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Chapter 4: The Party
It was December 24th, the day of the Christmas celebration held every year at Hermione Granger's rather large 5-bedroom house. Why did she have a five-bedroom house when she lived alone? Two reasons; the first was her overabundance of books, the walls of every room were lined with shelves; the second was that she liked to be able to have parties that she could invite all of her friends to.
Hermione was behind schedule in her preparations. She still had to finish dinner and the decorations. Almost as if on cue, Luna apparated into the room behind Hermione.
"Need any help?" she asked, kissing Hermione on the back of the neck.
"Luna! Thank god, you're here!" Hermione replied, turning around and handing her a pile of decorations. "Can you put these up?"
"Sure, no problem," Luna replied, immediately taking out her wand and charming decorations around the house.
She finished with the last of the decorations, leaving only one of the many strands of mistletoe to be hung. An idea occurred to her and she smiled mischievously. She charmed the last strand of mistletoe to the doorway right above her.
"'Mione?" Luna called. "Can you come here for a second?"
"What is it Luna?" Hermione asked, appearing in the doorway in front of her.
Luna gestured up, pointing at the bough of mistletoe that hung above their heads. Hermione laughed and leaned forwards, giving Luna the gentlest and most loving kiss she could manage.
"Need any help with dinner?"
"Umm…yeah, that'd be good. Can you handle the turkey? I can get all the side-dishes."
"Sure, no problem," Luna replied.
"Thanks, you're being a real big help. When we're done here, I have your Christmas present for you."
"Oh, that reminds me, I have yours for you too."
With the two of them working together, it didn't take long to finish the preparations. Dinner was actually prepared ahead of schedule so they covered it so they could just put a warming spell on it later.
"I'm just going to run upstairs and take a shower, I've got flour in my hair," Hermione said, turning to leave the kitchen.
"I should probably shower too," Luna noted. "Mind if I join you? It's only 5:00, people aren't even getting here until 7pm at the earliest."
Hermione smiled shyly, she had been hoping Luna would say that. "Sure, I'd like that."
Hermione took Luna's hand and led her upstairs to the master bedroom. They undressed each other and soon found themselves lying naked on the bed; Hermione was positioned between Luna's legs, her head rapidly bobbing up and down as her tongue darted in and out of Luna.
"Mmm, god, 'Mione, that feels so good," Luna moaned, writhing in pleasure as Hermione began to massage Luna's inner thighs without stopping her tongue movements.
"I've learned how to…" Hermione searched for the right word, "…multitask."
"Don't stop, never stop, oh my god, that's so nice," Luna replied, moaning even louder as she approached her climax.
"Oh, Hermione!" Luna cried as she came into Hermione's mouth.
Hermione drank up the now familiar flavor, savoring every drop she could find. Hermione slid up on the bed as Luna slid down until they had fully traded positions. Soon it was Luna's head moving up and down between Hermione's legs. Before long, Hermione too had climaxed and Luna had devoured the liquid as if it were some forbidden elixir. Luna crawled back up into Hermione's arms and they held each other close.
"Happy early Christmas, 'Mione, my love," Luna whispered.
"Happy early Christmas, Luna. You, my love, are the greatest gift of all," Hermione replied, kissing her deeply.
A few minutes later, they both headed to the shower to wash each other off. Once they were both dry and had their hair and make-up done, they decided to give each other the new outfits that were the Christmas gifts they had bought. Hermione gave Luna green dress robes with large purple crescent moons and smaller red stars. Luna gave Hermione pale purple dress robes with small cream-colored glasses and light orange books embroidered on them.
"Oh! They're beautiful!" Luna exclaimed as she examined her reflection upon putting them on. They were cut low enough in the front to just show the slightest bit of cleavage while not being obscene and the waistline sat at just the right place to accent her figure perfectly.
"No, you're beautiful, they just draw attention to your natural beauty," replied Hermione, emerging from the bathroom wearing the equally stunning robes that Luna had chosen for her.
Hermione's robes were square-cut across the top, enlarging the appearance of her breasts, and fit slimly at the waist, giving her a nice hour-glass silhouette.
"You're not so bad yourself, gorgeous," Luna replied, walking over to Hermione and running her hands down her sides. Hermione shivered slightly at the familiar touch.
Hermione looked at the clock on the wall above Luna and gasped, it was five minutes to seven!
"Come on, we've got to get downstairs, the guests will be here any second!" Hermione exclaimed, grasping Luna's hand and leading her out of the room and downstairs to the sitting room.
"'Mione?" Luna asked as she followed Hermione to the couch in front of the fireplace from where several guests were going to arrive.
"Yes, Luna, dear?" replied Hermione as she sat and signaled for Luna to do the same next to her.
"We are going to tell everyone, right? About us being a…well…a couple?" Luna asked shyly.
"You're sure you want to tell them now?"
"Yeah, if you want to tell them, that is. If you don't want to, I understand completely."
"Well, they do have a right to know, don't they? We can't keep it a secret forever. I was thinking we could tell them over dinner, what do you think?"
"I think that sounds like a lovely idea."
"Good, so it's settled."

"Harry! Come on! We're going to be late!" Neville shouted up the stairs.
"I'm coming! Relax, we're not going to be late," replied Harry, walking down the stairs. He gave Neville a light kiss on the cheek before walking past him and into the entrance hall.
Harry and Neville both wore their finest dress robes, tailored to fit them perfectly.
"Harry, umm…before we go, just so we're clear…umm…we're gonna tell them, right?"
"About us? If it's what you want to tell them, then that's what we'll do. Okay?"
"Yeah, thanks Harry," Neville replied. "I'm so lucky to have you Harry."
"The same goes for you. You're the best thing that has ever happened to me, Neville."
They turned hand-in-hand and disapparated to Hermione's house.
Harry and Neville were the first guests to arrive. Due to a slight lack of foresight, they appeared in Hermione's sitting room still holding hands. Hermione and Luna were sitting on the couch, Luna's hand resting on Hermione's knee sub-consciously. Both couples just stared at each other for a moment before blushing.
"Are you two…" Neville began, slightly shocked.
"Umm…yeah, we're a couple if that's what you're asking," replied Luna. "Are—are you two?"
"Well…yeah. We were planning on waiting till dinner and then telling everyone," Harry answered.
"Same here," said Hermione. "Well, this certainly is an interesting turn of events."
"The Weasleys will be here any minute, you two might want to try not to look so couple-ish…not holding hands like that might be a good start," Luna commented.
"Oh, right, thanks. Same for you, you might want to take your hand off Hermione's knee," Neville replied.
Luna laughed nervously and moved her hand just in time. The twins, Fred & George, appeared with their girlfriends in the middle of the room.
"Fred! George! Oh, it's so nice to see you again! And who are these two lucky ladies you have with you?" Hermione greeted them.
"This is Brianna Ashton," began Fred.
"And this is Brittney Rayland," concluded George.
"Nice to meet you," replied Hermione. "I'm Hermione Granger, to my right is Luna Lovegood, and these two to my left are Neville Longbottom and Harry Potter.
"Oh My God!" the girls chorused in unison.
"You're like really famous!" Brianna said, seemingly star struck.
"Oh my god, you killed that evil creepy bald dude, right? The one who was like killing people for like totally no reason?" Brittney squealed.
"Umm…yeah," replied Harry, rather disconcerted by how annoyingly preppy this Brittney girl sounded (A/N yes, I have an eternal hatred of preps. I can't help it, they annoy me.).
A few minutes later, Ginny arrived by floo with her new husband Azazel. Azazel was a mysterious man, always dressed in black; his raven-colored hair was wavy, but nonetheless formed a fringe that hung over his left eye which had been left badly scarred in a battle against a Death Eater two years ago.
"Ginny!" Luna greeted the girl warmly. "I thought you and Azazel were Apparating in…what's up?"
Ginny blushed and Azazel held her hand. "I'm pregnant…I'm not allowed to Apparate."
Hermione let out a light squeal of happiness. "Oh, Ginny! That's so wonderful! How far along are you?"
"About two months, we think it happened on the wedding night," Azazel answered for her, his hazel eyes twinkling with happiness.
"Aww, Little Gin's got herself all sprogged up?" Fred asked in a mock-teasing fashion.
"Oh, come off it Fred," Brianna interjected, cuffing him upside the head.
"Oi, what'd I do?" Fred complained, rubbing his head. "Bloody hell, woman, you're going to give me a concussion one of these days."
"I think it's sweet. How romantic, to conceive your firstborn on your wedding night. It's almost like something out of a movie," Brianna sighed.
"I don't know, I think babies are disgusting, filthy little things," Brittney commented.
"What? You told me you loved children!" George exclaimed.
"I do, just only after they've been toilet-trained and can change their own clothes."
"But that's the best phase! Learning to walk, nap time, changing their nappies," George replied, a twinkle of caring in his eyes.
"Puh-lease! You like can't do anything when they're that young. They just like sit there and look totally stupid. And they need your attention all the time. Not to mention they totally ruin your figure."
"You are so self-centered!" George snapped.
"You guys, can we all just relax? You're sending out all these negative energies, it's not good for Ginny's unborn child," Luna replied, an airy tone to her voice.
Bill and Fleur arrived a second later carrying their own child, Madeline, in their arms.
"'Ello everyone, 'ow 'ave you been?" Fleur greeted the others.
"Why Fleur, it's so lovely to see you," Ginny replied, hugging her sister-in-law. "You'll never believe the news. I'm pregnant!"
"Really? Gin, that's great!" Bill replied, pulling her into a tight hug.
The others arrived, including Charlie, Percy, Mrs. Weasley, Mr. Weasley, Remus, Dora, and 2-year old Teddy. As soon as they had all arrived, almost exactly as the Lupin family had walked through the door, a terrible blizzard began.
After all of the greetings were done, they sat down in the dining room for dinner.
"Oh, my, Hermione, this is lovely. You've really outdone yourself this time!" Mrs. Weasley said, once dinner was set out.
"Well, it wasn't all me, Luna helped me out quite a bit," Hermione replied, smiling slightly.
"Well then, a very nice job to both of you."
They enjoyed a relatively calm dinner, with no shortage of small talk, with topics ranging from Ginny's pregnancy to Teddy getting his first toy broom.
When dinner was finished and the plates cleared away, Hermione rose and addressed her friends.
"Before we have desert, I have a very important announcement to make," she said as she smiled around the table and then down to Luna, who sat beside her.
Neville nodded at Harry and Harry stood as well. "So do I," Harry said.
"We…we're…well we're…" Hermione sighed. "Luna and I are a couple."
"As are Neville and I," added Harry, smiling shyly.
Luna and Neville held out their hands to their respective partners and stood beside them.
The reactions were greatly varied. Ginny, Azrael, Charlie, Bill and Fleur applauded; Percy, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, and the Lupins sat there, accepting but contemplating looks on their faces; the twins faked disgusted looks but then laughed and applauded; Brianna looked dumbfounded; Brittney shrieked and ran from the room, only to be glared at and followed by George, wand at the ready, who was outraged at her behavior.
At that moment, the front door was blasted open. The atmosphere in the room grew cold and lifeless. There stood Ron, soaked to the core and obviously in a bad mood.
"Had a party and didn't invite me?" Ron said, a hint of smugness in his voice.
The color drained from Hermione's face. "R—Ron…what an unexpected surprise."
"Yeah, I know; amazing, innit? Had a Christmas party and didn't invite your boyfriend? No, your…fiancée?"
"You're not my boyfriend, much less my fiancée," Hermione stated firmly, walking from behind the table towards the hall where he stood. "You haven't been my boyfriend since you disappeared six months ago. Six months!"
"Look, 'Mione…"
"Don't call me that. You have no right to call me that."
"Fine. Look, Hermione. I made a terrible mistake and I…I want you back."
"Yeah, I'm sure. Well I don't want you back. I've found someone else; someone new. And I've come to realize that I don't love you and I never loved you."
"Oh yeah? You've found someone new? Who? There isn't anyone. Who would love you other than me? I'm the only one who's ever cared about you."
"That's not true!" Luna snapped. "Who would love her? I'll tell you who. Me. I love Hermione more than you ever could. She's with me now, so why don't you go sod off!" Hermione had never heard such rage in Luna's normally wispy and mystical voice.
Ron had asked Hermione to marry him a while after the war with Voldemort had ended. It was a week before the wedding when, suddenly, Ron disappeared. No trace had ever been found of him and, until about five minutes ago, no one knew if he was alive or dead. Hermione had cried for a month after he disappeared, then she had shut herself off for another month. Until the day she and Luna had become…more than friends, she had been getting ever so slowly less distant from the others, but was still spending whole days locked in her study reading.
Ron looked as if he had just been slapped across the face. "You and Hermione? But you're both girls…so…that means you're…augh! You're a god damn lesbian? I thought you were straight! How can you do this to me!?" Ron yelled, his temper flaring. He walked towards Hermione in a rage, but she drew her wand.
"Don't even think about it, Ronald Weasley. You can't control me, you have no right over what I do and who I love." Hermione said.
"And that's not all Ron," Harry continued after a tentative glance at Neville. "Neville and I are…in a relationship as well."
"Oh, god! Not you too. You're one of them? You're gay! You were my best friend!"
"Oh shut up you fucking homophobe!" Neville yelled. "I love Harry, he loves me. What's the problem with that?"
"What's the problem? What's the PROBLEM? It's not fucking natural, that's the problem! You two shouldn't…fit together! It's just wrong!"
"Oh my god! That's like so totally what I say. These freaks are so screwed up," Brittney added.
"Thank god, someone here has some sense!" Ron exclaimed, exasperated. "What's your name, anyway?"
Brittney straightened her appearance (A/N: You know, that annoying thing that preppy girls do to fuss with their appearance…?) and replied. "Oh, hm, I'm Brittney; Brittney Rayland."
"Well, Brittney Rayland, it is a pleasure to meet you."
"You know what, Ron?" said Hermione, hate of him coursing through every cell in her body. "Get out. You are no longer welcome in this house."
"Fine, I'm out of here. No need to stay around this group of homos and homo-lovers."
"I'm leaving too. You guys are freaks. And, no offense George, you're just…not my type." Brittney said as she turned and followed Ron out the door.
The rest stood there for a moment in silence, George looking flabbergasted.
"Well…that was certainly…interesting," Remus said, attempting to break the awkward silence that had filled the room.
Gradually the encounter was forgotten and conversation resumed. Desert was served and the general atmosphere became light-hearted once more. Presents were exchanged between everyone. It was almost 11pm when the Lupins decided it was time to leave because Teddy was falling asleep on one of the couches.
"We just want you to know that we're really proud of you for stepping up and announcing yourselves," Nymphadora addressed Hermione and Luna as they walked the Lupins to the door.
"Thanks Dora," Luna replied as Hermione placed her arm around Luna's shoulders. Luna leaned into the older girl lovingly.
"And you too, Harry and Neville. Really, we're proud of you two. It took courage to come out like you did," Remus added. "If you don't mind my asking, exactly how long have you two been together?"
Neville and Harry looked at each other shyly. It wasn't long and they didn't want Remus to think that they were getting ahead of themselves. "Just two weeks. But we've…" Harry began.
"We've known for a little while longer that we liked each other," Neville concluded shyly.
"That's sweet. Congratulations guys!" Dora said as the Lupins left.
Eventually the only people left were Hermione, Luna, Neville, Harry, the twins, and Brianna.
Brianna yawned. "I'm beat, I think it's time I went home. I really hope Brittney doesn't come home tonight…I hate having a roommate."
"Want me to come with you? Make sure she doesn't give you any trouble if she is there?" Fred asked.
"Nah, I'm alright. I think I've pretty much mastered spells that mute her voice…" Brianna replied. "Bye guys, it was lovely to meet you! And good luck in your relationship!" She spun on the spot and was gone.
"Thank god she's gone," Fred sighed after she had gone.
"What's the problem? She seems like a very nice girl," asked Luna.
"Don't get me wrong now, I like her. I mean, she's nice and all, but…"
"But Fred and I have some very important top-secret Weasley's Wizard Wheezes things to talk about; and we have to get it done tonight. Hermione, might we use a guestroom? It would be a pain to have to go all the way back to the shop just to discuss product ideas," George interrupted.
"Oh, sure, no problem; you guys can talk in the small bedroom. Is that okay with you guys? It's the first door on the right on the second floor. The door's blue."
"Thanks Hermione, we won't be long…half an hour, maximum. It's just important that we decide on which product to launch tonight so we can run it by our sponsors in the morning," Fred replied, turning to walk up the stairs. George followed promptly behind him.
It was almost an hour later and they still hadn't returned. Hermione suggested that they go and check on them to see what was taking them so long. When they reached the room Hermione had allowed the twins to have their discussion in, the door was ever so slightly ajar; they heard some rather interesting noises coming from it as well. It sounded almost like someone…making out? But that couldn't be right. The twins were the only ones in the room and they wouldn't…would they?
Hermione tapped lightly on the door.
"Wait, Fred, I think I heard something."
"Nah, it was probably just the others downstairs."
"You're probably right…"
"Relax, mm, you're so paranoid."
The others, who were standing in the hallway, stared at each other in disbelief, wondering whether to enter the room or just wait. They waited for a few more minutes before Hermione pushed on the door and it swung wide open. The sight before them was something none of them could have been prepared for.
The twins were lying topless on the queen-sized bed, Fred on top of George, kissing each other deeply and letting their fingers roam across each other's bodies. They noticed the door and broke apart, scrambling to opposite ends of the bed.
"Holy fucking shit! I told you I heard something!" George exclaimed, cuffing Fred upside the head.
"Hey, you can't blame this on me! You started it! And you could have stopped when you thought you heard something!"
"Guys, stop it! Okay…umm…I think that that was one of the most deeply disturbing sights I've ever seen…care to give us some explanations?"
Fred sighed and looked at George, who smiled reassuringly.
"Okay, fine…" Fred sighed. "I'm bisexual. George is too. And…sometimes we…umm…well…you know."
Luna, Hermione, Neville, and Harry looked dumbfounded. Hermione was the first to speak.
"That's kind of…inappropriate? And, some might say, rather…demented?" Hermione said.
"Wow…that's just…wow," Harry breathed, still in shock. "Fred, George, you've been like brothers to me and so I know you guys have always been a little…unorthodox. But, even by your standards it's definitely out there…"
"Okay, I could've figured either of you for being bi…but you're related, you're brothers, you're twins!" Neville exclaimed, disturbed, but trying to subdue his reaction for his friends' sakes.
"Umm…isn't that…umm…incest?" Luna asked, trying to be supportive but still disturbed.
"Well…we've coined our own term for it…we call it…twincest," George said, speaking for the first time the whole conversation.
"And quite frankly, we don't care what anyone else thinks. We're happy…but no one else can know about this. You shouldn't even know about this…you have to swear never to speak a word of this to anyone else. Okay?" Fred asserted.
"Okay," Luna said.
"Sure," Hermione replied.
"Yeah, right, fine," Neville answered.
"No problem, but…can I ask you guys one question?" Harry asked.
"Ask away," Fred smiled.
"Well, two questions really. How did you guys first come to…you know? And how long have you been…?"
George blushed slightly. That was a first. Harry had never seen one of the Weasley twins blush before.
"Well, umm…the first time we did anything was sort of an accident. Fred and I were sitting in our room in the Burrow the summer after our sixth year, bored out of our minds. We found a…ahem a, shall we say, adult magazine? So we started wrestling over it and somehow we found our lips touching. Neither of us knew how or why, but things just went on from there. We're the happiest we've ever been," George explained.
Fred took George's hand and squeezed it slightly.
"Okay, it's weird, but we can deal. Right, guys?" said Harry, trying to sound supportive when all he really wanted to do was scream and rant.
It was now past 3am and so Harry, Neville, and the twins asked if they could spend the night. Hermione and Luna, of course, allowed them to stay.
At around 4:30am, Hermione, having spent the past hour or so making love with Luna, went downstairs to get a drink of water from the kitchen. As she walked down the hall she blushed slightly as she heard pleasured noises coming from the bedroom she had allowed Harry and Neville to stay in. Further down the hall, she heard similar noises coming from the room Fred and George were staying in.
"Wow, those boys really have stamina," she thought to herself.
She returned a few minutes later to find Luna sitting up in the king-sized bed, a blissful smile on her still slightly flushed face. Hermione scurried inside their room and shut the door as quickly as she could.
"They're still at it, aren't they?" Luna asked.
"Yeah, I think Harry and Neville are almost done, but George and Fred sound like they're still going strong. I don't get how they can go on for so long! It's been far over an hour!"
Luna raised an eyebrow as if to say "isn't it obvious?". "They're boys; more than that, they're teenage boys; and their relationships have just been accepted by those who matter most to them, their friends. I wouldn't be surprised if they could keep it up for a solid two hours."
"Well now, that simply won't do! We can't be out done by those boys, now can we?" Hermione smirked lustfully at Luna.
Luna returned the gaze. "No, my love, it won't do at all."
Hermione slipped out of her silk bathrobe and climbed back into the bed. Once more they were lost in their own world where nothing but the movements of their bodies mattered. It was just after five in the morning when they finally drifted off to sleep.

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