Harry might have had was forgotten in another fit of squirming giggles as Neville repeated the action that had caused such a reaction in his friend-turned-lover. His knee brushed past something hard between Harry's legs. He looked up into Harry's eyes and Harry down into his. Harry blushed slightly and noticed something in Neville's eyes, a new sort of expression. Lust, Harry realized. It was lust. He turned another shade more pink and nodded almost imperceptibly at Neville, but it was clear that he got the message.

Neville's hand inched down to the zipper of Harry's jeans and, half expecting Harry to change his mind and stop him, carefully undid the zipper, and slid the jeans and underwear down Harry's thin, pale legs. He drank in the true perfection of Harry's body, frail and yet muscular.

He carefully cupped Harry's already hard erection in his hands and placed a gentile kiss on its tip. A shiver ran down Harry's body and, without even realizing it, he bucked his hips up ever so slightly. Neville was intensely aroused and driven on by this small action, getting a small glimpse of Harry's true feelings. He tentatively licked Harry's length and then enclosed his mouth around it, exciting a small groan from Harry. Neville removed Harry's cock from his mouth so only the tip remained and then slid the whole thing back into his mouth. He had repeated the action a few times when Harry began to move along with him, bucking his hips into Neville's mouth. Each time, Harry's groans grew the slightest bit louder.

"Don't "swing that way", huh, Harry?" Neville thought to himself, smirking ever so slightly. He reached down and unzipped his own pants, giving some much needed attention to his own lonely cock.

"Oh, fuck!" cried Harry, coming into Neville's mouth. Neville groaned in pleasure and drank up Harry's juices, licking him clean and then moving up to Harry's mouth and kissing him deeply, giving Harry a taste of his own fluids.

They laid there for a few minutes as Harry's breathing became more regular then, much to Neville's surprise, Harry turned them so that he was on top and slid down so he was level with Neville's own blatantly obvious erection. He slid pants and underwear fully down Neville's legs and tentatively licked his tip, which was already leaking pre-cum. Neville moaned in pleasure and Harry gained a small amount of confidence, slipping Neville's whole cock into his mouth as one would a popsicle and swirling his tongue around it, acting purely on his senses and his instinct. Soon Harry's head was diving up and down along Neville's length and Neville's hips were bucking in synch. Suddenly, Harry pulled Neville's cock out of his mouth and gasped out.

"Oh! I can't take it anymore! Neville, do it now, fuck me now, please!" Harry called out, flipping them over so he was on the bottom again.

Neville looked down anxiously into Harry's eyes. "Are you sure, Harry? Are you sure this is what you want?" he asked nervously, not wanting to feel like he was taking advantage of his hormone-struck friend.

Giving each other blowjobs was one thing, but actually taking it to that next level was another thing entirely. Neville himself had only been that far once before, in Harry's position no less, it hurt like hell and yet he had loved every minute of it. He was quite apprehensive of this, not wanting to ruin what he had just found between them.

"Yeah," Harry gulped, "I'm sure. I've never been so sure of anything in my entire life."

Neville grabbed his wand off the coffee table and muttered a lube-spell. He carefully positioned himself above Harry and lifted Harry's legs onto his shoulders, his cock pressing against Harry's entrance. Harry nodded up at him and he eased himself into Harry as gently as he could. Harry screwed up his face in pain and Neville stopped, not wanting to cause his friend any pain or discomfort. Harry noticed this.

"It's okay, I'm okay, keep going," Harry groaned, not wanting this rainbow of new feelings to fade.

Neville nodded, though it was pointless as Harry had his eyes closed, and did as he was asked. Soon, he was bucking into and out of Harry as if there were no tomorrow. Harry had never felt such a wonderful feeling in his life. He opened his eyes and watched his friend slamming into him. Neville could feel the heat rushing to his groin and knew that he would come soon. He bucked into Harry one last time as he exploded into Harry's hot ass. It stung Harry ever so slightly, but the pain was immeasurably outweighed by the pleasure they both felt. He came a fraction of a second later, his seed spilling onto himself and Neville. Neville pulled out of Harry and lay down next to him, holding Harry in his arms. They held each other close for a long time before they both drifted off to sleep.